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pentax k7 archives (123 posts)

Welcome Pentax K7 fans! Here we feature the summaries of all the major posts on this blog that talk about the K-7. The camera along with the two new DA WR lenses are currently shipping at a number of retailers. You can check the latest stock status at the K7 stock-status matrix.

Pentax K-x gets DXOMark-tested - how did the RAW sensor do?, March 9, 2010
DXOMark has published their RAW sensor test analysis for the hot Pentax K-x DSLR. What did they find out? We won't spoil it here :) Continue

Deal alert: Pentax K-7 body only ships for $920, March 3, 2010
The Pentax K-7 is now shipping for $920 in body only! Continue

Leica S2 review by Steve Huff (updated), February 28, 2010
Steve Huff reviews the Leica S2 medium format digital monster, and crazy-compares to the E-P2, K-7 and M9. Continue

Olympus E-PL1 crashes Top 20, Sony makes Top 25 appearance, February 25, 2010
In this Top Selling DSLRs update, the Olympus E-PL1 jumps in the Top 20, Sony makes a Top 25 guest-appearance, and the K-7 is riding the coat-tails of the one-day special. Continue

New Limited silver K-7 announced (K-7 was $900 as 1-day deal), February 22, 2010
Pentax announces a limited edition silver K-7, while Amazon has it as the deal of the day for $900 as body only. Continue

Samsung NX10 noise tests (vs E-P2, D90, K-7, X1, DP2), February 17, 2010
Focus Numerique has posted a detailed ISO comparison between the Samsung NX10 and a slew of other cameras with sensors of 2X to 1.5xX Continue

Pentax K-7 and K-x round-up: reviews, videos, Rice High, February 13, 2010
After the RF/MF excursion, time to return to DSLRs, this time rounding up the recent Pentax K-action, starting with the buzzworthy K-x. A new short review is out for the K-x at the Laptop Magazine. The K-x buzz is getting... Continue

Samsung 30mm f2 pancake takes on Pentax 31mm f1.8L and 35mm f2, February 11, 2010
SLRClub compares the NX10 with the 30mm f2 pancake going up against the Pentax K-7 with two similar primes. Continue

Six weather-sealed DSLRs compared (sub-$2000), January 15, 2010
NeoCamera compares six sub-$2000 weather-proof DSLRs (7D, D300s, E3, K7, K20D, K200D) Continue

Canon 7D vs Nikon D300s vs Pentax K7 at DC Watch, December 26, 2009
The Canon 7D takes on the Nikon D300s and Pentax K-7 at Japanese website DC Watch with full-size JPEG pictures included for evaluation purposes. Continue

Pentax K-7 pings with Digital Camera Review review, December 17, 2009
Digital Camera Review has published their review of the Pentax K-7! Continue

New DXoMark lab tests: 7D vs D300s, K7, A500 and A550, D3000, G11 and S90, December 11, 2009
DXoMark has published the test results of seven different digital cameras, five DSLRs and two point and shoot compacts. Continue

Pentax K7 review by Peter K. Burian (and other K-stories), November 29, 2009
Photocrati reviews the Pentax K-7 and Yvon is finishing up his K-x review. Continue

Pentax fans give the K7 the Reader's Choice award at ALC, November 28, 2009
The Pentax K-7 wins the ALC Reader's Choice award! Continue

Panasonic GF1 review by Neo (ISO comparison vs K7 and F200), November 28, 2009
NeoCamera has published their findings to the Panasonic GF1 and they also crop-compare it to the Pentax K7 and Fuji F200-EXR. Continue


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