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Top 30 patent holders in 2013 in USA includes plenty of companies that make cameras, January 15, 2014
Cynics may consider patents as a "jobs program" for laywers and scientists, and that would not be an issue, except patents these days are used as ways to control a market and stifle competition and innovation and profiteer from master-of-the-obvious... Continue

Lytro gets an early Holiday Present from Apple, November 26, 2013
The Apple Reality Distortion Field has been slowly losing some of its intensity since the passing of Steve Jobs, but they still have the Midas Touch. And that Midas Touch is perhaps a gift for Lytro, as millions of Apple... Continue

Patent Wars: Sony counter sues RED, April 8, 2013
RED sued Sony earlier on, but Sony's lawyers decided to give them a taste of their own medicine, Sony is now counter-suing RED. This happening under the shadow of the 2013 NAB Trade Show in the Sin City (Las Vegas).... Continue

WebM (VP8) gets closer to becoming the PNG of video after Google pulls out checkbook, March 9, 2013
Eager to see progress in the adoption of WebM aka VP8 as the web video format of choice and perhaps tired of playing hide and seek with the patent holders, Google pulled out the checkbook and licensed MPEG-LA patents. Patents... Continue

Patent Hustlers: Nikon to pay Microsoft for Android related patents, February 21, 2013
As strange as the headline may sound, it is true. Nikon has signed an Android-related patent licensing deal with Microsoft and Microsoft goes out of its way to point out in the press release that "Microsoft will receive royalties from... Continue

Patent Wars: RED sues Sony, alleging pattern infringement with Sony F5, F55, F65, February 17, 2013
Shortly after the RED vs ARRI spy vs spy case was dismissed, RED is back in the Legal Eagles headlines with a new lawsuit, this time targeting Sony and citing *you guessed it* patent infringement. The offending cameras include Sony's... Continue

Four of the Top Five US patent holders in 2012 make cameras, January 21, 2013
Patents are the current current that drives the technology cold wars, and the lawyers offices are overflowing with paperworks. Chipworks has created an infographic (.png) showing the Top 20 US patent holders in 2012. The infographic also contrasts them to... Continue

Bankruptcy Judge okays sale of Kodak patents to Apple & Google Frenemies, January 11, 2013
The bankruptcy judge overseeing the case has now approved the sale of Kodak's imaging patent to the frenemy duo of Apple and Google for about half a billion dollars. Details via Bloomberg News and and Engadget et al. Continue

Practical Patent: Digital Back for Film SLRs (by Nikon), December 30, 2012
As the patent wars intensify and armies of lawyers counter-sue each other until the judges get irritated and kick them out, so do the waves of new patents filed. Some patents are for real, some are carpet-bombing, some are defensive,... Continue

Frenemies Google and Apple jointly bid for Kodak's patents, December 8, 2012
Kodak's ponderous tome of digital imaging and other related patents has received a bid of over half a billion US dollars by two frenemies: Google and Apple. This decidedly frenemy jointed bidding favors both companies and may perhaps be a... Continue

Newsbytes: new Fuji lens factory in Philippines, 80m EFs, etc, August 20, 2012
Another wave of newsy items have filled up the buffers, time to empty the newsy buffers: + Fuji planning to open a new factory processing and assembling lenses for digital cameras, mobile devices, CCTV cameras in the Philippines - via... Continue

Newsbytes: xQD 2.0, Tamron fakes, Kipon EF to M43/NEX bodies, RX100 grip, etc, July 28, 2012
This was supposed to come out yesterday but it fell off the wagon! We reloaded the wagon and it is ready to go! Newsbytes rounds up a variety of news and newsy items when they pile up in our RSS... Continue

Kodak Patents bidding war: Apple + Microsoft vs Google + Samsung (and more), July 27, 2012
We now go from one troubled Helen of Troy to another, the Helen of Rochester. After a lot of kerfuffles, it looks like the Kodak patent auction will actually happen, and now, according to The.Wall.Street.Journal, two mega-groups are competing for... Continue

Kodak loses could-have-been-lucrative case against Apple and RIM, July 21, 2012
The Wall Street Journal writes that Kodak has lost a high-profile patent case against Apple and RIM. This was the patent that covered digital camera image preview via viewfinder. Kodak had previously made nearly $1 billion from this "star" patent.... Continue

Nikon patents f2-f2.8 lens for Coolpix type camera, July 19, 2012
Once upon a time Nikon was among the leaders in the world of fixed-lens cameras with RAW (5400, 8400, 8700, 8800, etc). Then they abandoned the segment only to return with what some aficionados of compacts-with-RAW may call half-hearted attempts.... Continue


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