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Pentax DSLR Overview

Hoya Pentax had recently frozen (read: canceled?) the long anticipated but never delivered medium format 645D. With that in the deep freeze, let's focus on the current Hoya Pentax DSLRs.

Okay, that acronym is not fun to use or say, but Pentax has the K20D, a 14mp DSLR with a Samsung sensor competing in the $1000+ mid-range segment, along with its predecessor the 10mp K10D in the under $1000 segment, being quite possibly one of the best bang for the buck DSLRs.

The Pentax K200D is the leader of this AA-pack, borrowing the 10mp sensor of the K10D, and offering a value-packed DSLR to K-mount users. Along side, but also more in the rear view mirror, we find the K100D Super, a slightly beefed up edition of the K100D.

The lightweight m-L series
Pentax decided to head into the L-direction to deal with smaller dSLR sizes. The K2000 K-m dSLR and two new DA-L lenses are ushering in the new era.

The Other K-Mounties
Also part of the K-mount, and very related to the Pentax K-series are the Samsung GX-20 and GX-10.

Previous Pentax DSLRs
Coming up in Round #2 :)

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