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panasonic GH1 archives (86 posts)

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, Canon T3i/600D, G12, FS100, etc), April 3, 2011
Let's see what the review cat brought in this time! (No mice were hurt in the making of this blog-post (except for computer mice)). Lens reviews as usual can be found at the Lens Reviews Boutique. Fuji X100 Infatuation +... Continue

Reviews Etc (E-5, GF2, 60D, S95, FX700, etc) {Firmware: SD15}, January 3, 2011
Happy Gnu Year! The "Review Train" has a new name. Over time it organically veered off into other semi-related topics, so now it has a more descriptive name, "Reviews Etc". As usual, lens reviews can be found at the Lens... Continue

Review Train (Nikon SB700, Pentax K-r, Nokia N8, samples, etc), December 28, 2010
Time for a new review round-up! This segment will get a new and more accurate name in 2011! Lens reviews, as usual, can be found at the (shockingly still disciplined) Lens Reviews mini-site. Lightning Round + Nikon SB-700 at Galbraith... Continue

Review Train (GF2 samples, GH1 vs GH2, Leica S2 firmware test, ISO tests, etc), December 23, 2010
The review flow continues to slow down but we are not done yet! For lens reviews, as usual, be sure to visit and bookmark the Lens Reviews Forest. Fire up the fireplace screensaver, fill up the coffee machine, time for... Continue

Review Train (Panasonic GH2, Nikon D3100, Leica S9, M9, Panasonic LX5, FZ100, etc), December 21, 2010
Time to round up some of the latest reviews! As usual, you can find lens reviews at the surprisingly disciplined Lens Reviews mini-site. We start with a brand new review of the Panasonic GH2 at DC Resource, a review that... Continue

Review Train (Sony A580, 60D, GF2, GH2 vs hacked GH1 video test, etc), December 15, 2010
Time for another edition of the "Review Train"! As usual, lens reviews can be found at the Lens Reviews Fondue, including a review of the new Panasonic 100-300mm (M43rds) by Photography Blog. Your eyes are not deceiving you! It is... Continue

Review Train (Nikon D7000, SB-700 hands-on, GH2 samples, P7000 firmware test, etc), December 14, 2010
For previous editions of the "Review Train" and other review-related posts, please check the Reviews category. For lens reviews, as usual, check the Lens Reviews box, including the new 11-page review of the Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f0.95 at Lens Tip.... Continue

Review Train (GH2 vs 60D Pt2, GH2/GH1 tests, E-Pens, K-r, D7000, etc), December 3, 2010
Welcome to another edition of the "Review Train", with blankets just 25c per hour ;-) For previous installments, check the Reviews category archives. Lens reviews are posted at the Lens Reviews box. Luminous Landscape is back in action and they... Continue

Review Train (Nikon D3100, P7000, G12 vs LX5 vs EX1 noise-a-thon, etc), October 27, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! For lens reviews, be sure to check the Lens Reviews diary. We start with a Nikon D3100 double-header review, at Digital Review of Canada and Steve Huff Photo. Reviews shmreviews! How... Continue

Review Train (Nikon D3100 studio samples, Sony A33, Canon S95, Lumix G2, etc), October 7, 2010
Photokina meant more new cameras, and now new-cameras are finding themselves in reviewer's hands. So time for a new edition of the "Review Train". If you are curious about the Nikon D3100, it looks like Imaging Resource is working towards... Continue

Review Train (Fuji F300exr, Leica X1, Panasonic LX5, Ricoh CX4, etc), September 15, 2010
Things have finally quieted down, which means, it is time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! We start with a "You Decide" survey at DC Resource where they are asking photographers to vote on which cameras they would... Continue

Mega ISO-comparison of seven mirrorless cameras at Serious Compacts, August 15, 2010
Put on your pixel-peepiential boots, brew a full half-caff coffee pot, and head on to Serious Compacts where they have just posted a massive mirrorless camera ISO comparison set, featuring seven of the latest models (Sony NEX-5, Samsung NX-10, Olympus... Continue

(DEAD) Deal alert: Panasonic GH1 w/14-140mm for $960, July 31, 2010
UPDATE (Sunday August 1st): The price has now returned to its usual range of around $1180. We have a deal alert for y'all! The Panasonic GH1 with the 14-140mm MegaOIS M43rds lens has dropped to $950 with around $10 S&H.... Continue

(DEAD) GH1 kit drops to around $965 (one retailer left) [GH2 coming up?] {updated}, July 24, 2010
UPDATE (Sun July 25 at 5:22pm EST): The price is now back to $1180, the discount is dead. The previous updates are after the jump for historical/archive purposes... UPDATE (Sun 2am EST): The J&R-upon-Amazon price has jumped to $1180, leaving... Continue

Panasonic GH1 kit offered for $1000 to select customers by Panasonic itself (Is the Panasonic GH2 very near?), June 24, 2010
The Panasonic store in the US market has sent an email to select customers who previously bought from the Panasonic store an email full of camera and consumer electronics promotions. The highlight of these is the Panasonic GH1 with the... Continue


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