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phase one archives (27 posts)

Reviews, Etc (GH2, D7000, K-5, A580, XZ1, G12, SB700, and many more), February 11, 2011
Now that the CP+ 2011 dust has settled, it is time to round-up reviews posted during this week. If you missed the CP+ action as it happened, you can catch up with our previous trade show round-ups and the list... Continue

Luminous Landscape interviews 80-megapixel digital-back makers (Leaf, Phase One), January 29, 2011
Want some more interviews? How about an 18-minute video interview at Luminous Landscape with representatives from Leaf and Phase One. Both companies recently announced new eighty (80) megapixel digital backs. Each representative is holding their new gear firmly in their... Continue

Phase One reveals three 80mp, 60mp, 40mp CCD digital backs with multi-touch LCDs, January 24, 2011
While the traditional SLR manufacturers have been asleep at the wheel in the world of 35mm full frame dSLRs (not a single new model in 2010!), the remaining medium format companies continue to launch new products! Today Phase One reveals... Continue

New Capture One 6 Pro and Express!, December 1, 2010
It's December but the new-news keep on coming! Today Phase One has announced version 6 of Capture One, their signature software package, version 6 in Pro and Express flavors! European prices are 300e (full) and 100e (upgrade) and $400/$129 in... Continue

Pentax 645D vs Phase One P40+ at Luminous, November 15, 2010
The Pentax 645D action continues with a duel, a duel posted at Luminous Landscape where two photographers square off the Pentax 645D with the Phase One P40+ digital back with the DF medium format camera body. Yes, this is a... Continue

Phase One working on new camera design, offers 90% value back guarantee, September 28, 2010
One of the biggest irritations with electronics, including digital cameras, is that the mad pace of new releases often turns the current model into previous and the previous into old and the old into obsolete. Phase One is trying to... Continue

Three new lenses for the Phase One DF system announced, September 21, 2010
In addition to the Schneider 120mm f5.6 TS lens announced last week, three more lenses for the Phase One DF system have been announced at Photokina! Capture Integration has the summary, including prices! One of the three new ones is... Continue

Phase One 35mm lens (medium format) coming up?, September 14, 2010
Now time for a "Release Notes" leak. The latest release notes for the Capture One software mention a Phase One 35mm lens, but Capture Integration notes that such a lens does not currently exist. Only the name is leaked, no... Continue

New PhaseOne/Mamiya V-Grip Air is a vertical grip with a built-in flash trigger, August 24, 2010
The medium format world continues to push on in 2010, ...unphased by 35mmFF DSLRs. A couple of days ago, before the Sony wave, Phase One, Mamiya and Profoto announced a new battery grip, the V-Grip Air (not a #23 shoe!)... Continue

Detailed hands-on with the 60-megapixel Phase One P65+ at CNet, June 16, 2010
The medium format renaissance continues, this time a hands on report of the 60-megapixel Phase One P65+ digital back mounted on the 645AF camera body at CNet SF by Stephen Shankland. This is a serious hands-on report, not a gadget-blog... Continue

New Capture One version 5.1.2 and bi-directional Expression Media free-a-thon, June 10, 2010
Hey, Adobe is not the only company making imaging software out there sing the rest of the imaging software makers in unison ;-) Phase One has announced a new version of Capture One, 5.1.2, and as part of their recent... Continue

As the MF world turns (Rollei news, Pentax 645D takes on 5DMk2 and K-7, 40mp P40+ samples), May 28, 2010
In this Medium Format update, a new 150mm f4 AFD lens is coming out for the Rollei Hy6 at Photokina 2010, the Pentax 645D takes on the Canon 5DMk2 and Pentax K-7, and DC Watch has samples taken with the Phase One P40+ digital back and 55mm and 110mm f2.8 lenses. Continue


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