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nikon d4 archives (15 posts)

In-stock: Nikon D4 for $6000 (and eligible for f2.8 Instant Rebates), July 24, 2012
The Nikon D4 speed-demon DSLR is now in-stock at its opening price of $6000 with free shipping at OneCall and Amazon by Amazon itself. 14 left in-stock as of the time of writing - per the Amazon product page. [latest... Continue

(SOLD OUT) In-stock at regular prices: Nikon D800, D4 and Sony RX100, July 19, 2012
For future updates, c heck the Stock Status mini-site. Original post after the jump for historical reference only... We have good news if you are trying to find the Nikon D800 or the Nikon D4 or Sony RX100 in-stock. As... Continue

Impact review: Nikon D4 by Ryan Brenizer, May 15, 2012
When you read the forums and the blogs, one of the recurring themes is that there aren't enough reviews of cameras by actual working photographers using them on actual paying projects and assignments. If you are of that opinion, keep... Continue

Price anarchy in the UK: Nikon confirms D4, D800, D800E price increases, March 26, 2012
The Nikon Pistols have confirmed that the prices of the new Nikon D4, D800 and D800E full frame DSLRs are going up. The previous prices were in "error". But Nikon will hono(u)r pre-order prices. Details at British Journal of Photography,... Continue

Nikon D4 gets DxoMark'ed, FNed, Fotopolized and F-Stopped, March 20, 2012
It is nice when the internets become self-organizing networks and similarly-themed updates come out clustered together. With that as a preface, time for a Nikon D4 update starting with the pixel-peepiential paradise that is DxoMark publishing their Nikon D4 RAW... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: X-Pro1 RAW, 5D Mark III, E-M5 RAW, D4 robots, etc, March 6, 2012
We can't even take a lunch break without things piling up to the moon! Time for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest, which uses a variation of the "trade show format" (updates by manufacturer instead of sensor-size)... Focus on... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: G1x, NEX-7, X-Pro1, X10, E-M5 RAW, etc, March 4, 2012
Time for a new edition of the "Cameraholic Digest", an on-going experiment on how to catch up with catching up without getting caught in a never-ending updating-trap! Compacts with RAW + Canon G1x Imatest test results at Lens Rentals +... Continue

Pixel-peeping: Nikon D4 studio test samples at dpreview, March 2, 2012
Nothing cures a head-splitting weekend hangover headache better than intense pixel-peeping, so head on over to dpreview where they have published Nikon D4 studio-test-samples which you can use to compare the D4 to other cameras in the dpreview system. The... Continue

Pixel-peeping: Nikon D4 studio test samples at IR [updated with more], February 29, 2012
UPDATE (March 1st, 2012 at 7:25pm NYC time): More studio-test-samples have been added, included RAW samples - at the same page as before... ORIGINAL POST: Imaging Resource has published their first wave of Nikon D4 studio test samples which you... Continue

Westfall: Canon G1x better than EOS 7D in JPEG ISO (at Live Q&A at Imaging Resource), January 9, 2012
The Imaging Resource Canon G1x Live Q&A with Chuck Westfall has ended! The session is archived at Imaging Resource so you can check it out again. Unanswered questions will be answered at a later time by Westfall and added to... Continue

Good sign for Nikon D4 availability: more pre-order options, January 9, 2012
B&H Photo has just sent an alert that they are accepting Nikon D4 pre-orders. This is a good sign in terms of availability because B&H Photo only accepts pre-orders when a camera is on the horizon. For more pre-order options,... Continue

(ENDED) Nikon D4 on Twit.TV video feed live right now, January 9, 2012
The live video has ended, but if you missed it on the live feed, look for it in in the next couple of days at the Twit Live Specials archives, it will be the episode with the title "Digital Experience"... Continue

Nikon D4 officially announced, with previews available!, January 5, 2012
The Nikon D4, Nikon's new speed-demon full-frame DSLR is now officially announced and previewed! The action begins nao! The camera will ship in February for $6000 in the US market and for 5800 euro in continental Europe and 4800 GBP... Continue

Revealeaked: Nikon D4 short-form press release at financial website [updated], January 4, 2012
UPDATE (Jan-6-2012) The camera has now been officially announced! Follow our usual announcement round-up of previews and such at the Nikon D4 announcement round-up page... The rumor parts of the post are after the jump for the historians and will... Continue

Fact or Fiction? Nikon D4 specs overheard in a restaurant?, June 1, 2011
And now time for a game of "Fact or Fiction". A just-registered forum user in the dpreview forums posted his/her first post, a summary of an alleged 3-hour conversation that took place at a restaurant in Sweden [allegedly] discussing the... Continue


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