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olympus e-5 archives (39 posts)

Review Train (Sony A580, LX5 vs EX1, E-5, Nikon D7000, SB800, FZ100, Kodak SLR/n, etc), December 20, 2010
Welcome to a new edition of the "Review Sleigh", now with real raindeer! We already mentioned the Pentax K-5 judgment day at dpreview and the D7000 "home court" review at Hogan's but since then, new reviews have come out. Let's... Continue

Review Mini-Train (E-5, 14mm M43rds 3-way, HD-DSLR Follow Focus round-up, etc), December 16, 2010
We don't have a lot of new reviews today, so instead of a train, we have a pony ride ;-) As usual, lens reviews can be found at the Lens Reviews stable. We start with the Olympus E-5 getting a... Continue

Review Train (Sony A55, Nikon D3100, Olympus E-5, Pentax K-5, K-r, etc), December 11, 2010
As you may have noticed, the flow of camera reviews has slowed down the last few days as we are in end-of-year Holiday season. For lens reviews, as usual, check the Lens Reviews cabinet. For previous editions of the "Review... Continue

Review Train (Olympus E-5, Panasonic FZ100, Canon 60D, G12, ISO D90 vs NEX-5, etc), December 8, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train", blasting through the desert at 5mph! For lens reviews, as usual, check the Lens Reviews tea pot. For previous editions of the "Review Train" and other review-related posts, please check the... Continue

Lightroom 3.3 (and ACR 6.3) are now official releases, December 6, 2010
Adobe has finalized versions 3.3 of Lightroom and 6.3 of Camera RAW and they are now available for official downloads, no longer "release candidates". As expected, they add support for a number of hot new cameras, including the Nikon D7000/D3100,... Continue

Review Train (GH2 vs 60D Pt2, GH2/GH1 tests, E-Pens, K-r, D7000, etc), December 3, 2010
Welcome to another edition of the "Review Train", with blankets just 25c per hour ;-) For previous installments, check the Reviews category archives. Lens reviews are posted at the Lens Reviews box. Luminous Landscape is back in action and they... Continue

Olympus E-5 gets DxOMaRk'ed, December 3, 2010
DxOMark published their RAW sensor data evaluation of the Olympus E-5, the new flagship of Four Thirds DSLRs, and perhaps the last "pure" Four Thirds DSLR. As usual, you can compare to any other camera in the DxO database. Some... Continue

Review Train (Ricoh GXR, Hogan's Mirrorless War, etc), December 2, 2010
Time for a brand new edition of the "Review Train"! We start with 4-way mirrorless shootout by Tom Hhogan squaring off the Sony NEX-5, Samsung NX100, Panasonic GF1, and Olympus E-PL1! He also includes a handy lens chart of each... Continue

Review Train (Pentax K-7, Nikon D7000, E-5, GH2/GF2 first looks, etc), November 22, 2010
Once upon a time "Black Friday" was the day after Thanksgiving. Now it is like a sub-urban sprawl expanding before and after Thanksgiving. So pre-apologies for the increase of shoppaholica action if you are not interested in it :) For... Continue

Review Train (Nikon D7000, P7000, Canon G12, Samsung NX100, Sigma DP1x, etc), November 19, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! For past, present and future "episodes", check the Reviews archives. For lens reviews, please check the Lens Reviews silo. Some think, the more advanced and curiosity-inducing a camera is, the more... Continue

Review Train (D7000, NX100, A55, 60D vs D7000, [Samples: 645D, K-5], etc) , November 12, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train". As usual, for lens reviews, be sure to check the Lens Reviews stream. For previous editions of the "Review Train", check the Reviews tag/category archive. We start with a review of... Continue

Review Train (K-5 ISO comp, E-5, G12, VG-10, GF1 vs GF2, GH2, etc), November 9, 2010
Time for a new edition of the "Review Train". For lens reviews, be sure to check the Lens Reviews Parade. Emboldened by the DxoMark results (thanks to the new 16mp Sony sensor) Pentax fans may feel more brave when they... Continue

Review Train (Nikon P7000, Sony A580, Olympus E-5, etc), November 7, 2010
Get your boarding passes ready, time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! As usual, lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews diary which includes a wave of new updates posted earlier today. We start with the... Continue

Review Train (Sony A55, Canon 60D, S95, Sigma SD15, Nikon P7000, Fuji F300exr, etc), November 4, 2010
Time for a compact (for a change) edition of the Review Train! We start with the just posted review of the Sony Alpha A55 at DC Resource, one of the two new pellicle-mirror cameras announced this year. With the announcement... Continue

Review Train (Olympus E-5, Sony A33, Nikon P7000, LX5, etc), October 24, 2010
Welcome to a new edition of the "Review Train"! The Olympus E-5, the camera that may be the last new thing before the Four Thirds Ice Age, has a brand new review at Digital Camera Review. As usual, we won't... Continue


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