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photography soup archives (80 posts)

Opinion Soup: Camera Gear, Inspiration, Controversies, DIY, Learnings, Interviews, Pro, Business, Etc, September 26, 2013
A new edition of the Opinion Soup has arrived, covering some of the action since our previous update two weeks ago. As usual, keep in mind, all opinions are valid in at least one of the multiverses! IMPORTANT NOTE: if... Continue

Opinion Soup: Camera Gear, Controversies, DIY, Learnings, Interviews, Inspiration, Pro, Business, Comedy, Etc, September 12, 2013
It's been three weeks since our previous jam-packed edition of the Opinion Soup that even had its own spin-off show, Photographer Interviews. Now the time has come to catch up with some of the latest action... You can find all... Continue

Opinion Soup: Photographer Interviews Edition, August 26, 2013
There were many photographer interviews the last few days, and the latest Opinion Soup grew too long, so the Photographer Interviews have gotten their own spin-off show. We also include "satellite" interviews. No, not actual satellites, but people involved with... Continue

Opinion Soup: Mirrorless woes and diets (!), shutter shock, ISO shock, Creativity, DIY, Tips, Pro/Biz, Legal, Controversies, August 22, 2013
Put on your cable news self-righteous opinionated anchor hat! A new Opinion Soup has arrived! You can find previous and future installments waiting for you at the Opinion Soup archives... TIP for Mobile (Tablets/Smarthphones) Users: if you want to quickly... Continue

Opinion Soup: Camera Sales Down, M43rds dying, Dxomark Blues, Tips, Inspirational, Pro, Business, Presentations, etc, August 11, 2013
It is winter and cold somewhere, time for some soup, some Opinion Soup! For previous and future installments, check the Opinion Soup archives. Tip for Mobile Users: if you want to quickly bookmark/save potentially interesting article links from the list... Continue

Opinion Soup: Lenses, Exotic Gear, Professional/Business, Controversies, Tips/Tutorials, etc, July 22, 2013
It is winter in the Southern hemisphere, a great time for some soup. Some Opinion Soup! A big helping of it actually. If you missed any previous (or future) updates, check the Opinion Soup archives. If you wrote or read... Continue

Opinion Soup: Dual Pixel Autofocus, Gear Addict, Lenses, Inspiration, Tips, Pro/Business, Interviews, SW, etc, July 9, 2013
It's been about a week since our previous Opinion Soup episode, so it is time we had another! For previous (and future episodes) check the Opinion Soup archives... Note: the various review updates and review round-ups are delayed and will... Continue

Opinion Soup: Sensor Size, Mirror lockup is a conspiracy, 560+ camera bag peeks, newly found HCB interview, Pros, Fireworks photography, etc, July 3, 2013
Tired of waiting for Uncle Bob to BBQ everything his way with his slow cooking technique that takes most of the day? Find a shaded tree and be productive with a new edition of the Opinion Soup... This edition roughly... Continue

Opinion Soup: Camera Gear, Creative Cloud, Interviews, Inspiration, Tips, Professional/Business, Controversy, Etc, June 19, 2013
A new Opinion Soup has arrived! Previous (and future) editions are waiting for you in the Opinion Soup archives... This episode covers the last 25 days or so, so it is jam-packed and overloaded and ready to crash your browsers!... Continue

Opinion Soup: Death of Professional Photographer and other existential issues, Gear, DIY, Re-enactments, Tips, Inspiration, Interviews, and more, May 25, 2013
Another week is in the books, and another edition of the Opinion Soup is here! And it is a jam-packed edition, this was a very busy week... You can find the previous 70 editions and the future editions (if reading... Continue

Opinion Soup: Dumping DSLRs for NEX, Gear, Imaging Software, Inspiration, Tips, Business, Interviews, Digital Video, etc, May 19, 2013
A new "Opinion Soup" has arrived. This covers roughly the last two weeks of opinions! You can find the previous editions along with future editions (in the future) at the Opinion Soup archives... Audio opinions can be found in our... Continue

Opinion Soup Special Edition: The Adobe Creative Cloud and End Of Stand Alone Photoshop/CS [updated], May 9, 2013
We have a special edition of the Opinion Soup, a breaking-news-Wolf-Blitzer-is-still-in-his-pajamas-alert edition covering the reactions to the announcement by Adobe that the next version of CS/Photoshop will be available for Creative Cloud subscribers only. The current stand-alone one-time-purchase versions of... Continue

Opinion Soup: Google Glass, EVF vs OVF, Lenses, Megapixel Myth, Bag Quest, Jealousy, Loner vs Team, Fair Use, etc, May 4, 2013
If it's Sunday, it's Meet The Opiners. As usual, please note opinions are those of their opiners. We try to feature a wide range of opinions for a variety of reasons, it doesn't mean we agree/disagree with every post posted... Continue

Opinion Soup (distilled edition): MTF Charts, Mirrorless, Full Frame, APS-C, Compacts, Edu/DIY, Biz, Inspiration, etc, April 27, 2013
All apologies to fans of the Photography Soup for falling behind by two months in between updates. Due to the high volume of posts produced by the internets in 60 days, this edition is not a comprehensive but a distilled... Continue

Opinion Soup: Gear, DIY, Tips, Controversies, Inspiration, Interviews, Business, etc, February 26, 2013
The time has come for a new edition of the Opinion Soup. It covers about the last two weeks of opinionated action. If you missed any previous versions, check the Opinion Soup archives - there are 65 previous editions waiting... Continue


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