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panasonic gh2 archives (86 posts)

In-stock alerts: silver Panasonic GH2 for $1000 [sold-out: Fuji X100], June 2, 2011
And now time for some in-stock alerts. Please note supplies of hard to find cameras are typically limited compared to demand, so they may (or may not) sell out quickly. + Fuji X100 sold-out as of 2:22pm ET check; for... Continue

Imaging Resource finalizes their Panasonic GH2 review, May 31, 2011
This one came out after the review round-up posted earlier tonight, so we have a new review alert, the Panasonic GH2 judgement day has arrived at Imaging Resource! Conclusions and gray-area (IR web designer graphic-pun intended?) pros and cons towards... Continue

Reviews Only (Fuji X100, Panasonic G3, Nikon D5100, P300, etc), May 31, 2011
And now time to take a look at some of the latest reviews published deep inside the internet tubes! Lens review updates continue to be behind schedule. Lady X100 + Fuji X100 review at CNet + quick first look and... Continue

(SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: black Panasonic GH2 w/14-42mm for $1000, May 25, 2011
As of a May-26-2011 1:30pm ET check, this has sold-out! For the big picture, check the GH2 stock status page. Samy's Camera at Amazon has a handful of black Panasonic GH2 w/14-42mm kits for $1000 with free shipping, their opening... Continue

(SOLD OUT) In-stock: Panasonic GH2 w/14-140 for $1500 (and silver 14-42 for $1000), May 24, 2011
If you have been searching for the Panasonic GH2, there are some kits in-stock! Check the big picture at the GH2 stock status page. As of May-25-2011 11:33am ET, the J&R shipping estimate dates have moved to May-31-2011 but the... Continue

Reviews Etc (Panasonic G3, GH2, Canon 320EX vs 430EX II, superzooms, etc), May 23, 2011
Time for another review round-up. There's Panasonic G3 action, an enlightened Canon civil war, more superzoom action, a DIY Olympus XZ-1 macro adapter, and mo(i)re! Lens review updates continue to be behind schedule. Mirror-Nyet + Panasonic G3 review at Trusted... Continue

Reviews Etc (Nikon vs Canon APS-C dynamic range, T3i/600D vs D5100, SilkyPix 5 beta on A55/NEX5, etc), May 8, 2011
And now time to look at some of the latest reviewalia. As usual, lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews router. Prime lens reviews have been the theme of the last few days. DSLR/iLC gear + Dynamic range... Continue

Reviews Etc (Sony A580, Canon 320EX, Fuji HS20, GH2 hackery, etc), May 4, 2011
Time to check in with some of the latest lens reviews. As usual, lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews cave. Please note the lens reviews mini-site features completed lens reviews only. Samples, first looks, unboxings, and fluffy... Continue

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, K-5 vs D7000, D5100, T3i/600D, GXR, Fuji HS20, etc), April 28, 2011
Pardon the interruption, but it is time for a new review round-up! Lens reviews, as usual, can be found at the lens reviews ecosystem. Lady X100 + Fuji X100 at The Pictorial DSLRs + Canon T3i/600D at Quesabesde (computer translated)... Continue

Reviews Etc (T3i/600D, D5100, X1, X100, GH2, NEX-5, etc), April 27, 2011
Let's see what the review cat brought in today! As usual, lens reviews can be found at the still shockingly-disciplined lens reviews museum (one of these days we are going to run out of silly names) ;-) DSLRs + Canon... Continue

Reviews Etc (Pentax K-5, Godot X100, T3i/600D, NX11, etc), April 13, 2011
We have a tape-delayed start today, but the review cat has done its due diligence, so time for a new review round-up! Lens reviews as usual can be found at the lens review mountain. Waiting for Godot X100 + X100... Continue

Reviews Etc (Panasonic GH2, Sigma SD15, Fuji F550exr, XZ1, P500, etc), April 7, 2011
Let's see what the review cat has brought in today! We start with an on-going review for the Fuji F550-EXR posted by photographer Kim Letkeman on his blog. It has 19 parts so far and going! To start reading from... Continue

In-stock alerts: Panasonic GH2 black, Fuji HS20, F550EXR, Ricoh GXR, April 5, 2011
We interrupt the new-camera-news with an in-stock alert for the so-far hard-to-find Panasonic GH2! We have just updated the GH2 stock status page and both black zoom kits are now in-stock as follows: + black GH2 w/14-140mm for $1500 at... Continue

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, Canon T3i/600D, G12, FS100, etc), April 3, 2011
Let's see what the review cat brought in this time! (No mice were hurt in the making of this blog-post (except for computer mice)). Lens reviews as usual can be found at the Lens Reviews Boutique. Fuji X100 Infatuation +... Continue

The Panasonic GH2 gets the dpreview review, March 23, 2011
Panasonic fans have been clamoring for this for a while, and now their wish has been granted! Dpreview has just published a 21-page review of the Panasonic GH2, including contributions from Uwe Steinmuller of Digital Photo Outback. As usual, we... Continue


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