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nikon d800 archives (37 posts)

Dxomark looks at Telephoto and Wide angle lenses for the Nikon D800, March 25, 2013
Dxomark concluded today their multi-part series on lenses for the Nikon D800. Lenses of different makers for the Nikon SLR mount are considered including Nikon herself, Zeiss, Tam-Tok-Sig, and Samyang. In case you missed the previous episodes, here is the... Continue

Dxomark evaluates lenses for the Nikon D800, March 15, 2013
Dxomark is putting their detailed lens testing to good use as they have a new series of article in the works that look at lenses for the Nikon D800. The series starts with an introduction and then discusses the impact... Continue

(ENDED) Nikon Full Frame Discounts: D600 w/24-85mm drops to $2000 (D800* drop $200 each), December 13, 2012
The big Nikon D600 w/28-75mm discount ended on 12/30/12... For future specials, check the Camera Deals blog... Older/expired items after the jump... We are finally getting some action in the Full Frame DSLR wars! Nikon fired a big shot today... Continue

False Alarm or Not? Nikon D800E disappears from Nikon USA website, October 22, 2012
A professional photographer contacted Photography Blog to tell them that he called Nikon USA to talk about the Nikon D800E and was told: "The D800e no longer supported by Nikon". Not satisfied with that answer he checked the Nikon DSLRs... Continue

Nikon D800E in-stock now for $3,300 [updated], September 27, 2012
Nikon D800E (EEE) hunters, this is for you! The Nikon D800E body only kit, at its starting price of $3300, is shown as in-stock at Amazon by Amazon itself! (earlier today it had a September-29-2012 estimate). [latest blog-post update: 9/28/12... Continue

Unofficial explanation of the Nikon D800 autofocus issues, September 22, 2012
Falk Lumo was at the Photokina 2012 trade show and talked to a couple of Nikon officials (customer support manager and technician) and has published - in his own words - an explanation of the Nikon D800 autofocus issues, including... Continue

ePhotozine hosts Nikon D800s civil war, August 14, 2012
Is an "e" the only difference between the Nikon D800 and the Nikon D800e? Even a dummy like me can tell you the answer to that question is no! What other differences are there between the camera and how do... Continue

Canon 5DMk3 vs Nikon D800 duel in Camera Labs Nikon D800 review, August 14, 2012
Rivalry time now with six rounds of Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800 scene comparisons at Camera Labs. The comparisons are part of their just-completed Nikon D800 review. As usual, we won't splog their findings here, so be sure... Continue

Nikon D800 in-stock floodgates open at $3000 [updated], July 31, 2012
UPDATE (8/1/12 at 7:50pm ET): As of this update, some of the earlier retailers have sold-out but others brought it in-stock! It is now in-stock at Amazon itself. If shopping at Amazon, you can optionally buy it with either/both the... Continue

Two Duels: Nikon D800s vs Medium Format cameras, July 30, 2012
The Nikon D800s (the D800 and D800e as a group) have thrown down the glovelet (glove + gauntlet) and have challenged the world of medium format cameras. Two independent duels have been posted the last couple of days: + Nikon... Continue

(SOLD OUT) In-stock: Nikon D800E for $3300 (yes, D800E), July 28, 2012
As of a 7/30/12 recheck, the Nikon D800e sold-out! The Nikon D800 remains in-stock. For the big picture, check the just re-updated the Nikon D800/D800e stock status page... Original post is after the jump for reference only! The D800e has... Continue

Thom Hogan issues a Not-Recommended on the Nikon D800, July 25, 2012
Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has issued a Not-Recommended alert on the Nikon D800. Previously, his review of the D800 had a recommended rating. Why the change? Increasing concern over the autofocus issue that has been discussed in the photo-blogo-forum-sphere. Look... Continue

In-stock: Nikon D800 for $3000 (and eligible for f2.8 Instant Rebates), July 24, 2012
The Nikon D800 body only DSLR kit is now in-stock at its opening price of $3000 with free shipping at Cameta Camera, an authorized Nikon dealer. And now also at (online only) - don't forget to use the RED... Continue

(SOLD OUT) In-stock: Nikon D800 body for $3000, July 24, 2012
As of a 7/25/12 at 12:22am ET recheck, this has sold-out! For future updates, check the D800/D800e stock status page... The 35mm-full-frame in-stock party continues, this time it is the Nikon D800 body only in-stock at its regular price of... Continue

(SOLD OUT) In-stock at regular prices: Nikon D800, D4 and Sony RX100, July 19, 2012
For future updates, c heck the Stock Status mini-site. Original post after the jump for historical reference only... We have good news if you are trying to find the Nikon D800 or the Nikon D4 or Sony RX100 in-stock. As... Continue


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