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nikon CX system archives (66 posts)

Nikon reveals digiscoping adapter and bracket for the CX 1-System (tape-delayed news), November 29, 2012
Not to go into emo mode, but catching up with nine days of camera gear news is a scary prospect :) We start slowly, with a new addition to the Nikon CX 1-System, which we affectionately call the "Angry Inch".... Continue

New Mirrorless Camera Announced: Nikon V2, October 23, 2012
Nikon has announced today their fourth CX 1-System mirrorless camera, the V2, which has a more traditional/SLR-y/superzoom-y look than the previous 1-System models. Nikon also announced today three new CX 1-System lenses. Nikon V2 hands-on reports + hands-on at CNet... Continue

New Nikon CX 1-System Lenses: 32/1.2, 6.5-13/3.5-5.6 VR, 10-100mm, October 23, 2012
In addition to the just-announced Nikon V2 camera, Nikon has also announced three new lenses in the Nikon CX 1-System. They are the 32mm f1.2 prime (86mm 35mm-equivalent), a 6.7-13mm f3.5-5.6 VR (18-35mm 35mm-equivalent), and a 10-100mm f4-5.6 superzoom with... Continue

Aptina talks details about their 1-inch sensor in dpreview interview, October 17, 2012
Interview time again! Aptina recently officially announced their 1-inch imaging sensor for digital cameras, and an Aptina VP talked to dpreview in detail about the new 1-inch sensor. The discussion went into some technical depth as well. The Aptina dude... Continue

New Nikon 18.5mm f1.8 prime for CX (1-inch) mirrorless system, September 12, 2012
The Year of the Lens continues with a new lens announcement, it is the Nikon 18.5mm f1.8 prime lens for the Nikon CX 1" 1-System, aka the Nikon Mirrorless System. This is a reasonably priced lens, with a pre-order price... Continue

New Mirrorless Camera announcement: Nikon J2 (with official samples), August 8, 2012
Nikon has now revealed their third-camera in their CX mirrorless camera system with its 1 inch sensor. It is the new J2, in the more entry-level of the two CX system branches! The camera will be bundled with the 10-30mm... Continue

New Lens Announcement: Nikon 11-27mm f3.5-5.6 CX lens, August 8, 2012
Nikon has revealed a new basic zoom lens for its Angry Inch mirrorless system (aka CX aka 1 System). It is a 11-27mm f3.5-5.6 compact zoom lens without the luxury of image stabilization. The lens is expected to come out... Continue

Innovative Deal: Nikon V1 together with latest iPad for $1150 [updated], June 28, 2012
Adorama has a new innovative combined purchase deal! If you buy the V1 w/10-30mm kits _together_ with the 16GB Apple iPad (3rd generation), you save $100 off the total price! The V1 w/10-30 & 16GB iPad 3 bundle goes for... Continue

Strange: Nikon V1 kits disappear from Amazon, May 8, 2012
We were working on a new blog feature that will go live tomorrow and we noticed something rather strange, the Amazon product pages for the Nikon V1 kits have disappeared! The pages are returning 404 errors. A screenshot crop of... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: X-Pro1 RAW, 5D Mark III, E-M5 RAW, D4 robots, etc, March 6, 2012
We can't even take a lunch break without things piling up to the moon! Time for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest, which uses a variation of the "trade show format" (updates by manufacturer instead of sensor-size)... Focus on... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Canon interview, Reviews (E-M5, G1x, S100, X10, etc), Geekery, February 24, 2012
Time to recap some of the latest gear-related happenings of the last few hours, starting with a Canon interview (text, English) at, conducted at CES 2012 and asking Canon dude some tough questions on the specs of the new... Continue

C-mount lenses for M43rds, Nikon CX, and Pentax Q at CP+, February 1, 2012
According to DC Watch Impress (computer-translated), based on the computer-translation, Kowa will be showing C-mount industrial lenses for Micro Four Thirds, Nikon 1 CX and Pentax Q at the CP+ 2012 trade show in Japan. Pentax industrial lenses are also... Continue

Reviews (Nikon V1 and J1 at dpreview, NX200, P7100, GRD4, etc), January 20, 2012
Let's see what the review cat brought in today! As usual, completed lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews mini-site and completed camera reviews at the camera reviews mini-site. Interchangeables + Nikon V1 and J1 double header review... Continue

Reviews (NEX-7, A65, etc) & Comparisons (NEX-7 vs A900) & Samples (G1x RAW), January 19, 2012
Let us know take a look at some of the latest reviews and previews and comparisons of various digital cameras, in the first unified post-CES/PMA round-up... The X-Pro 1 and G1x Show + Canon G1x RAW and JPEG samples at... Continue

Reviews (GX1, J1, E-PM1, V-Lux 3, Pixma Pro-1, X10 vs LX5 ISO, etc), January 3, 2012
Time to check the first wave of reviews in this new year, yes, it is 2012, the end of the world according to many credible movies (I saw them on the television and the movie theatres!). Lens reviews can be... Continue


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