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nikon CX system archives (66 posts)

(ENDED) Refurbished Deal: Nikon J1 with 10-30mm and 30-110mm for $200, February 13, 2014
These offers expired... For the latest specials, check the Camera Deals blog with the easy to remember url and free full-text RSS feed. *** EXPIRED *** *** EXPIRED *** *** EXPIRED *** *** EXPIRED *** *** EXPIRED *** If... Continue

Nikon UK confesses their Mirrorless is having hard times outside Japan and Asia, January 16, 2014
A Nikon UK marketing director, interviewed at Amateur Photographer UK, confessed that the Nikon mirrorless system is having a hard time outside Japan and Asia where both compact-er and mirrorless cameras are popular. "... If we look at the market... Continue

Nikon AW1 gets measured by Dxomark, December 18, 2013
No rest for Dxomark, they are back again, this time they have published their Nikon AW1 report. The AW1 being a 1-System CX-mount 1-inch-sensor interchangeable lens camera with waterproofness and a starting price of $800 with a kit lens. You... Continue

Nikon Laywers Kill the Polaroid iM1836 clone, December 6, 2013
Down go the "cut and pasters". Nikon's lawyers convinced Sakar to kill their Polaroid iM1836 Nikon J1 clone mirrorless camera. Kill as in "Sakar will no longer manufacture, import, advertise, promote, offer for sale, sell, or ship the Polaroid iM1836... Continue

(ENDED) Mirrorless Deal: refurbished Nikon J1 with 10-30 and 30-110mm for $295, November 14, 2013
This daily deal ended.... For the latest specials as they happen, stay tuned to the Camera Deals blog with easy to remember url and free full-text RSS feed. We interrupt the review-a-thon with a time-sensitive alert! The new Tech... Continue

Curiosity factor: perhaps first in-english review of Nikon AW1 1-System waterproof, October 24, 2013
The waterproof mirrorless 1-System CX-mount "angry inch" Nikon AW1 digital camera has just received perhaps its first in-english completed review. It is waiting for you to read at ephotozine, which includes their customary ISO-range color-charts which you can use to... Continue

Nikon legally attacks Polaroid for stealing the Nikon J1 design in their camera, October 15, 2013
Perhaps this is a smart way for Nikon to generate some more interest in their Nikon CX 1-System. Their lawyers are now going after Polaroid for cut-and-pasting the Nikon J1 design for the Polaroid mirrorless cameras. Of course Polaroid is... Continue

New $100 Nikon LD-1000 LED Movie Light for CX/1-System and Coolpix cameras, September 6, 2013
Nikon also revealed a new $100 LED Movie Light for the CX aka 1-System compact system mirrorless cameras and Coolpixies. The new LD-1000 will come in black or white and it is already available for pre-order at Amazon. Press release... Continue

Nikon financials: Mirrorless disappointment and Squeeze: is the CX 1-System becoming an Asia-only system?, August 8, 2013
Nikon announced its latest financial results (Reuters and AP UK) and there is mirrorless woe in them. While their mirrorless cameras (the Nikon CX 1-System) is doing well in Asia, it was not greeted as a liberator in Europe and... Continue

New Mirrorless Lens Announcement: Nikon 32mm f1.2 CX 1-System, May 14, 2013
Nikon added a new lens today to their CX 1-System, it is the new 32mm f1.2 native focal length portrait lens with a starting price of $900. This is roughly a 85mm equivalent lens, thus the "portrait lens" designation. A... Continue

$200 mirrorless deal: refurbished red Nikon J1 with 10-30mm for $200 [updated], March 13, 2013
If you would like to explore and experiment with the Nikon Angry Inch mirrorless system without committing too much money into the curiosity, Adorama comes to the rescue, they are offering the refurbished red J1 w/10-30 for $200 with free... Continue

DxoMark Evaluates the Nikon J3, February 17, 2013
Never a dull moment for Dxomark. They are back with a new camera measurement and evaluation, it is the Nikon J3, the third generation of the Nikon J-series CX mount mirrorless cameras. As usual, you can check their test results... Continue

New Nikon CX J3 and S1 cameras and two zoom CX lenses and waterproof housing, January 7, 2013
Nikon is turning their CX 1-System into a Coolpix system it seems as they have announced a third model in the J-series and if the J-series wasn't entry-level enough, they have a more basic series, the S-series, with the first... Continue

Dxomark evaluates the Nikon V2 and partially the Sony A99, December 28, 2012
DxoSanta is ending the year with 1.5 gifts under the Pixel-Peeping Tree! We start with the Sony Alpha A99. As of the time of writing, the lab test results are empty at the Sony A99 Dxomark page, however, Dxomark has... Continue

The Smaller Sensor Digest: Nikon V2, V1, Fuji XF1, E-PL5, G15, S110, LX7, P7700, superzooms, etc, December 3, 2012
We have been trying a new experiment this weekend, we are breaking the Cameraholic Digest into many pieces, in order to catch up with the last two weeks of review-related updates... And now we catch up with a variety of... Continue


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