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pentax Q mount archives (61 posts)

Pentax will announce new CMOS-based 645D medium format camera by CP+ 2014 (also: new 645 and Q lenses coming), February 5, 2014
The Medium Format action is picking up steam again. Earlier on, Hasselblad and Phase One announced new CMOS sensors for medium format cameras and digital backs respectively. Now it is Pentax-Ricoh's turn. Pentax has officially announced that a new 645D... Continue

Pentax Q lens roadmap updated to reflect new sensor (two lenses pending in future), July 1, 2013
Pentax updated their lens roadmap to reflect the new status quo with the old 1/2.x" sensors (Q and Q10) and the new 1/1.x" sensors (Q7). The new lens roadmap has two nebulous lenses planned for the future, a wide and... Continue

New Pentax Q7 continues the Q Mirrorless System with 1/1.7" sensor (lots of hands-on reports) [also new Mount Shield Lens], June 12, 2013
We have an answer. The Pentax Q system will continue after the Ricoh merger/purchase. And the sensor will grow a little bit. Pentax has officially announced the new Q7 mirrorless camera with a 1/1.7x" sensor instead of the 1/2.x" sensor... Continue

Leakage: Pentax Q system continues with Q7 and slightly larger 1/1.7 sensor, June 10, 2013
A leakage at (computer-translated) reveals that the Pentax Q system will continue in the new Pentax-Ricoh era. Continue and slightly grow. The sensor will "grow up" to 1/1.7" instead of the 1/2.x" sensor of the previous Pentax Q cameras.... Continue

DxoMark Group-Evaluates Wild Life Telephoto Zooms, February 13, 2013
We have fallen behind on the timeline again, so we will catch up with everything tomorrow. In the meantime, here is another group-comparison at Dxomark. This time they take a look at the nebulous cloud of Wildlife Telephoto Zoom lenses,... Continue

Pentax showing at CP+: AF-360FGZ II Clip-on Flash and Mount Cap Lens for Q system, January 29, 2013
Pentax has announced via press release that at the 2013 CP Plus trade show in Japan (Jan 31 to Febr 2), they will be showcasing two reference products. The previously mentioned clip-on flash which now has a tentative model name... Continue

Pentax Japan flirts with Anime Fans with new Q10 Evangelion limited edition, January 28, 2013
Does your favorite TV show and media franchise have a limited edition camera in its name? It will soon have one if your favorite saga is Evangelion! Pentax Japan has announced the Evangelion Q10 limited edition camera, with a starting... Continue

Pentax publishes new Lens Road Maps for K-mount, 645 and Q on Facebook, January 16, 2013
Pentax has taken to Facebook to post a trio of new lens road maps for the K-mount, 645 and Q systems. You can see them at the Pentax Facebook set (no Facebook account needed to see them) [via Yvon's Pentax... Continue

Pentax Q10 available in 100 different colors (customizable), January 7, 2013
Here we go CES + PMA 2013! The first wave of press releases is now out! We start in a very colorful fashion. Pentax has announced 100 different color combinations for its second Pentax Q-mount camera, the Q10. Press release... Continue

The Smaller Sensor Digest: Nikon V2, V1, Fuji XF1, E-PL5, G15, S110, LX7, P7700, superzooms, etc, December 3, 2012
We have been trying a new experiment this weekend, we are breaking the Cameraholic Digest into many pieces, in order to catch up with the last two weeks of review-related updates... And now we catch up with a variety of... Continue

Curiosity factor: Pentax Q10 review at Photography Blog, November 15, 2012
Another one of the new Photokina cameras that has been flying under the radar is the Pentax Q10, which is the second generation model in the Pentax Q 1/2.x" mirrorless system that was birthed during the Mirrorless Big Bang of... Continue

Pentax Lens Roadmaps: three 645, four K-mount, three Q (one is a mount-cap lens), September 22, 2012
Hooray for the lens/mount cap lenses! Olympus has already announced and shown one for their E-Pens, and now the latest Pentax lens road maps shown at Photokina show a "mount cap lens" as well! See the latest lens roadmaps at... Continue

New Mirrorless camera: Pentax Q10, September 10, 2012
In addition to the two new K-5 II DSLRs, Pentax has revealed another interchangeable lens camera, the Q10, their second camera in their new Q compact-compact mirrorless camera system. Press Release Parade + dpreview + WDC? + Focus Numerique +... Continue

New Pentax Q lens: 15-45mm f2.8 (lens number six), September 10, 2012
If Pentax were to send a signal that they are not abandoning the Q system, this perhaps is the closest thing to such a signal: a brand new 15-45mm f2.8 zoom lens. That is the native focal length, which makes... Continue

Pentax Q with standard prime for $350 (black or white) [limited time], August 27, 2012
If you are curious about the Pentax Q but don't want to invest a fortune in the Q system, Groupon has a new limited time promotion: for $350 with free shipping you can get the Pentax Q with the standard... Continue


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