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pentax Q mount archives (61 posts)

Pentax road-maps lenses for K-, Q- and 645- mounts (2012 & beyond), February 15, 2012
To help sort things out after the CP+ announcement-a-geddon, Pentax has published three separate lens roadmaps for their three active interchangeable lens camera systems, the K-mount, Q-mount and 645. They cover 2012, 2013 and beyond. As usual with lens roadmaps,... Continue

Pentax pre-announces new lenses (645, K-, Q-) , adapter (K-lens to Q-body), silver Q, 645D tethering, February 7, 2012
Pentax has pre-announced a variety of lens-related products that cover the K-mount, Q-mount and 645D! They include a 50/1.8, 560/5.6 K-mount, an unspecified thin K-mirrorless lens, unspecified telephoto and lens mount cap lenses for the Q system, a 90mm f2.8... Continue

C-mount lenses for M43rds, Nikon CX, and Pentax Q at CP+, February 1, 2012
According to DC Watch Impress (computer-translated), based on the computer-translation, Kowa will be showing C-mount industrial lenses for Micro Four Thirds, Nikon 1 CX and Pentax Q at the CP+ 2012 trade show in Japan. Pentax industrial lenses are also... Continue

Interview with Pentax at Imaging Resource, January 12, 2012
The interview party continues at Imaging Resource with an interview with a Pentax USA representative (code name "Pentaxian1"). The interview talks Tsunami, Ricoh acquisition, Pentax Q system, possibility of a 35mm full frame DSLR, K-r discontinuation, future lens talk, and... Continue

Reviews (V1, Q, P7100, etc) & Previews (Canon C300, Nikon FT1 mount adapter), December 27, 2011
Back to work it is for the camera reviewers, as we have a new round of specials! With so many cameras out there (and a big wave coming at CES/PMA in a couple of weeks), it is hard for reviewers... Continue

Reviews (X10, GX1, NX200, Q, Titan, compact-zooms, etc), December 21, 2011
Time for check what the Review Santa brought in today ;-) For lens reviews, check the Lens Reviews cafe and for completed camera reviews, check the Camera Reviews cafe. Refills are not free! Interchangeables + Panasonic GX1 at CNet Asia... Continue

Reviews (NEX-7, V1, J1, X10, S100, etc) & Duels (X10 vs X100), December 18, 2011
Time to recap the latest reviews, previews, samples and such of the last few days. But first, a PBS-style e-fundraiser (no tote bags I'm afraid): if you find this blog helpful, be sure to make some of your purchases through... Continue

Reviews Mega-Roundup (GX1, X10, S100, NEX-7, -5n, NX200, A77, A65, E-PM1, CX, Q, etc), December 5, 2011
Reckoning time! We try to attempt to try to round up many of the reviews since before (!) the Black Friday madness. Fill up the coffee machine and the tea kettle at the same time, this is a long and... Continue

Reviews (S100, E-Pens, etc) & Samples (X10, EOS C300 noise-talk, etc), November 10, 2011
Time to see what the review cat brought in today! Here we go, in lightning round format... Interchangeables + Olympus E-P3 at Neon Camera [see more reviews] + Olympus E-PM1 at Photo Review [see more reviews] + Pentax Q impressions... Continue

Reviews (V1, Q, X10, etc) & Samples (X10, NX200, A77, etc), November 2, 2011
Now let's recap some of the latest reviews and previews before they add up and become a giant round-up like yesterday's... Interchangeable Lens (APS-C and more) + Samsung NX200 studio test samples added to dpreview + Sony NeX-5n review at... Continue

Also (Fuji 3D glasses-free V3 viewer, firmware (X10, Q), etc), November 2, 2011
Time to recap some of the latest news, newsbytes, newsbits and newsquarks! Here we go, in lightning round format... Newsy News + Fuji's 3D V3 glass-free viewer gets official announcement - via Pop Photo, dpreview et al [this was shown... Continue

Reviews (A77, E-PM1, J1, Q, X10, GRD4, lots of superzooms, etc), October 28, 2011
Now that we caught up with the latest action and yesterday's new products (Zeiss 25mm f2 SLR lens (Canon, Nikon), Hasselblad H4X open-platform medium camera body, and Leica 30mm f2.8 medium format S-system lens), it is time to check some... Continue

Mirrorless reviews (NEX-7, NEX-C3, Pentax Q, Nikon V1 first impressions), October 23, 2011
This was not a sleepy review weekend, some of the latest mirrorless cameras du jour have had some review/preview action as follows: + Pentax Q review (and comparison to the Olympus E_PL3) at PentaxForums website + 3-page first impressions of... Continue

Reviews (A77, X100, etc) & Samples (NEX-7 RAW and ISO, A65, etc), October 22, 2011
Time to check some of the latest reviews, hands-onsies and samples. Plus there are two recently-started on-going, blog-style marathon reviews of the Sony Alpha A77 and Fuji X100! On-going blog-style marathon reviews + Sound Image Plus is testing out the... Continue

Reviews (NEX-5n, V1, D3100, FZ150, P7100, SX150, Pentax Q lens-a-thon, etc), October 20, 2011
In addition to last night's reviews catch-up-a-thon, it is time to check today's latest reviews and previews and samples and such... Interchangeable Lens Cameras + Sony NEX-5n at Luminous Landscape and Photography Bay + Nikon D3100 at Photography Review (yes,... Continue


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