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panasonic g2 archives (48 posts)

Panasonic interview: Leica-branded 25/1.4 M43rds lens coming (also: G2 will continue!), May 12, 2011
The 3-page Panasonic UK Q&A session published at Photography Blog has some very interesting nuggets and it also made some news as well! The big revelation is that Panasonic and Leica are working on a 25mm f1.4 Micro Four Thirds... Continue

Reviews, Etc (G12, XZ1, E-PL2, A580, GH2, G2, NX100, K-r, galleries, etc), January 19, 2011
Time for another loaded review round-up. For lenses, as usual, be sure to check the spartan lens reviews diary. We start at with an express 10-page review of the Canon G12! How the mighty have fallen. Once upon a... Continue

Trend-spotting: What are the manufacturers promoting in the magazines?, December 8, 2010
Time for some "trend spotting". We take a look at what the major manufacturers are promoting in the year-end (December 2010) editions of two popular photography print magazines, Popular Photography and Shutterbug. Both issues are thicker than usual - save... Continue

Review Train (Pentax 645D, Canon 60D, SX30 IS, GF2/DP1x samples, etc), November 17, 2010
Time again for a new edition of the "Review Train". For previous "episodes", check the Reviews archives. For lens reviews, check the Lens Reviews stream. The Pentax 645D review parade is starting to build momentum! Today a new short experiential... Continue

Videos from the Henry's Trade Show in Canada (X100, D7000, 60D, E-5, P7000, K-r, K-5, etc), October 17, 2010
If you are having trade show withdrawal, the Henry's Imaging show in Canada comes to the rescue! You can find many videos from the trade show floor at the YouTube Channel of Perpetual Radio Network (blog). Also stay tuned to... Continue

Review Train (Sony A55, Nikon D3100, P7000, Panasonic G2, etc), October 13, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train", starting with a reminder - the latest lens reviews can be found at the Lens Review Diary, including a new Voigtlander vs Zeiss tele-macro shootout at The Pictorial blog. DSLRs We... Continue

Review Train (Nikon D3100 studio samples, Sony A33, Canon S95, Lumix G2, etc), October 7, 2010
Photokina meant more new cameras, and now new-cameras are finding themselves in reviewer's hands. So time for a new edition of the "Review Train". If you are curious about the Nikon D3100, it looks like Imaging Resource is working towards... Continue

Review Train (Canon S95, Nikon P7000, pixel-peeping, etc), October 4, 2010
We have back-to-back Review Round-ups! With Photokina out of the way, review sites are back to the regular camera reviewing schedule! We already had a lot of RAWsumer action yesterday, but there is more today! We start with the Canon... Continue

Review Train (Canon S95, LR 3.2, Shiguma SD15,Panasonic G2, Canon 60D ISO-range, etc), September 1, 2010
Finally there is a calm in today's announcement maelstrom, so it is time to catch up with the latest camera reviews! We start with the Canon S95, getting a brand new review at Photography Blog which includes a gallery of... Continue

Review Train (Sigma SD15, Fuji W3, M43rds, Ricoh GXR, and more), August 23, 2010
We start with two of the "alternatives" to the mainstream systems. The Sigma SD15 is getting some love, a review at Photography Blog. As usual, they offer plenty of real-world full-size JPEG and RAW (.X3F) sample pictures. Next, it is... Continue

Review Train (Hasselblad, Sony NEX-5, Alpha DSLRs, Pana G2, Sigma DP1s, Pana FX70/FX75, etc), August 21, 2010
Time to round-up some of the latest reviews that came out after the big wave of new camera announcements. Let's get started with part #2 of the on-going review of the Hasselblad H3Dii-31 by photographer Matt Beardsley. Part #3 next... Continue

Review Train (Hasselblad H3Dii-31, Canon T2i, Nikon D3000, $85 flash, etc), August 16, 2010
Time to round-up some of the latest camera and gear reviews! For the latest lens reviews, be sure to check the lens review diary. Lenses are the window to a camera's soul (or is it the other way round?) :-)... Continue

Who's praising us now? The EISA 2010-2011 awards are revealed, August 16, 2010
To quote the great philosopher Stephen T. Colbert, most of the camera manufacturer marketing departments are asking today "Who's Praising Us Now?". That's because the 2010-2011 photography EISA awards have been revealed with 16 items receiving awards. EISA is a... Continue

Mega ISO-comparison of seven mirrorless cameras at Serious Compacts, August 15, 2010
Put on your pixel-peepiential boots, brew a full half-caff coffee pot, and head on to Serious Compacts where they have just posted a massive mirrorless camera ISO comparison set, featuring seven of the latest models (Sony NEX-5, Samsung NX-10, Olympus... Continue

Review Train (Panasonic G10, G2, G1, Sony A390, Casio EX-FH25, etc), August 9, 2010
Another Monday, which means, more reviews! We start at where a five-page "quick review" is published for the Panasonic G10, the entry-level sidekick of the G2. This new review is to be read in conjunction with dpreview's full review... Continue


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