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Panasonic GF1 reviews

The Panasonic GF1 was officially announced on September 1st 2009, making it the fourth Micro Four Thirds digital camera. It was a departure from the traditional SLR-style G1 and GH1 models. You can follow the latest updates on the camera t the GF1 mini-blog.

With this review-cluster, we are introducing a new feature, the chronological order in which the reviews were published. This may also depend on on when we noticed the reviews, so it may not be 100% accurate. You will notice this with a number written next to a review site's name, eg PhotoReview [5] means they were the 5th site to review the camera.

This can be helpful when investigating time-related issues, eg newer firmware, pre-production cameras, and things like that. This is made possible because of the way we track reviews at the new Micro Four Thirds reviews mini-site.

Also, the pre-production reviews are marked with (pre).

Panasonic Lumix GF1 Reviews
Group AGroup BGroup CShipping
Imaging Resource [15]
dpreview [16]
DC Resource [10]
Quesabesde (vs E-P1) [11]
PhotoReview [5]
fotopolis [9]
Steve's Digicams [39]
DXOMark (RAW sensor) [42]
Craig Mod + video [37]
Serious Compacts [35]
Luminous [6]
Thom Hogan [22]
Michael Willems [45]
Photography Bay [46] [36]
Polychromies [38]
AP UK ($$$) [2]
Neutral Day [44]
David Pogue (NYT) [30]
PDN Gear Guide [41]
TOP (E. Taylor) [17]
Steve Huff [21]
Radiant Lite [43]
David Tong (pre) [3]
Gizmodo [18]
Akihabara [19]
Brady Fuller [7] [46] [36]
NeoCamera [32]
Camera Labs [31]
Tech Radar [29]
Trusted Reviews [24]
CNet [23]
Digital Camera Review [13]
DCI [26]
Let's Go Digital [27]
Hardware Zone [4]
PC Magazine [25]
CNet UK [20]
Register Hardware [33]
WDC [8]
Photography Blog [12]
Les Numeriques [14]
Tom's Guide [28]
Pocket Lint [26]
MacWorld [34]
ephotozine (pre) [1]
Hypebeast (preview)
DP Interface (pre; preview)
stock-status matrix
B&H Photo

Reference material
+ A look at the aspect-ratio of the 43M43rds sensors at Serious Compacts
+ User manual - via GetDPI forums

DSLR Overviews: [Nikon] [Canon] [Sony] [Pentax] [Olympus] [Leica] [Panasonic]


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