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panasonic lx3 archives (14 posts)

Review Train (Panasonic LX5, Canon S95, SX30 IS, Nikon P7000, and other fixed-lens cameras), October 11, 2010
We are breaking today's "Review Train" in two pieces so we can keep it to a readable size! In part #1, we take a look at fixed-lens cameras! We start with the Canon S95 getting exercised at Serious Compacts and... Continue

Review Train (Canon SD4000 IS, EX1 vs LX3, superzooms, NEX-5, NEX-3, etc), August 2, 2010
Time to catch up with the latest camera reviews! We start at dpreview where Richard Butler sings a new 10-page review of the back-lit Canon SD4000 IS (Ixus 300HS). This comes just a couple of days after the Imaging Resource... Continue

Review Train (Leica S2, Samsung EX1, EX1 vs LX3 bokeh, etc), August 1, 2010
Time for another review round-up! We start with the most expensive camera mentioned in this round-up (and probably in most round-ups), the Leica S2, getting not one but two recent reviews! The first review comes from Le Monde de la... Continue

Panasonic LX5 vs LX3 spec-sheet comparison, July 17, 2010
Most of what is known about the Panasonic LX5 so far is what is published at the Panasonic website, so we did an A/B test comparing that spec-sheet to the one of the LX3, also from the Panasonic website. Please... Continue

Rumors: Panasonic LX3 replacement will have a 4/3rds sensor, OVF, 3X zoom, June 29, 2010
UPDATE: CNet Asia updated their post to say that the source of this is 43rumors... CNet Asia has received information from a "trusted source" about the highly-anticipated Panasonic LX3 replacement. The rumor says the camera will have a Four Thirds... Continue

Making the most of your camera: Lightscrape LX3 reaches 100K shots, June 18, 2010
If you have a camera, you might as well make it an extension of your arm! (becoming Borg is completely optional). So, the Panasonic LX3 taking the many pictures you see at the Lightscrape blog has reached an important milestone... Continue

(SOLD OUT) Black Panasonic LX3 was $342, March 30, 2010
We have a deal alert! The black Panasonic LX3K is now offered for $342 with free shipping! Continue

Panasonic interview with DSLRMagazine (updated), March 22, 2010
DSLRMagazine has interviewed two Panasonic guys in Japan during the CP+ trade show and they talk about Micro Four Thirds, lenses, and LX3 among other things. Continue

Panasonic LX3 stock status page, December 25, 2009
We now have version 2.0 of the Panasonic LX3 stock status page. Continue

(SOLD OUT) Alert: Panasonic LX3K _was_ $400, November 23, 2009
The Panasonic LX3K returns to $400 at Amazon! Continue

Podcast comparison: Canon S90 vs Panasonic LX3 vs Leica X1 at Digital Story, November 10, 2009
This edition of the Digital Story podcast is dedicated to compact pocketable cameras with RAW support - the Canon S90, Panasonic LX3 and Leica X1. Continue

CNet Asia reviews the Canon S90 and compares to LX3, November 9, 2009
CNet Asia reviews the Canon S90is and compares it to its natural rival, the Panasonic LX3. Continue

Panasonic LX3 diary, November 22, 2008
The latest updates on the Panasonic LX3 from around the web, the blogs and the photography forums. This is episode #5, picking up the updates from the RAWsumer blog. Continue

The Panasonic LX3 diary continues, September 10, 2008
We haven't forgotten about the LX3, it's just that there are only 24 hours in a day :-) But fear not, the updates continue to roll at the RAWsumer blog. The LX3 diary was the proof of concept diary, and... Continue


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