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You don't have too many cameras. Not yet anyway. [Updated with Question: how many different camera models were ever made?], August 28, 2013
You may think you have too many cameras. Your spouse may think you have too many cameras. Your friends and family and co-workers and frenemies may think you have too many cameras. They are all wrong! You do not have... Continue

Oddities: Giant Chair for Humans that looks like a Canon 8-15mm f4L lens, June 5, 2013
From the Oddities department... We are all taught at an early photographic age not to sit on our camera gear. But, but, but, what if the camera gear is actually a chair? A chair that looks like a lens? A... Continue

Crowd Funding: Help War Photographer Tracey Shelton replace her stolen DSLR kit, April 2, 2013
Crowd funding is becoming more and more prevalent as a way to help fund projects big and small. War photographer Tracey Shelton had her camera gear kit stolen while on assignment. So she has taken to crowd-funding website Indiegogo to... Continue

Intersection: A Canon camera recorded the famous 47% Romney video, March 14, 2013
The Intersection is where cameras and photography intersect with the real world in real-world non-pixel-peeping kind of way. At this intersection, it was a Canon camera that recorded the (in)famous 47% Romney video that became a big kerfuffle during the... Continue

Geekery: Putting Your Black and White Pictures Inside Music, February 11, 2013
If you enjoy the geekery aspects of things, you too can put your monochrome pictures into music. Music as in audio! Twisted Sifter (not the band) compiled some pictures embedded into music by high profile musicians such as Aphex Twin... Continue

Opportunity: 160 photographers will get their portfolios reviewed by many experts at NY Times real-world event in April (apply by Febr-13-2013), January 28, 2013
If you want to get a high-profile portfolio review of your work, you may be one of the 160 lucky photographers who are selected for this event! Here are the details and here is the application. There is no fee!... Continue

Public Service Announcement: Helping Sandy Victims Relief Efforts, November 1, 2012
The devastation of superstorm Sandy is imponderable. We can't undo, but we can help in our own ways, every little thing helps, tangible or intangible. On the tangible front, Red Cross and a number of other well-known non-profits are accepting... Continue

Presidential Debate 2012: Mr. DSLR vs Mr. Mirrorless, October 16, 2012
Moderator: We would like to welcome our in-studio and online audiences to the Annenberg Space for Photography in beautiful Los Angeles for the Republic of Camera Presidential Debate 2012, featuring Mr. DSLR and Mr. Mirrorless. Our studio audience is comprised... Continue

PSA: Mansurovs is now, October 1, 2012
And now time for a public service announcement! If you are interested in all the camera reviews, testing and opinions at the Mansurovs website, they have changed the website name and domain to Depending on the RSS feed reader... Continue

Privacy PSA: Delete Google Web/YouTube history before March 1st (if you want to), February 28, 2012
We interrupt the camera news with a privacy PSA. On March 1st, 2012, the new Google privacy policy of aggregating a user's data from all their Google-related accounts (Gmail, Web History, YouTube, etc) will go in effect. The new controversial... Continue

Camera and Lens review streams updated with latest reviews, November 30, 2011
We have just caught up (more or less) with the last few days of new completed reviews. The reviews are listed at the two review stream pages. The Lens Reviews are posted under November 30 (11/30/11), and they are in... Continue

Help Support This Blog with Your Purchases, November 27, 2011
If you find this blog useful and want it to continue offering you wild west coverage of the digital camera market, please help support it by making your purchases through our Black Friday & Cyber Monday page or the Camera... Continue

Quick note for RSS users: Black Friday specials are in a single static page, November 23, 2011
The Black Friday specials are concentrated in a single post, the Black Friday Situation Room that is updated multiple times throughout the day. Because of the way RSS works, there are no new posts in the RSS stream. However, you... Continue

"Live Charts" updated with newer DSLRs/mirrorless cameras (updated), November 14, 2011
Over the weekend we finally updated the raw data for the "Live Charts". The charts are calculated and plotted every time you load the page, but the raw data that feed the charts have to be added manually and sometimes... Continue

dpreview launches Gear Lists and User-created articles, October 16, 2011
The Web 2.0-ification of dpreview continues with the launch of two new features, Gear Lists and User-Created articles (more details which stress that you own your user-created content and pictures, not dpreview). The new features do as their name suggests.... Continue


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