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Here you will find blog-posts with the latest Pentax related news, rumors and updates published at the main blog. In addition, you can find links to our Pentax related updates on these dedicated mini-sites:

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Dxomark pixel-peeps the Pentax K50 DSLR, July 22, 2013
The new Pentax K50 DSLR has its 15 minutes of Dxomark fame as the camera was evaluated by their lab testing routine. You can see their four part report on the camera along with the test results page. Flash is... Continue

Pentax and Ricoh divide up the brand names, July 2, 2013
What's in a name you ask? Pentax and Ricoh announced their new naming strategy, in the post Ricoh takeover of Pentax era. The Pentax brand name will be used for DSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras while the Ricoh name will... Continue

Pentax Q lens roadmap updated to reflect new sensor (two lenses pending in future), July 1, 2013
Pentax updated their lens roadmap to reflect the new status quo with the old 1/2.x" sensors (Q and Q10) and the new 1/1.x" sensors (Q7). The new lens roadmap has two nebulous lenses planned for the future, a wide and... Continue

New Pentax DSLRs: K-50 and K-500 (also two new DA-L lenses), June 12, 2013
Pentax has not forgotten their DSLR system. They have announced two new DSLRs today, the K-50 and the K-500. The K-50 turns the K-30 into a more conventional DSLR, while the K-500 is a more affordable variation, no weather sealing.... Continue

New Pentax Q7 continues the Q Mirrorless System with 1/1.7" sensor (lots of hands-on reports) [also new Mount Shield Lens], June 12, 2013
We have an answer. The Pentax Q system will continue after the Ricoh merger/purchase. And the sensor will grow a little bit. Pentax has officially announced the new Q7 mirrorless camera with a 1/1.7x" sensor instead of the 1/2.x" sensor... Continue

Leakage: Pentax Q system continues with Q7 and slightly larger 1/1.7 sensor, June 10, 2013
A leakage at (computer-translated) reveals that the Pentax Q system will continue in the new Pentax-Ricoh era. Continue and slightly grow. The sensor will "grow up" to 1/1.7" instead of the 1/2.x" sensor of the previous Pentax Q cameras.... Continue

Pentax announces basic P&S Efina for the 2nd time and adds white WG-3, June 8, 2013
In January 2013, Pentax announced a very basic P&S digital camera, the Efina with a 14mp 1/2.x" CCD sensor and a 5x optical zoom. This week they announced this camera again, perhaps this time it is available in more or... Continue

Leakage: Pentax K-50 DSLR leaks at French retailer, June 6, 2013
We can barely keep up with the existing camera models, but that does not stop the flow of new cameras! A not-yet-announced Pentax K-50 DSLR has been leaked in all its glory by a french retailer, with the leakage captured... Continue

Impact review: Pentax K-5 II* combo review at dpreview, June 4, 2013
The time has come for the Pentax K-5 II twins to face the judge, jury and executioners at dpreview with a 19 page combined review. The differences between the two are spotlighted in this review page. As usual, we won't... Continue

Colorful DSLRs: Pentax announces 15 new colors for the K-30 DSLR, April 2, 2013
Pentax appears to be the only DSLR manufacturer that is not afraid to offer a million different colors for their DSLRs. Perhaps they are not as uptight as some of the other camera manufacturers *cough* duopoly *cough*. This new announcement... Continue

Pentax MX1 receives its Dxomark Test Results as well, March 4, 2013
The Doctors of Pixel-Peeping at Dxomark also published their test results on the Pentax MX-1, Pentax's first attempt at a serious compact fixed lens camera in many years, perhaps since the Optio 750 way back when Tiffany and the Backstreet... Continue

DCI Investigates: Pentax K-5 IIs over the Pentax K-5 II?, February 27, 2013
Digital Camera Info has decided to put to the real-world test the differences between the Pentax K-5 II and the K-5 IIs and answer the question as to whether it makes sense to get the K-5 IIs over the K-5... Continue

Pentax K-01 marked discontinued by Pentax Japan, February 24, 2013
The Pentax K-01 was moved to the discontinued digital cameras column by Pentax Japan, marking the end of the production lifecycle of this unusual interchangeable lens camera. It will be interesting to see what Pentax does next since they have... Continue

Reminder: February 23 and 24 is Pentax World Day, February 21, 2013
A quick reminder, February 23 and 24 in 2013 is Pentax World Day. Because Pentax and Ricoh are one, a day is measured as two days ;-) Details, events, how to participate, and more through the Pentax Forums. Speaking of... Continue

K-mount deal: Pentax K-01 black with 40mm XS for $360, February 19, 2013
The Pentax K-01 with the 40mm XS pancake lens is on the discounting path again. You can get the black Pentax K-01 with the 40mm XS lens for $360 at Amazon by Amazon and B&H Photo. If they sell out,... Continue


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