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panasonic GH1 archives (86 posts)

Panasonic GH1 user-improved firmware 1080/24p video-mania, June 17, 2010
The user-created Panasonic GH1 firmware hack that improves on the video capabilities of the Panasonic GH1 has been a popular topic of discussion among hybridographers, but now it has found a brand new fan - Luminous Landscapes! A couple of... Continue

New Panasonic GF1, GH1 and G1 firmware (AF improvement with "other" lenses promised), May 10, 2010
Panasonic has announced three new firmware updates for the GH1, GF1 and G1, and all three promise improvement of auto-focus of "other manufacturer" lenses. Continue

First Panasonic G10 review is out (at Photography Blog), April 20, 2010
The first review of the Panasonic G10, the brand new Micro Four Thirds digital camera, is out at Photography Blog! It includes their usual review features, including a dozen RAW (.rw2) files and 40+ full-size JPEGs for evaluation purposes. As... Continue

Panasonic AG-AF100 updates and GH1 hackery geekery, April 16, 2010
EOS-HD has couple of interesting new Panasonic-related posts! First up, they round-up the post-announcement e-knowledge-base for the AF-AG100 MicroFourThirds video camera, and among other things we learn that the camera will have an option to record 1080p uncompressed RAW video.... Continue

Review Train (D5000 vs GF1, CX2 vs CX3 and more confrontations), April 15, 2010
In this edition of the "Review Train", we have a "confrontational" theme, comparisons between different duets of cameras. Continue

Video overview-review of Canon 5DMk2 and Panasonic GH1 (as video cameras), April 8, 2010
If you are interested in another hands-on opinion on how the Canon 5D Mark II and Panasonic GH1 perform as video/filmmaker-cameras, Revision3 is hosting a 5-minute-video overview-review of the two cameras as video-cameras by Film Riot. This is a Comedy... Continue

Video shootout - DSLR vs Mirrorless (5DMk2 vs GH1), April 4, 2010
EOSHD has a Video-shootout between the Canon 5D Mark II and the Panasonic GH1. More installments coming up in the next few days/weeks. Continue

Two sets of ISO comparisons: GH1 vs Leica M9 vs E-P2 vs GF1, February 7, 2010
There are two ISO comparisons out, the Leica M9 taking on the E-P2 and the GH1, and a Micro Four Thirds civil war, E-P2 vs GH1. Continue

Shock! Panasonic GH1 sensor beats Canon 7D's sensor at pixel-level finds DXOmark, January 27, 2010
At a pixel-by-pixel comparison, the Panasonic GH1 sensor beats the Canon 7D sensor (RAW sensor data). Continue

Samsung NX10 vs Panasonic GF1 ISO comparison, January 7, 2010
An ISO comparison between the NX-10 and GF1 is published at the Strong Arm blog. Continue

Panasonic GH1 available as body-only - at least in UK, December 23, 2009
The Panasonic GH1 wil be available as a body-only configuration starting in January 2010 in the UK (at least). Continue

As the Micro Four Thirds World turns: E-P1 action, new reviews, December 8, 2009
New action on the Olympus E-P1, and Panasonic GF1 and GH1 front with new reviews. Continue

Panasonic 45mm f2.8 (M43rds) samples from Japan, November 25, 2009
DC Watch Impress has published sample pictures taken with the 45mm f2.8 Panasonic macro lens and the GH1. Continue

Canon S90 vs Panasonic GF1 green-eating contest, November 19, 2009
Sample pictures and comparisons between the Canon S90 and the Panasonic GF1 are live at DP Interface! Continue

New Olympus E-P1 and Panasonic GH1 reviews (updated), November 18, 2009
Photozone reviews the Olympus E-P1 and Photocrati reviews the Panasonic GH1. Continue


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