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Olympus DSLR Overview

Olympus decided to give up on meditation (OM), and instead lead a rag-tag fleet of manufacturers into the launch of Four Thirds. It has certainly taken Four Thirds longer than promised and anticipated to start delivering on its premise and promise, but it is starting to do so, witness the adorable E4xx-series!

The Flagship?
The E1 users are mixed on where exactly to place the E3. While it certainly has a number of advanced features, it is missing a couple of the things that made the E1 popular among its fans. But in an ever competitive sub-$2000 market, Olympus is trying to deliver an alternative proposition to the market. Time will tell...

The real E-midrange
The Olympus E30 surprised everyone by getting announced just a month after it was pre-announced as a prototype at Photokina. It sits between the E3 and the E5xx-series and of course a trade-off in features and price.

The affordable E-midrange
The Olympus E510 was the first post-stabilization mid-range Olympus Four Thirds DSLR launched, and it certainly offered a variety of features for Four Thirds users. And in similar fashion, the just launched Olympus E520 promises to continue and expand on the trail blazed by the E510.

The adorable E4xx series
A few centuries ago Olympus promises small and adorable DSLRs as part of the benefits of Four Thirds. While people adored the E1, it was neither! None of the other E3xx or E5xx cameras fit that description either. It was only the launch of the E4xx series, currently populated by the newer E420 and the older E410 that managed to deliver on that promise. Ironically the one that started it all, the Olympus E400 was not made available in all DSLR markets, but with the launch of the E410 and E420, no one can now complain that they don't have access to it :) But small size and low price means trade-offs, and there is no image stabilization in the E4xx series.

Micro Four Thirds
Coming in early 2009.

Previous Olympus DSLR
Coming in Phase 2 of this blog.

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