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Rumors: Picasa, Blogger changing names, July 5, 2011
It looks like Google is in it for real this time! Rumors at Mashable say that Google is planning to rename Picasa to "Google Photos" and the popular Blogspot/Blogger blogging service to "Google Blogs". Please note this is only a... Continue

Using Google+ to share pictures? Did you try it? What do you think?, July 4, 2011
The third time may be a charm for Google's attempt at social media. The new Google+ has generated more interest and excitement so far compared to their earlier attempts with Buzz and Wave. Google has also been smarter with this... Continue

Riddle: which existing camera shot this picture?, June 7, 2011
Vincent Laforet has just published a fun riddle, which camera shot this picture? You can click on the picture to evaluate it at full resolution. This is an existing camera, not a new one. If you want to solve the... Continue

Chase Jarvis shows his ten different camera formats, June 1, 2011
Chase Jarvis has a new gearhead video, he shows ten different camera formats he is using, all lined-up in a table in front of him. Spoiler alert: It's not as digital as you may have thought, just two DSLRs and... Continue

Earth Day 2011 round-up (final edition), April 21, 2011
This Earth Day 2011 day-long round-up is now final! Below you will find a sampling of Earth Day action from across the internets. Perhaps surprising, considering the link between photography and nature, there was not a lot of Earth Day... Continue

Social media: Have a Twitter account as a photographer? Get added to our Photographers list, April 9, 2011
And now, time for some social media action! We used to have a list of photographers on the blog, but after the camera flood of 2009, we decidedly fell behind in updating it. So now we have a web 2.0... Continue

Breaking News! We have been bought by AOL!, April 1, 2011
Dear Readers, We have some exciting news to share with you! We have been purchased by AOL! Effective immediately, this blog has been renamed THE NOISYNGTON POST and it will integrate various digital camera and photography themes from the diverse... Continue

(EXPIRED) Donate $5, LivingSocial donates another $5, March 19, 2011
The LivingSocial donation-matching special has ended with $2.3 million raised! For more ways to help Japan, check our Ways to Help post. The previous LivingSocial updates are after the jump... I am sure all of you have seen the devastation... Continue

Ways to help Japan during this crisis (and manufacturer updates), March 14, 2011
The devastation from the earthquake and tsunami and the resulting humanitarian crisis in Japan is hard to put into words, with millions of people in need of food, shelter and medical care, and nearby nuclear reactors not under control... Ways... Continue

The war on tripods will begin soon (woman kills sister with tripod!), December 2, 2010
Le Figaro writes that a woman in France killed her sister with a tripod (via British Journal of Photography). We live in an overreacting and hyperventilating world where wisdom is thrown away and ephemeral rage is all the rage, so... Continue

New term proposed: monomountogamous, November 10, 2010
The linguinis say that language is a living thing and it changes over time, so when we need a new term, we can just propose/create one! So we have a new term to propose today, "monomountogamous", referring to photographers who... Continue

Thom Hogan returns, goes in posting burst-mode, talks Fuji X100, sensors & more, October 1, 2010
Thom Hogan is back from his internet sabbatical and he has lots of updates on his website. He talks about the Fuji X100 where he takes a contrarian position, and has another update on the never-ending (it seems) mystery of... Continue

Google kills faux-RSS feeds (for RSS followers of photography sites without an actual RSS feed), October 1, 2010
If you follow photography websites on Google Reader that don't have a native RSS feed (eg Thom Hogan, Bob Atkins, Kurt Munger, PentaxForums, etc), and had been using Google's own faux-RSS tracking feature (they call it "Track Changes" feature), we... Continue

dpreview website gets embedded in a giant Canon 60D advertisement skin, September 21, 2010
In what looks like a "jump the shark" moment, the dpreview website is currently encased in a giant red Canon 60D ad! Already some of the regular dpreview forum users are protesting this. How can a review site embedded in... Continue

Paparazzi, the new terrorists (of celebrities), September 3, 2010
California is passing a new law to try to curb disruptions to public life by the swarms of paparazzi, and because of that, the 2008 video of Kate Moss and her young daughter hounded by a hungry pack of hyenas... Continue


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