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February 10, 2014

Camera and Lens Reviews update (UPDATE: completed)

We sadly fell 25 days behind the latest camera and lens reviews. So after a marathon session we finally caught up! You can see the latest reviews as they get added at the following places:

+ Camera Reviews website and/or Camera Reviews RSS feed

+ Lens Reviews website and/or Lens Reviews RSS feed

+ NOTE: we will try to post the reviews over there roughly in the general order in which they were published, however, the priority is to complete the updates, not engage in time-consuming internet-forensics to figure out the exact publication order. This is especially the case for reviewers that may not have reliable RSS feeds.

New Foveon DP-series cameras from Sigma: The Three Quattros

No, it's not the Audi Quattro, it's the Sigma DP Quattro! Three new cameras are announced today by Sigma who claims that everything was redesigned for these cameras, the sensor, the lens, the engine, etc. They are of course all primes (19mm, 30mm, 50mm native; multiply by 1.5x for "equivalent"), starting at f2.8, with 23.5 × 15.7mm Foveon X3 sensor, etc. You can find detailed specs and a slide-show of camera body pictures at the Sigma Global website. Yes, these have unusual looking camera bodies. Why not? It sets them apart :) There are hundreds of conventional looking cameras, so embrace diversity ;-)

More via Quesabesde and Photography Blog and Pop Photo and dpnow and Foto Intern et al.

As usual, prices will be revealed at a later date.

February 08, 2014

500px Shocker: Photographers Only Get 30% of the Image License with their new Commercial Licensing program

Apple has come under fire for getting 30% of the digital sales made using its iOS app store. Wait until you hear what 500px wants as its "marketplace share" - 70% of the sale! Let's start from the beginning.

500px is launching a new commercial licensing service, Prime. Licenses start at $250 or higher. Participating photographers will only get 30% of the license. Yes, the ones who did the work, they get 30%. The ones who provide the infrastructure, they get 70%. This is very crystal clear in their blog post announcing this:

" We are giving you, the photographer, 30% for every one of your images that we license. It doesn’t matter how it is bought, who buys it, or under what license, your 30% comes off the top."

This development is discussed by many surprised photographers in the 500px blog post comments section.

Via Engadget.

February 07, 2014

Action Camera Bliss: GoPro files for IPO

It looks like action cameras, at least for now, have carved out a small but safe little kingdom. Safe from the crossfire of the digital cameras vs smartphones war. Another sign of increasing action camera success is that GoPro is now going public. They have filed the paperwork for an IPO!

Camera manufacturers are not usually quick to adapt and adjust, but it looks like they are planning to "invade" action cameras territory after all. For example, this week's Pentax-Ricoh elementproof P&S camera announcement, did not just reveal a new camera, but a whole (optional) system for essentially using an elementproof camera in similar situations as one would use an action camera like a GoPro.

IPO announcement via The Verge and The CNet News and The TechCrunchies.

February 06, 2014

New Panasonic GH4 is a new 4K mirrorless camera - with detailed hands-on previews!

We rarely get new camera announcements at this point in the week, because it is Friday afternoon or later in many parts of the world, and most people tune out on Fridays. But with the CP+ Japanese show on the horizon, this is an exception to the "rule".

Panasonic is making 4K waves today with the announcement of their new DMC-GH4 mirrorless camera. It has a 16mp Live MOS sensor, Wifi and NFC, 4K video, 49-Area autofocus, focus peaking, OLED in both the EVF and Monitor on the back, etc.

In addition to the camera, Panasonic announced the DMW-YAGH accessory that turns the camera into something that can be used for 4K broadcasting. Hands-on with this at Pocket Lint. This potentially has a $high ceiling$ for Panasonic if all the pieces fall in place.

Panasonic GH4 Previews
+ very detailed preview at EOS HD 4K [HOT!]
+ detailed preview at Quesabesde (computer-translated) [HOT!]
+ detailed hands-on at (formerly DCI)
+ hands-on at Pocket Lint
+ first look at Thephoblographer
+ first look at Trusted Reviews
+ detailed spec-sheet comparison at along with slide-show

Press Release Parade
+ dpreview and summary of new features

Panasonic Websites for the GH4
+ GH4 Special Gallery

+ the camera is listed at Adorama but no option to pre-order yet
+ the FL580L flash is listed at Adorama but no option to pre-order yet

Panasonic GH4 Video Previews
+ by WEX Photographic on YouTube
+ also YouTube-embedded below

Panasonic Promotional Videos
Panasonic posted six promotional videos on its YouTube channel, including impressions by four different creatives. You find them all in the YouTube Playlist right below...

New Casio EX-100 compact with RAW (DNG) and CMOS announced in Japan

Casio announced a new 12mp 1/1.7" CMOS compact with RAW camera in Japan, the EX-100. It uses Adobe's DNG format and has a 28-300mm f2.8 (eq) stabilized lens, 6fps, 1080p, etc. Details at ePhotozine and Fotopolis and

Reader Picture Showcase powered by flickr

New Nikon Coolpix models headlined by P600 (60x superzoom) and P340 (rawsumer)

Nikon too joined the Friday announcement party with a new round of Coolpix digital cameras. Among them is the Coolpix P600 with a 60x optical zoom and the Coolpix P340, a 1/1.x" compact with RAW with Wifi. The rest? No one will probably remember them by this time next year - except for those who own them :) The P530 with 42x zoom, the S9700 with 30x, and the AW120 and S32 waterproofs. Sadly for fans of Superzooms with RAW (RAWzoomers), their Coolpix P600 superzoom leader still does not offer RAW. Come Armageddon, come!

Details at dpreview: superzooms and P340 rawsumer and waterproofs and Nikon Press Center.

UPDATE: the new Coolpix models are now available for pre-order at Adorama with a February-27-2014 release estimate. The P340 goes for $380, the P600 for $500.

In-Stock Nao: Nikon D3300 kit and Olympus E-M10 body (also: E-M5 Premium Edition deal)

Two of the latest interchangeable lens digital cameras are now shipping at their starting prices at various reputable online dealers.

The Nikon D3300 with the 18-55mm DX VR II lens goes for $650 and it is in-stock by various at Amazon along with (Huppin's) and Cameta on eBay and BuyDig on eBay and Best Buy (online or Store PickUp).

The Olympus E-M10 body only is in-stock for $700 by Amazon itself and B&H Photo and Adorama.

Speaking of Olympus, Adorama has the Olympus E-M5 Premium Edition with the 45mm f1.8 silver lens on sale for $1000 plus 4% promotional rewards... Research with Olympus E-M5 reviews list...

For more specials, check the Camera Deals blog with easy to remember url and free full-text RSS feed.

Over 62,000 pictures in the Readers Flickr Pool

We have another new milestone in the Readers Flickr Pool. Over 62,000 pictures submitted by photographers like you. As usual, we mention the milestone picture, picture #62,000, Neko Case in Concert at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival, captured by photographer Joel Williams using the Olympus E-M1 and the 75mm f1.8 prime lens.

Since Flickr introduced a new feature, Flickr picture embedding (similar to how you embed YouTube videos), we are adding a new feature to the milestone posts, Flickr-embedding the milestone picture using the Flickr embed feature.

This new Flickr embed feature is also a great opportunity to feature more of the Readers Flickr pool work. We will experiment with it in the next few weeks. If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback, use the online contact form or leave a comment below or tell us or DM us on Twitter...

If you are not familiar with the Flickr Readers Pool, you can check the details (three paragraphs) after the break...

»» Continue reading "Over 62,000 pictures in the Readers Flickr Pool" »»

February 05, 2014

New Tamron PZ lenses at CP+: 16-300mm f3.5-6.3 and 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 [updated]

Tamron will show/announce two new superzoom lenses at/by the Japanese 2014 CP+ trade show, the 16-300mm f3.5-6.3 Di II (APS-C) and 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 Di (full frame). Both will be PZD (piezo drive) and VC (stabilized).

Early details at Focus Numerique (computer-translated).

UPDATE: the official Tamron press release with more details is now out. Prices will be revealed later on. Here are the details for the 16-300mm f3.5-6.3 and here are the details for the 28-300mm f3.5-5.6. Both stabilized (VC) and PZD (ultrasonic monitor) and Di (digitally optimized).

Pentax will announce new CMOS-based 645D medium format camera by CP+ 2014 (also: new 645 and Q lenses coming)

The Medium Format action is picking up steam again. Earlier on, Hasselblad and Phase One announced new CMOS sensors for medium format cameras and digital backs respectively. Now it is Pentax-Ricoh's turn. Pentax has officially announced that a new 645D medium format camera will be shown at the Japanese CP+ 2014 trade show (February 13-16), with the camera expected to come out in the nebulous Spring 2014.

The Pentax press release promises three features for the new camera:
+ Latest, super-high-resolution CMOS image sensor
+ High-speed response in a variety of photographic applications
+ Tilt-type LCD monitor

In the same press release, Pentax also announced that at some point in the future they will announce a new ultra-wide-angle zoom for the 645 system and telephoto macro lens for the Q system. Perhaps the strategy of an announcement of a future announcement is to signal to current and potential customers of the respective systems that Pentax-Ricoh continues to be committed to them?

There is also an interesting contrast, in the same press release, announcing a lens for a giant 645 sensor and one for a tiny 1/2.3" sensor. [Note: As Stefan pointed out in the comments, the most recent Q camera uses a 1/1.x" sensor!]

New Pentax DA AF 1.4x AW Rear Converter (2cm long)

Lens Converter party at K-Ville! Pentax has officially announced a new 2cm long HD DA AF 1.4x AW Rear Converter for the K-mount. Both weather-proofness and auto-focusing are preserved when using it per the Pentax press release. AF is preserved with both camera-based and lens-based systems.

Detailed specs and pre-orders for $600 can be found at B&H Photo.

New Pentax elementproof WG-series cameras now under the Ricoh brand: WG4, WG4 GPS and WG20 (with optional mounting system to compete with GoPros and other action cameras)

The Pentax WG-series of elementproof cameras is now under the Ricoh brand name. Pentax-Ricoh has announced three new WG-series cameras today, the WG-4, WG-4 GPS and WG-20. The 4s have CMOS sensors while the 20 has a CCD sensor. But that's not all. They are also trying to piggy-bag on the popularity of "action cams". Optionally Ricoh is offering a mounting system for these cameras, so you can use them as action cameras. The mounting options include suction, handle bar, and adhesive.

Being elementproof cameras, it makes them good candidates for this type of thing, and a smart way for camera manufacturers to try to find a niche for P&S cameras and piggy-back on the popularity of action-cameras like the GoPros.

Details on the new cameras at Pentax Press Release (WG4* and WG20) and Pop Photo (with close-up of suction mount).

Details specs can also be found at the B&H Photo product pages, with the WG-4 going for $330 and the WG-4 GPS going for $380 with a late March 2014 release estimate.

February 04, 2014

Crazy Stackable Lensaholic Deal for Olympus M43rds: $100/$200 off per lens (stackable on Lenses) when purchased with OM-D or E-P5 bodies

Olympus has a hot deal if you are interested in jumping into their M43rds system or loading up on lenses. It is a stackable promotion on the lens side. You buy one camera (E-M1 or E-M10 or E-M5 or E-P5) and one or more lenses. For each different lens you add to the shopping cart, you get a $100 or $200 off discount. The more expensive lenses get $200 off, the lower priced ones get $100 off. If you buy one camera (eg E-M1) and four different lenses, you will get a $800 off combined purchase discount. You can see the promotion overview at Amazon. However, that page does not list all the eligible lenses. You can find all the eligible lenses at the individual camera pages below:

Eligible Cameras and Lenses
+ use the links below to see ALL eligible Lenses
+ lots of lenses are eligible!!!

+ Olympus E-M1

+ Olympus E-M10

+ Olympus E-M5

+ Olympus E-P5

Eligible Lenses
+ Primes: 12mm f2, 17mm f1.8, 25mm f1.8, 75mm f1.8

+ Zooms: 12-40mm f2.8, 9-18mm f4-5.6 and 12-42mm f3.5-5.6 II R, 75-300mm f4.8-6.7

+ it appears you can get one discount for each color of the same lens as well (in the example below, I have one black and one silver 75mm f1.8 in the cart and they both get $200 off)

+ promotion expires by 3/1/14 or earlier if changed or cancelled

+ thanks to one of our readers for the alert

Example of Checkout page (annotated screenshot)
Below you see an annotated screenshot crop of the Amazon Checkout page of a shopping cart that has one camera and six different lenses. Note the six different $200 off discounts!


Crazy Example
In the example below, I added even more lenses! Note all the $200 off and $100 off discounts!


Research Eligible Cameras and Lenses
+ Olympus E-M1 reviews
+ Olympus E-M5 reviews
+ Olympus E-P5 reviews
+ for the Lenses, use the Search Box on the right side of the Lens Reviews stream or go through the list of Olympus Lens reviews. Unfortunately we ran out of tags for individual lenses over there

Optical Image Stabilization continues to make inroads in smartphones - to be included in new LG G Pro 2 flagship

While smartphones were quick to start climbing the megapixels ladder, optical image stabilization was a different kind of challenge. However, it is slowly but steadily now picking up momentum. Last year LG was the first Korean manufacturer to offer optical image stabilization in a smartphone (LG G2). This year, they have officially announced on their Korean website (computer-translated) that their new flagship uberphone, to be announced in/by late February at the Mobile World Congress in beautiful Barcelona::Spain, the "LG G Pro 2" will feature an improvement of that technology, the "OIS Plus". The OIS Plus appears to be combining both optical image stabilization and software (based on the shaky computer translation). The new uberphone will also be able to record 4K video (UHD), slow motion HD video, burst mode at full resolution, etc.

More/Via Pocket Lint and CNet and Boy Genius Report and Android Centralle and Talk Android.

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