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Getty Images adopts the YouTube approach, Image Embeds for the Web and Social Media, March 6, 2014
Getty Images is trying a new approach to the way its images are (mis)used by the free-content-hungry internet denizens, they are going YouTube-style, by having an "Embed" option for Getty Images, so people can embed them (non-commercially) on their social... Continue

Movie about a Grumpy Photo Store Manager resurfaces: Louis CK's Tomorrow Night, January 29, 2014
Louis CK is pushing the envelope on many different fronts, one of which is offering his work directly to consumers without DRM and with reasonably straight up prices and without control-freakish middle-men. His latest digital offering is a resurrection of... Continue

Google makes Images Search by Usage Rights easier for those who use excuses to use without permission, January 14, 2014
Google has finally made it easier for people who use their Image Search search engine to search by "Usage Rights"! This was announced on Twitter by Google Chief Spamologist @MattCutts. We can thank law professor @lessig (website) for "encouraging" Matt... Continue

Lifestreaming wearable camera Memoto (now Narrative Clip) is finally shipping to some of the early adopters, December 11, 2013
The product formerly known as Memoto, a wearable life-streaming digital camera, is now finally shipping to the first wave of 22 (?) early-backers/customers per the company's blog. Since its announcement, the product has gotten a more function-descriptive name, it is... Continue

Mark Your Local Calendars: World Wide Kelby Photo Walk Saturday October 5 in 2013, September 30, 2013
Walking is a great physical exercise. Taking pictures is a great creative exercise. Put them together and you have unicorns dancing with kittens! A new world wide photo walk is happening on Saturday October 5 in 2013. Saturday being your... Continue

The Digital Equalizer: Amazon launches Beta Fine Art Prints store with a Photography section, August 6, 2013
Once upon a time, before the digital era, you had to be somebody or had to know someone that could get you through the door at the few limited places of importance. With the emergence of the digital era, things... Continue

Podcasts (including photography podcasts) under attack by Patent Trolls, June 1, 2013
There are plenty of photography podcasts out there, and they could all be under attack or shutdown because patent trolls are going after podcasters because of a master-of-the-obvious patent they were granted! EFF explains the situation and is running a... Continue

Photography on TV: Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge airing on local PBS stations, May 25, 2013
There are a million channels on TV, but not a whole lot about actual photography. Coming to the rescue is PBS airing repeats of Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge series. A PDF file with all local stations can be... Continue

New Photography Podcast Episodes talking Adobe Cloud, Photography As Art and More, May 16, 2013
Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and that may mean more travel with trains, planes and automobiles, so this may be a good time to spend idle travel time "on topic" without working - with some photography podcasts!... Continue

Social Media Breaking News: #Photography is now trending on Twitter, May 9, 2013
We have an unusual social media breaking news alert! #Photography is trending on Twitter right now! Not cameras or camera gear or photography celebrities, but #Photography itself! Even Grumpy Photographer can't find a reason to complain about this :) Continue

Legal News: Second Circuit sides with remixer of a photograph, May 1, 2013
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals, surprisingly perhaps, handed the remixer of a photograph in the on-going Patrick Cariou vs Richard Price case a victory. Richard Prince re-mixed from Cariou's photography book "Yes Rasta". The latest updates in the story... Continue

Live-Blogging Ended (Live-Tweeting/Live-Blogging the Premiere of the Tim Hetherington HBO documentary (airs at 8pm ET tonite Thursday)), April 18, 2013
The live-tweeting and live-blogging of the premiere of the Tim Hetherington HBO documentary ended. You can continue discussing it on Twitter using the #timhetherington hashtag. It is a must see documentary for photographers! The documentary is now available to watch... Continue

We will be Live Tweeting the Premiere of the Tim Hetherington doc on Thursday, April 17, 2013
We will be live-tweeting the premiere of the HBO documentary "The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington" on Thursday April 18 at 8pm Eastern (New York City time) using the official hashtag for the documentary #timhetherington using this blog's twitter... Continue

Tim Hetherington Documentary debuts on HBO on April 18, 2013, April 16, 2013
The documentary "Which Way Is The Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington" by Sebastian Junger will make its debut on Thursday April 18 2013 on HBO at 8pm eastern (8pm pacific for the west coast... Continue

War On Photography: Photographing Farms under attack, April 8, 2013
The corn-fed sycophants who pretend to represent The People are waging new battles in the War On Photography. Under the pretense of protecting farms from animal activists, they are passing and considering a variety of laws that criminalize the photographing... Continue


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