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nikon d300s archives (45 posts)

Nikon D300s review at Fotopolis and Register Hardware (updated), December 4, 2009
Fotopolis has published their take on the Nikon D300s. Continue

New Top Selling DSLRs: Pentax K-x moves in again, December 3, 2009
In this new Top 20, we have upwards movement from the Pentax K-x kits. Continue

Nikon D300s review by dpreview, November 16, 2009
dpreview has posted their 31-page diatribe on the Nikon D300s! What did they find out? Continue

Gizmodo reviews Canon 7D and compares to Nikon D300s, November 10, 2009
Gizmodo reviews the Canon 7D and compares it to the Nikon D300s. Continue

Scary Nikon D300s review at Photocrati, November 9, 2009
The Photocrati review of the D300s by Jack Neubart is out and it is Halloween-themed! Continue

New DSLR top-sellers: Canon 7D flies, D300s finds groove, prices drop again, November 6, 2009
In this update, we have Canon 7D and Nikon D300s action, and price drops across the board. Continue

Nikon D300s vs Canon 7D, Chinese-style, October 23, 2009
Chinese website PConline posts real-world and ISO comparison pictures taken with the Canon 7D and Nikon D300s. Continue

Nikon D300s review at Trusted Reviews, October 19, 2009
Trusted Reviews has posted their take on the Nikon D3s, with full-size samples included. Continue

Nikon D300s and Pentax K7 reviews in remodeled print editon of Pop Photo, October 17, 2009
The print edition of Pop Photo (November 2009) features reviews of the Nikon D300s and Pentax K7, along with a remodeling of the magazine. Continue

Canon 7D samples and ISO wars: 7D vs 50D vs D300s vs K7, October 16, 2009
Japanese website DC-Watch has posted a mega-set, lots of real-world full-size 7D sample pictures, along with full-range ISO comparison between the D300s, K7, 50D and of course the 7D. Continue

Canon 7D noise comparison versus Nikon D300s and Pentax K7, October 13, 2009
The Canon 7D is compared noise-wise to the Nikon D300s and Pentax K7 at Focus Numerique. Continue

Price Jumped Back Up (was: Nikon D300s crashed to $1629 - drop of $135), October 11, 2009
The Nikon D300s has its first major discount, dropping over $130 in one fell swoop! Continue

New Nikon D300s review - this one at PhotoReview, October 8, 2009
Photo Review has just posted their review of the Nikon D300s. Continue

Nikon D300s ISO elevator test, October 7, 2009
A full ISO series of sample shots taken with the Nikon D300s is posted at Neutral Day! Continue

New review-clusters have been added, October 5, 2009
We are adding new review-clusters to the DSLR Review Organizer! Continue


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