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olympus e620 archives (29 posts)

Olympus E-5 to ship October 29, gets reviewed at Quesabesde and DC Watch, October 19, 2010
It's been three years in the making, so there is more pent up interest among 4/3rds users in the new Olympus E-5. And Olympus Japan has announced (see et al) that the camera will be released on October 29,... Continue

Review Train (Alpha A390, Leica X1, Sony HX5v, etc), July 28, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! Thanks to their new "Quick Review" format, dpreview is able to cover more cameras, and one of the beneficiaries of this new feature is the brand new Sony Alpha A390 DSLR,... Continue

New Top Selling DSLRs update (OlyPan discounts, Sigma SD15 sighting), April 3, 2010
In this new update of top selling DSLRs, we have Olympus and Panasonic discounts, and a Sigma SD15 sighting. Continue

DXOmark RAW sensor test results for Olympus E620 and E450, February 25, 2010
DXOMark has published the RAW sensor test results for the Olympus E620 and E450. Continue

ISO Wars: Sony A550 vs Nikon D90 vs Canon T1i vs Olympus E620, November 19, 2009
Focus Numerique has a new ISO comparison between the Alpha A550, Olympus E620, Nikon D90 and the Canon Digital Rebel 500D (T1i). Continue

Olympus Civil War at DC-Watch: E620 vs E30 vs E-P1, August 16, 2009
DC-Watch compares the same scenes taken with the Olympus E-30, E-620 and E-P1. So many Olympus cameras, so little time! Continue

Olympus E620 gets its due with the new dpreview review (parties in the streets!), July 6, 2009
dpreview has posted their 32-page review of the Olympus E620 and there are parties in the streets of OM-land after reading the review! Continue

Olympus E-P1 and E620 review double-feature at Steve's Digicams, July 4, 2009
Both the Olympus E-P1 and E620 have received reviews from Steve's Digicams in a review double-feature! Continue

Olympus E620 review double-header: DC Resource and Wrotniak, June 26, 2009
DCResource has finalized their review of the Olympus E620! And Olympus treasure has posted their technical review on the E620. Continue

Yet another Olympus E620 review (this one at Pho Blog), June 8, 2009
Photography Blog has posted their findings of the Olympus E620. What did they think? Continue

New Olympus E620 and Nikon D5000 reviews, June 7, 2009
Today we have new reviews of the Olympus E620 at Camera Labs and the Nikon D5000 at Let's Go Digital. We also look at the best prices at the moment for those two. Continue

Jam-packed Olympus E620 review by, May 25, 2009
Zone10 has posted their in-depth and jam-packed review of the Olympus E620 on their website! A must-read review! Continue

New high-ISO comparison at Camera Labs: Ti1/500D vs D5000 vs E620, May 16, 2009
Camera Labs has just posted a new 3-way high-ISO comparison, featuring the soon-to-be-reviewed Digital Rebel T1i/500D, Nikon D5000 and Olympus E620. Continue

New Olympus E620 reviews at Digital Camera Review, Pop Photo June issue, May 12, 2009
Two more reviews of the Olympus E620 have come out, at Digital Camera Review and in the June 2009 print edition of Pop Photo with Phil Ryan. Continue

New Olympus E620 RAW samples available at Focus Numerique, May 12, 2009
Focus Numerique has made available sample RAW pictures taken with the Olympus E620. Continue


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