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Nikon UK confesses their Mirrorless is having hard times outside Japan and Asia, January 16, 2014
A Nikon UK marketing director, interviewed at Amateur Photographer UK, confessed that the Nikon mirrorless system is having a hard time outside Japan and Asia where both compact-er and mirrorless cameras are popular. "... If we look at the market... Continue

This got buried by CES news: "Two more Wake Up Calls for the Digital Camera Industry", January 15, 2014
We posted this right before the CES 2014 announcement madness began, so it got buried quickly and many people did not even notice it. So now that things have quieted down, it is a good time to highlight it. It... Continue

Two more Wake Up Calls for the Digital Camera Industry, January 5, 2014
I hate to start the year with a Debbie Downer topic, but we are here to deliver hard truths, Davos style, not be cheerleaders ;-) We have two more wake up calls for the digital camera industry. While Canon leaders... Continue

Samsung rearranging chairs: Digital Imaging and Smartphones/Mobile Move A Lot Closer, December 13, 2013
Samsung is re-arranging their digital camera chairs by blending their digital camera efforts with their mobile (smartphones, etc) efforts. The promise of this move is better cameras for their mobile devices and better products for their stand-alone cameras. A blend... Continue

The Invisible Hand of the Market Confirms what Photographers Feared: The Cloud is Good for Adobe's Financials, Not So Good for Your Wallet, December 13, 2013
Adobe slashed both their revenue and earnings per share going forward, yet its stock price hit an all time high after it was announced. So what did the invisible hand of the market see that despite all that, pushed Adobe's... Continue

The Race to 4K: Qualcomm's new 4K Video mobile Snapdragon 805, November 20, 2013
Digital cameras and smartphones "battled it out" over HD video, first with 720p and then with 1080p. Now a new battleground has opened up, the race to 4K video! A number of entry-level P&S cameras are still at 720p, partly... Continue

Halloween Financial Horrors: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Taiwan, October 31, 2013
Halloween night is as good of a night as any for some financial horror stories. A number of camera market signals have come out the last few days pointing out financial issues. DigiTimes Research reveals that shipments out of Taiwan... Continue

Opinion Soup: Camera Gear, Inspiration, Controversies, DIY, Learnings, Interviews, Pro, Business, Etc, September 26, 2013
A new edition of the Opinion Soup has arrived, covering some of the action since our previous update two weeks ago. As usual, keep in mind, all opinions are valid in at least one of the multiverses! IMPORTANT NOTE: if... Continue

Opinion Soup: Camera Gear, Controversies, DIY, Learnings, Interviews, Inspiration, Pro, Business, Comedy, Etc, September 12, 2013
It's been three weeks since our previous jam-packed edition of the Opinion Soup that even had its own spin-off show, Photographer Interviews. Now the time has come to catch up with some of the latest action... You can find all... Continue

New Sony a3000 iLCE-3000 punks the average consumer with a DSLR-styled mirrorless camera for $400, August 26, 2013
This is perhaps an evil genius move by Sony to help increase mirrorless adoption among the mythical and typical average consumer who still thinks of the Andre Agassi Canon Digital Rebel commercials when asked what they know about DSLRs. So... Continue

In-stock alert: Feedly Pro RSS reader // Opinion: if you are an RSS News-Junkie, you should Seriously Consider Using a Paid RSS Reader {Long Post}, August 26, 2013
We have an in-stock alert of a different kind! Today Feedly launched their professional RSS reader subscription, offering more advanced RSS features (including Search) for either $5/month or $45 per year. Feedly emerged (at this point in time) as the... Continue

Opinion Soup: Photographer Interviews Edition, August 26, 2013
There were many photographer interviews the last few days, and the latest Opinion Soup grew too long, so the Photographer Interviews have gotten their own spin-off show. We also include "satellite" interviews. No, not actual satellites, but people involved with... Continue

Opinion Soup: Mirrorless woes and diets (!), shutter shock, ISO shock, Creativity, DIY, Tips, Pro/Biz, Legal, Controversies, August 22, 2013
Put on your cable news self-righteous opinionated anchor hat! A new Opinion Soup has arrived! You can find previous and future installments waiting for you at the Opinion Soup archives... TIP for Mobile (Tablets/Smarthphones) Users: if you want to quickly... Continue

Opinion Soup: Camera Sales Down, M43rds dying, Dxomark Blues, Tips, Inspirational, Pro, Business, Presentations, etc, August 11, 2013
It is winter and cold somewhere, time for some soup, some Opinion Soup! For previous and future installments, check the Opinion Soup archives. Tip for Mobile Users: if you want to quickly bookmark/save potentially interesting article links from the list... Continue

The Slow Modernization of Digital Cameras: Evernote joins the camera world with Samsung WB250F superzoom integration via firmware update, August 2, 2013
More and more mobile apps and services are offering more and more features when it comes to photo sharing and storing. One of the most popular apps of the app era, Evernote, is also making photo moves. In a new... Continue


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