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pentax k-5 archives (86 posts)

Reviews Etc (D7000 vs K-5, D5100, Panasonic G3, Fuji X100, XZ-1, S95, etc), June 15, 2011
And now time to see what the review fishing nets caught the last few days! Sadly, lens reviews continue to be behind schedule. As you may (or may not) have realized, all these round-ups are a painfully tedious thing to... Continue

Pentax K-5 vs Canon 7D comparison at the PentaxForums, May 31, 2011
Fans of the non-CaNiKon DSLR mounts often complain that the photography media elites have a Canon/Nikon bias or at least an unintentional tilt, so their cameras of choice do not get a fair shake in comparisons against the duopoly. With... Continue

Reviews Etc (60D, E-PL2, X100, HX100v, Phase One P65+, etc), May 24, 2011
Time for yet another review round-up! With 500+ cameras launched since CES 2009, there's enough to keep a billion camera reviewers busy ;-) In tonight's episode, we have Phase One P65+ action, a Sony A55 bokeh party, seasonal waterproof reviews,... Continue

Reviews Etc (Sony HX100v, Panasonic G3 samples, D5100, K-5, superzooms, etc), May 18, 2011
And now time to catch up with the latest reviews. The lens reviews mini-site will be updated later. Lady X100 + Fuji X100 at Quesabesde + Fuji X100 at Photocomment + RAW development at DC Watch (computer translated) Mirror-Nyet +... Continue

Reviews Etc (A55, D5100, P300, P500, F550EXR, Tryxie, etc), May 11, 2011
Time to check what the review cat brought in today! Lens review updates have fallen behind and they can't get up, update coming later tonight. UPDATE: The lens reviews page has been updated with six new lens reviews. DSLRs +... Continue

Reviews Etc (Canon T3i, superzooms, Eye-Fi, Epson R2000, etc), May 6, 2011
And now time to catch up with some of the latest reviews! Lens reviews, as usual, can be found at the lens reviews bokeh. iLCies + Canon D-Rebel T3i/600D at Steve's Rebelcams + first look at Pentax K-5 by Jim... Continue

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, Pentax K-5, Canon 60D, T3i/600D, etc), May 2, 2011
And now time to round-up some of the most recent reviews. Lens reviews, as usual, can be found at the lens reviews igloo. Lady X100 + short review at PDN Online + samples gallery at DC Resource + David Pogue... Continue

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, K-5 vs D7000, D5100, T3i/600D, GXR, Fuji HS20, etc), April 28, 2011
Pardon the interruption, but it is time for a new review round-up! Lens reviews, as usual, can be found at the lens reviews ecosystem. Lady X100 + Fuji X100 at The Pictorial DSLRs + Canon T3i/600D at Quesabesde (computer translated)... Continue

Reviews Etc (Pentax K-5, Godot X100, T3i/600D, NX11, etc), April 13, 2011
We have a tape-delayed start today, but the review cat has done its due diligence, so time for a new review round-up! Lens reviews as usual can be found at the lens review mountain. Waiting for Godot X100 + X100... Continue

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, NX100, superzoom w/GPS group test, etc), April 5, 2011
And now lettuce ketchup with some of the latest reviews ;-) For lens reviews, as usual, check the lens reviews mini-site. Fuji X100 Infatuation + review at Trusted Reviews + colorimetrie at Focus Numerique Group Tests + GPS superzooms group... Continue

Reviews Etc (Samsung NX11 DxOmark, Canon 5DMk2 ISO, Mega-Comparison w/X100, etc), March 28, 2011
Time for a new review round-up, with DxOmark and Imatest action, along with a mega-comparison featuring the Fuji X100 and Leica X1! As usual, lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews springboard, including a couple of new Voigtlander... Continue

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100 full-size firmware 1.0 samples, HS20 samples, GF2, XZ1, etc), March 9, 2011
Welcome to a new edition of the artist formerly known as the "Review Train". For lens reviews, be sure to check the Lens Reviews hive. Fuji X100 mania + 24 full-size samples with firmware 1.0 at Lens Tip + full-size... Continue

Reviews Etc (K-5, X100, XZ1, LX5, P7000, HX100v, eXtReMe, etc), February 27, 2011
Welcome to a new edition of Reviews, Bath and Beyond! As usual, lens reviews are organized in the surprisingly still-disciplined lens reviews outhouse. Interchangeable Lens Cameras + Pentax K-5 review at Enticing the Light - part #1 (stains, stains, stains!)... Continue

Newsbytes, Firmware updates, and Problems, February 24, 2011
And now time to round-up the latest barrage of newsbytes and problems from the world of cameras and photography! Newsbytes + Hasselblad launches new Phocus Quick and Mobile software and updates main Phocus software to 2.6 - via Imaging Insider,... Continue

Reviews Etc (GF2, E-PL2, XZ1, K-5, WX7, etc), February 23, 2011
Time for a new breezy review round-up! For lens reviews, be sure to check the lens reviews freezer. Here we go... Interchangeable Lens Cameras + Panasonic GF2 review completed at in three parts: part #1, part #2, part #3... Continue


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