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olympus e-p2 archives (47 posts)

Reviews & Samples (E-P3, A580, K-r, etc), July 7, 2011
Time to see what the review cat brought in today! Lens reviews as usual at the lens reviews dome. Here we go, in lightning round format: + Olympus E-P3 full-size JPEG and RAW real-world samples at Focus Numerique + Olympus... Continue

Review Train & Samples Parade (Canon G12, Panasonic LX5, et al), October 18, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train", with an expected seasonal increase in samples from recently-released cameras. We start with traditional reviews... ... with RAWsumers. DC-Resource has completed their Canon G12 review, while Camera Labs has completed their... Continue

Olympus announces all-black Olympus E-P2 camera kit (camera, lens, flash), August 30, 2010
In what sounds like a vote of confidence in the Olympus E-Pen E-P2, Olympus has announced a new all-black Olympus E-P2 kit, composed of a black E-P2 body and black 17mm pancake lens and black FL-14 external flash. AC/DC's "Back... Continue

Mega ISO-comparison of seven mirrorless cameras at Serious Compacts, August 15, 2010
Put on your pixel-peepiential boots, brew a full half-caff coffee pot, and head on to Serious Compacts where they have just posted a massive mirrorless camera ISO comparison set, featuring seven of the latest models (Sony NEX-5, Samsung NX-10, Olympus... Continue

Review Train (Mirrorless mega-comparison, Phase One 645DF, Sinar arTec, M9, and more), August 8, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train". We start with episode #1 of what promises to be a very exciting mirrorless camera mega-comparison at Serious Compacts 2.0! The first part in the series is a CBA/LBA-inducing series of... Continue

Review Train (Sony NEX-5 w/really old lenses, GXR A12 DIY diffuser, LX3 vs EX1, Panasonic 3D camcorder, etc), August 4, 2010
Time for another edition of the "Review Train". This time we start in Japan where Japanese website DC Watch Impress has been very busy. If you love old lenses and Sony NEXxies, you will be thrilled to check out their... Continue

Review Train (Samsung EX1, ISO comparisons, D3s, NEX-5, DP2s, Sony TX9, etc), July 30, 2010
It suddenly got quiet. You can hear the e-birds singing, and the wind gently caressing the trees with the beautiful aroma of pollution. Time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! We start with perhaps the first fixed-lens-camera success-story... Continue

Leica VP of marketing on why no Micro Four Thirds (quoted in PopSci article), July 28, 2010
Imaging Insider features a new test performed at the Popular Science Gadgets blog, where they decided to test whether pairing one of the "best lenses in the world" (Leica Elmar-M 24mm f2.4, $2400) with a modern digital camera (Olympus E-P2)... Continue

Three different sets of camera group-comparisons (mirrorless, DSLRs, X1), July 4, 2010
It's a group-comparison weekend with three sets of comparisons of various different cameras. One of our readers pointed us to this mirrorless comparison in the dpreview forums (threaded view), the new Sony NEX-5 takes on the Olympus E-PL1. Discussion follows... Continue

Review Train (mirrorless, Sigma DP2s, K-7, XP10), June 25, 2010
Time for another edition of the "Review Train" where we try to catch up with some of the many camera reviews that hit the e-wires. Today's edition is mirrorless-priority. So please don't read it in front of a mirror ;-)... Continue

Review Train (D3s, E-P2, G2, SD4000 IS, V-Lux 20, and many more), June 10, 2010
Punch your tickets! It's time to climb aboard the Review Train, now powered by solar energy (f*ck you BP, you sc*mb*g planet killers!). DSLRs and iLCs We start with an ISO shootout at RiceHigh where two of the hottest DSLRs... Continue

Olympus 14-150mm full-size samples from Japan (w/E-P2), June 8, 2010
Japanese website DC Watch has published full-size sample pictures taken with the new Olympus 14-150mm Micro Four Thirds lens and the E-P2 E-Pen camera body. As usual, click on each picture to get to the full-size JPEG. Continue

Olympus E-P2 gets a silver color, May 8, 2010
The Olympus E-P2 is getting a silver body color in Europe says Continue

Micro 4/3rds strikes again, Canon smokes Nikon (new top selling DSLRs update), May 2, 2010
In this new update, Micro Four Thirds attacks the Top 25, while Canon smokes Nikon 13-5! Oh my! Continue

dpreview goes live with Olympus E-P2 quick review, April 22, 2010
dpreview has published their 7-page quick-format review of the Olympus E-P2, contrasting it to predecessor E-P1. Continue


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