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Instagram expands to the web with Instagram Profiles, November 5, 2012
If you stay quiet long enough, you may hear the collective groan of the various online photo sharing services as popular mobile photo sharing service Instagram [insert Hipster joke here] is now expanding to the "proper internet" with Instagram Profiles.... Continue

Fuji closing their photo sharing site, users can transfer to Shutterfly, October 8, 2012
While Fuji may be on a hot streak with digital cameras and their new X interchangeable lens camera system, it is curtains for their photo sharing service [wait, Fuji had a photo sharing service?] Fuji is launching a month-long... Continue

Canon launches beta image management platform in the cloud, September 17, 2012
Slowly but steadily some of the digital camera manufacturers are adapting to the times, and today Canon has launched a beta service (cloud image management platform) with the name of Project 1709. It is a social-media integrated service of sorts.... Continue

SmugMug causes e-riots, increases Pro accounts by $100 (double for new customers), September 4, 2012
SmugMug, one of the early photo-hosting sites just created some shockwaves among photographers by increasing the price of their Pro accounts by $100, from $150 to $250 per year. Early adopters of the site, who are/were still at the $100... Continue

Readers Flickr Pool looks different today (new flickr features), May 25, 2012
If you visit the Readers Flickr Pool today [thanks to everyone for participating and sharing your work and life and adventures!], you may notice something different - it looks different! Fear not, we didn't mess it up, in fact we... Continue

Pinterest works with Flickr to provide attribution for shared Flickr photos, May 1, 2012
Move over Google+! Pinterest is the current hot social network du jour! Its popularity has created some new headaches for photographers who want to protect their work. Today flickr has announced that they have been working with Pinterest to provide... Continue

(POSTPONED) Are you on Pinterest? Your Favorite Pictures repinned, May 1, 2012
The Pinterest experiment has been postponed due to Pinterest server issues! But we just created a Pinterest account for this blog. Continue

Sony will launch PlayMemories photo sharing service with 5GB free , April 20, 2012
Sony will join the online photo sharing service party in late May 2012 with its new PlayMemories online photo sharing service, offering 5GB of free storage. Details at PC World (via Techmeme). Ever since Facebook bought Hipstergram for $1 billion,... Continue

500px offers new $20 per year plan with Sets & Statistics, April 11, 2012
This week's $1 billion Instagram purchase by Facebook (the kings and queens of the new tech bubble) was quite possibly the best news in recent memory for photo-sharing services and apps. Not to mention more of the spotlight. With that... Continue

Photo-sharing App gold-rush: Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion, April 9, 2012
Hot on the heels of the successful launch of the Instagram app on Android, there is more Instagram action, this time it is one billion dollars (read it with a Mike Meyers voice). That is how much Facebook has agreed... Continue

Flickr users getting Aviary-powered HTML5 photo editor, April 4, 2012
Popular photo sharing service flickr (which we use for the Readers Flickr Pool) will soon roll out an online photo editor which will be powered by Aviary and promises a better user experience. It will start rolling out on Thursday... Continue

Android Hipsters rejoice: Instagram is here!, April 3, 2012
After previous teasers, Instagram has now made their popular iOS app available for the Android platform - you can install it on your compatible Android device through the Google Play Android Market. Please note not every Android device is compatible.... Continue

Worldwide M43rds Day is April 3rd (today), April 3, 2012
It is April 3rd in most of the world - the inaugural worldwide Micro Four Thirds Day is underway All you have to do to participate is go out and take pictures on April 3 (your local time) with Micro... Continue

Mobile: Instagram power-play with Hipstamatic photo-sharing, March 21, 2012
Fast Company has an exclusive story revealing that Instagram is partnering with Hipstamatic, to allow Hipstamatic users to share/push their pictures to Instagram with one click. Fast Company also has an interview with the Instagram CEO talking about this new... Continue

Kodak: Goodbye Slide film & Shutterfly buys Kodak Gallery for $24~ million, March 1, 2012
The slow-motion "shutdown zero" continues for Kodak. Today it has been revealed that Shutterfly will be buying the Kodak Gallery (online photo sharing and printing service) for just under $24 million. Details at AOL Crunch (via Techmeme). In other Kodak... Continue


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