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pentax k-mirrorless archives (12 posts)

Pentax K-01 marked discontinued by Pentax Japan, February 24, 2013
The Pentax K-01 was moved to the discontinued digital cameras column by Pentax Japan, marking the end of the production lifecycle of this unusual interchangeable lens camera. It will be interesting to see what Pentax does next since they have... Continue

K-mount deal: Pentax K-01 black with 40mm XS for $360, February 19, 2013
The Pentax K-01 with the 40mm XS pancake lens is on the discounting path again. You can get the black Pentax K-01 with the 40mm XS lens for $360 at Amazon by Amazon and B&H Photo. If they sell out,... Continue

Pentax Deal: Yellow K-01 with 40mm XS pancake for $317, December 29, 2012
As of a 1/1/13 recheck, the price remains the same, so the possibility of a price-error is significantly reduced! You can get the yellow Pentax K-01 with the 40mm XS lens for $317 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon... Continue

APS-C Digest: The Sony NEX-6 and Pentax K-5 II* show (mostly), December 3, 2012
We conclude the Cameraholic Digest trilogy with a look at APS-C sensor-size digital cameras. The previous two parts of the trilogy were posted previously: Full Frame DSLR Digest and Smaller Sensor Digest (M43rds and smaller - we need to find... Continue

Newsbytes: Tokina 300/6.3 (m43rds), Rollei 36x superzoom, X-Pro1 iPad app, new Canon M-printers, etc, August 8, 2012
A number of newsy items are filling up the buffers, so it is time to release the pressure with a new Newsbytes round-up... New Gear + Tokina 300mm f6.3 mirror less for M43rds launching in Europe for 400 euro via... Continue

Pixel-Geeking: Pentax K-01 evaluated at DxoMark, March 30, 2012
Time for some pixel-geeking action, not to be confused with pixel-peeping action! Dxomark has published their Pentax K-01 test results (reminder: evaluation of RAW sensor output) along with their discussion of the findings. DxoMark Comparisons to other cameras + K-01... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: G1x, NEX-7, X-Pro1, X10, E-M5 RAW, etc, March 4, 2012
Time for a new edition of the "Cameraholic Digest", an on-going experiment on how to catch up with catching up without getting caught in a never-ending updating-trap! Compacts with RAW + Canon G1x Imatest test results at Lens Rentals +... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Samsung NX200 review at dpreview & ORB hunting & lots more, February 28, 2012
And now time for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest, an experimental new approach to rounding up some of the latest happenings. Samsung NX200 gets the dpreview review We start with today's Talking Points Memo: Samsung fans have been... Continue

Hot Cameras Sleepless Nights: Canon G1x, Olympus E-M5, K-01, M9p, P7100, etc, February 20, 2012
Time to round-up the action with some of the latest "hot cameras" that are giving some photographers "sleepless nights". Canon G1x + new reviews at What Digital Camera and Pocket Lint and Digital Camera Info and CNet Reviews + reference:... Continue

Pentax interview with PentaxForums is finally translated, February 20, 2012
The oft-teased at the PentaxForums interview with Pentax marketing dude at CP+ with a PentaxForums representative has now been translated to English at the PentaxForums News Blog in a 17-minute video with the answers in Japanese with English subtitles, and... Continue

Pentax pre-announces new lenses (645, K-, Q-) , adapter (K-lens to Q-body), silver Q, 645D tethering, February 7, 2012
Pentax has pre-announced a variety of lens-related products that cover the K-mount, Q-mount and 645D! They include a 50/1.8, 560/5.6 K-mount, an unspecified thin K-mirrorless lens, unspecified telephoto and lens mount cap lenses for the Q system, a 90mm f2.8... Continue

New Pentax K-01 mirrorless and 40/2.8 XS pancake are official [updated], February 2, 2012
Pentax has now officially announced their new K-01 mirrorless camera using the K-mount, along with the new 40mm f2.8 XS pancake lens! This kit is available for pre-order for $900 at Amazon in yellow, black or white-black. UPDATE: There are... Continue


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