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panasonic tz10 archives (29 posts)

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100 full-size firmware 1.0 samples, HS20 samples, GF2, XZ1, etc), March 9, 2011
Welcome to a new edition of the artist formerly known as the "Review Train". For lens reviews, be sure to check the Lens Reviews hive. Fuji X100 mania + 24 full-size samples with firmware 1.0 at Lens Tip + full-size... Continue

Reviews Etc (GH2, K-r, XZ1, D-Lux 5, TZ20/ZS10, HX7v, etc), March 1, 2011
Time for another review round-up! As usual, for lens reviews, check the lens reviews hen house. DSLR/iLC Cameras + Panasonic GH2 studio test samples integrated in the dpreview database + Panasonic GH2 review at Digital Camera Review + Pentax K-r... Continue

Reviews, Etc (giant post-CES edition), January 10, 2011
Time for the first post-CES review round-up. This is going to be long, so put on the kettle ;-) For lens reviews, as usual, be sure to check the Lens Reviews fish bowl. Due to the size of this round-up,... Continue

Firmware update madness: NX10 gets i-Function, GRD3 gets new features, and more, October 7, 2010
It looks like manufacturers wisely decided to "save" firmware updates for now, now that the Photokina madness has decidedly quieted down. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list - here are some of them: + Samsung NX10 gets... Continue

Review Train (Nikon P7000 studio-samples, Sony A33/A55, FX700, F300EXR, TL350, etc), September 25, 2010
Time to round up some of the recent regular reviews. These are the standard reviews posted year-round, not hands-on reports from the Photokina 2010 trade show. But we start with a pixel-peeping party! Put on your noise reduction shoes and... Continue

Who's praising us now? The EISA 2010-2011 awards are revealed, August 16, 2010
To quote the great philosopher Stephen T. Colbert, most of the camera manufacturer marketing departments are asking today "Who's Praising Us Now?". That's because the 2010-2011 photography EISA awards have been revealed with 16 items receiving awards. EISA is a... Continue

Review Train (Sony NEX-5 w/really old lenses, GXR A12 DIY diffuser, LX3 vs EX1, Panasonic 3D camcorder, etc), August 4, 2010
Time for another edition of the "Review Train". This time we start in Japan where Japanese website DC Watch Impress has been very busy. If you love old lenses and Sony NEXxies, you will be thrilled to check out their... Continue

New Top selling cameras (Canon dethroned, Panasonic rises, Foveon makes the Top 100), August 3, 2010
Time for a new edition of the on-going Top Selling Digital Cameras at Amazon soap-opera! There is plenty of action in this edition, so, as usual, we start with a screenshot teaser and then filibuster ;-) Canon is stoned and... Continue

Review Train (Leica S2, Samsung EX1, EX1 vs LX3 bokeh, etc), August 1, 2010
Time for another review round-up! We start with the most expensive camera mentioned in this round-up (and probably in most round-ups), the Leica S2, getting not one but two recent reviews! The first review comes from Le Monde de la... Continue

Reactions to dpreview's compact-fun-zoom group test, June 21, 2010
One of the biggest stories last week was the dpreview compact-fun-zoom group-test that had two surprising (to some) winners (spoiler alert!), the Casio EX-FH100 and the Samsung HZ35w/WB650. Now it is time to round-up some of the reactions to the... Continue

dpreview posts 13-camera compact-superzoom group test, June 16, 2010
Dpreview has just posted a 25-page 13-camera group test of compact-superzoom digital cameras, the so-called "fun zooms" or "travel zooms". This is an extensive 25-page report. The contestants are the Canon SX210, Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) and TZ8 (ZS3), Sony HX5... Continue

Review Train (Canon T2i, Olympus E-PL1, Nikon D700, P100, Pana TZ10, etc), May 19, 2010
In this edition, we have two gadget-blog reviews of the Canon T2i/550D, superzoom reviews of the Nikon P100 and Panasonic TZ10, a long-term review of the Nikon D700, and a new look at the Olympus E-PL1. Continue

Superzoom shootout at Q: Sony HX5v vs Casio EX-FH100 vs Canon SX210 IS vs Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) [also Leica V-Lux 20 review], April 26, 2010
Quesabesde has published a four-way shootout between the Canon SX210 IS, Casio EX-FH100, Sony HX5v and Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7), while Nassim Kalaji has a street-photographer-review of the new Leica V-Lux 20 (Pana TZ10). Continue

Leica gearing up to launch new camera, April 7, 2010
The Leica forums are curious about the upcoming launch of a new Leica travel-related camera, perhaps a Panasonic TZ-series "version". Continue

Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) review at Digital Camera Review, April 7, 2010
Digital Camera Review has published their findings on the new Panasonic TZ10/ZS7 superzoom. Continue


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