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panasonic tz7 archives (12 posts)

Review Train (Leica S2, Samsung EX1, EX1 vs LX3 bokeh, etc), August 1, 2010
Time for another review round-up! We start with the most expensive camera mentioned in this round-up (and probably in most round-ups), the Leica S2, getting not one but two recent reviews! The first review comes from Le Monde de la... Continue

New Review Clusters for Nikon D5000, Canon T1i/500D and SX200IS and Panasonic TZ7/ZS3, June 14, 2009
Just added are review-clusters for the Nikon D5000, Canon T1i/500D and superzooms Canon SX200IS and Panasonic TZ7/ZS3. Continue

Double-alert: Panasonic ZS3 black in-stock and discounted at $370, May 27, 2009
The black Panasonic TZ7 (ZS3) is not only in-stock but also discounted by $30 and shipping as of the time of writing of this blog post. Continue

Panasonic dominates the dpreview FunZoom group test, May 14, 2009
dpreview has posted a group test, featuring the 2009 fun-zooms, the compact superzooms. There was one big winner and two losers. Continue

Panasonic TZ7 (ZS3) gets reviewed by Steve's Digicams, May 11, 2009
Steve's Digicams has just posted their findings on the Panasonic TZ7 (ZS3). No spoilers here. Continue

Panasonic TZ7 gets another review, this time at Digital Camera Review, April 28, 2009
The Panasonic TZ7 gets another review in this column, this one posted by Digital Camera Review. Continue

Luminous comparison: Fuji F200 vs Panasonic TZ7 vs Canon SX200is, April 27, 2009
Luminous Landscape has just posted a comparison-review of the Canon SX200is, Panasonic TZ7 and Fuji F200-EXR. Which one did he pick as a favorite? Continue

Panasonic TZ7 gets reviewed at Photography Blog, March 26, 2009
Photography Blog has posted their review of the Panasonic TZ7, the latest top model in the TZ-series of fun-zoom super-zoom digital cameras. Continue

Impact reviews for Fuji F200 EXR and Panasonic TZ7, March 16, 2009
Two impact reviews of some of the hottest new cameras of 2009 have been posted, the Fuji F200 EXR by Photo Review and the Panasonic TZ7 (ZS3) by Camera Labs. Enjoy! Continue

Let's go look at Panasonic TZ7 sample pictures, February 25, 2009
Let's Go Digital has posted sample pictures taken with the Panasonic TZ7 in Amsterdaam. The sample are available to download at full-size. Continue

Hands-on with the new Panasonics by Pho Review in Miami, February 4, 2009
Photography Review visits Miami to take a hands-on look at the new wave of Panasonic digital cameras such as the TZ7 (ZS3) and the tough cookie ZT1 (TS1). Continue

New Panasonic TZ7 (aka ZS3) grows a 25-300mm MegaOIS lens, January 26, 2009
The new Panasonic TZ7 (aka ZS3), the new flagship of the fun-zoom TZ-series, offers a 12X MegaOIS 25-300mm lens and 10-megapixels of effective resolution. Continue


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