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New Flickr app for iOS adds Editing Tools, Live Filters and more, August 29, 2013
Flickr just updated their iOS iTunes up with a variety of new features, including Live Filters (does what the name suggests), new camera tools and professional editing features (Enhance, crop, sharpen, adjust color, use levels, add vignettes) among other things.... Continue

Flickr Planned Outage: Thursday July 25 between 7pm and 1am New York City time, July 25, 2013
Flickr has scheduled a six hour planned outage for the Flickr website for Thursday July 25 in 2013. This will start at 7pm New York City time (4pm Flickr Yahoo time) and end at 1am New York City time (10pm... Continue

Yahoo announces Flickr update and upgrade: 1TB of ad-supported space for FREE!!!, May 20, 2013
The May 20 Flickr announcement from Yahoo is here! It was overshadowed by their $1 billion purchase of Tumblr, but Flickr is getting some attention too! In addition to a new remodel that puts more emphasis on the photographs, Flickr... Continue

Time Sensitive: T-Mobile Mobile Life Albums DEAD on 6/30/13 - Transfer your Photos before it's too late!, May 14, 2013
T-Mobile is discontinuing its Mobile Life Albums feature. The service will end on June-30-2013. After that, you will NOT be able to access your photos and videos. So be sure to save and back-up everything that needs saving! If you... Continue

Troublemakers of the Day: Adobe and Instagram [updated], February 14, 2013
Just a couple of days after Adobe decided to drop their inflated Creative Cloud subscription prices in Australia after the Australian government decided to look into the matter more closely, Adobe is causing mischief in the digital markets. They amended... Continue

Problems: some private Flickr photos were accidentally made public, February 11, 2013
We have a new edition of The Trouble Repor(t). The subject this time? Flickr! An unspecified number of private photos on flickr were accidentally made public by the flickr service. Yahoo claims this issue affected a "very very small" number... Continue

Instagram asking some users to provide Government issued IDs and even birth certificates, January 26, 2013
Instagram, now owned by Facebook, has been asking some Instagram users to verify their identity by sending Instagram/Facebook a copy of their Government issued identification (eg drivers license) and in some cases they even asked for birth certificates. This created... Continue

New Vine app for Twitter (iOS) records and embeds up to 6 sec of video, January 24, 2013
Twitter may have had its photo-sharing setback when Instagram pulled out of the automated embedding of Instagram pictures in tweets, but they picked up new photo sharing service embeds, and now, they are adding a video sharing option Twitter-style using... Continue

Google Images gets remodelled, rolling out over next few days, January 24, 2013
Google is putting more focus on their images search engine and they have began rolling out a more modern version of the Google Images search. Google has an overview at their Google Webmasters blog, with an emphasis to webmasters, definitely... Continue

Apple's War on Nudity: 500px and ISO500 apps pulled, January 22, 2013
Apple's war on nudity has two more victims: the 500px and ISO500 apps were pulled from the iTunes store because someone could have perhaps seen nude pictures in the search results. The Apple paranoia is this: the only way to... Continue

Re-arranging the Picture Sharing chairs: Nikon relaunches MyPictureTown as Nikon Image Space, January 22, 2013
Because the main reason people did not use the Nikon My Picture Town picture sharing service was the service name (oh no, there are no hints of sarcasm there, never!), Nikon decided to swap My Picture Town with the new... Continue

Settlement: Apple vs Photographer on Retina image usage, January 9, 2013
From the Good News desk, the Apple vs photographer retina dispute is now settled according to court documents as shown at Swiss photographer Sabine Liewald was suing Apple for license misuse of one of his retina images. Now it... Continue

Flickr offers three months of free Flickr Pro to new AND existing members, December 26, 2012
The Flickr and Yahoo revival-attempt under the leadership of Marrissa Meyer continues with a new holiday gift. Three free months of Flickr Pro! Many offers of this kind typically exclude existing paying members, but not this one! If you are... Continue

New Instagram terms of service, they can use your pictures in advertisments without consent or compensation [updated], December 17, 2012
The Facebook data-hoarders apparently wrote the new terms of service for Instagram. The New York Times Bits blog spotlights some of the more important sections. The new terms suggest that Facebook/Instagram can use your pictures in advertisements without your consent... Continue

Dailybooth closing (Back up Your Pictures Before the End of the Year), November 12, 2012
The invisible hand of the market works in mysterious ways. Sometimes it is the butterfly effect, sometimes it is a drunken trader in the middle of the night, sometimes it just is. Photo sharing service Dailybooth will be shutting down,... Continue


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