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New Digital Cameras in 2012

This is a reference page that keeps track of the New Digital Cameras of 2012!. It will be updated every time a new camera is announced. For other years, be sure to check the Cameras of 2013 and Cameras of 2011 and Cameras of 2010 and Cameras of 2009 and the Cameras of 2008 (uses different format).

12: Pentax 645D IR: the 645D with the IR filter removed
*: Nikon Coolpix S9050: quietly released earlier 15.5x compact-zoom
*: Sony W730 and Sony W710: these were apparently 2013 models that were leaked early at Sony - we are moving them to the Cameras of 2013 page and deducting them from the 2012 total

6: Nikon D5200: 24mp APS-C DSLR
5: Panasonic AG-AF10xA: 2nd-generation M43rds video camera

24: Nikon V2: new CX 1-System mirrorless camera
7: Sony Cybershot H100: 21x superzoom with 16mp 1/2.x CCD sensor

18: Casio EX-H50 and EX-ZR1000: 24x and 12.5x superzooms
17: Leica M: 35mm full frame rangefinder with Live View and Movies
17: Leica M-E: 35mm full frame rangerfinder with 18mp and $5,500
17: Leica S - new 37.5mp CCD medium format camera
17: Leica D-Lux 6 and V-Lux 4: inspired by Panasonic LX7 and FZ200 superzoom
17: Panasonic GH3 - {pre-orders} - new M43rds flagship
17: Canon 6D - {pre-orders} - 20mp full frame DSLR for $2100
17: Canon G15: 1/1.7" compact with RAW
17: Canon S110: 1/1.7" compact with RAW
17: Canon SX50 HS: 50x (!) superzoom with RAW
17: Olympus E-PL5 and E-PM2 - {pre-orders} - 16mp M43rds with lens-cap lens
17: Olympus Stylus XZ-2: 1/1.7" compact with RAW
17: Fuji XF1 - {pre-orders} - 2/3" compact with RAW
13: Nikon D600: 24mp 35mm full frame DSLR
12: Sony RX1: 35mm full frame fixed lens camera with Zeiss 35mm f2 prime
12: Sony Alpha A99: 35mm full frame pellicle mirror SLT DSLR
12: Sony NEX-VG900: 35mm full frame NEX e-mount (!) camcorder with 24mp sensor as well
12: Sony NEX-6: 16mp APS-C mirrorless with Wifi
12: Sony NEX-VG30: new 16mp APS-C NEX camcorder
10: Pentax K-5 II and K-5 II s: DSLRs with or without the AA filter
10: Pentax Q10 - second camera in Q mount
6: Fuji X-E1: second Fuji X-system camera starts at $1K

29: Sony NEX-5R: new 16mp Wifi mirrorless
29: Canon Cinema C500 and C100: new video cameras
29: Samsung Galaxy Camera: 21x Android superzoom with Jelly Bean (A4.1)
22: Pentax X-5: 26x superzoom, takes AA batteries
22: Olympus Tough 625 and VH-515: a waterproof and a basic P&S
22: Olympus SP820uz iHS - 40x superzoom with AA power
22: Olympus VH-410: basic P&S model
22: Nikon Coolpix P7700: 1/1.7" 28-200mm compact-with-RAW
22: Nikon Coolpix S800c: Android-powered Wifi OLED 10x compact-zoom
22: Nikon Coolpix S6400: 12x compact-zoom
22: Nikon Coolpix S01: mini-me P&S camera
21: Canon SX500 IS and SX160 IS: new 30x and 16x 720p superzooms
21: Casio EX-JE10 - fashionable P&S with ever-ready case
21: Samsung DV100/DV101: dual-view P&S (quietly released)
9: Nikon J2: 3rd model in Nikon CX system
9: Nikon L610: AA-powered compact-zoom

25: Fuji F800-EXR: 20x compact-zoom with Wifi and RAW
24: Sony WX170: 10x compactzoom
23: Canon EOS M - {pre-orders} - first Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera
18: Samsung MV900F: Wifi compact w/3.3" AMOLED
18: Panasonic LX7: 1/1.7", starts at f1.4
18: Panasonic G5: 16mp m43rds iLC
18: Panasonic FZ200: 24x superzoom at f2.8 throughout w/RAW
18: Panasonic FZ60, LZ20, SZ5: more superzooms
11: Casio N1, N10, N20: new N-series of basic P&S
9: BenQ G1: lens starts f1.8, 3" rotating LCD, PASM, 14mp 1/2.3" CMOS [not counted in totals]
3: Samsung EX2f: compact-with-RAW starting at 24/1.4

15: Samsung WB100: 26x AA-powered superzoom
8: Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D: new 18mp D-Rebel with touchscreen
6: Sony Cybershot RX100: 1-inch compact with RAW and zoom lens

22: Casio EX-ZR300: 16mp 1/2.3" backlit CMOS 12.5x zoom
21: Pentax K30: weatherproof 16mp APS-C DSLR
21: Pentax LS465: 5x P&S cameras
17: Sony NEX-F3: 16mp mirrorless NEX
17: Sony Alpha A37: 16mp pellicle mirror DSLR
10: Leica M Monochrome - 35mm full frame rangefinder with black and white sensor
10: Leica X2 - 16mp APS-C 36mm f2.8 equivalent big sensor prime
10: Leica V-Lux 40 - compact travel zoom, think Panasonic TZ30/ZS20
8: Fuji XP170: 5x folded-optics elementproof
8: Olympus TG-1 iHS: 4x starting at f2 elementproof
8: Olympus VH-510: P&S quietly released in April

26: Samsung ES90: 5x P&S
19: Samsung NX20, NX210, NX1000 - 20mp Wifi NX system iLCs
19: Nikon D3200 - {pre-orders} - 24mp APS-C dSLR in red or black
16: Casio EX-TR150 and QV-R200 - new Tryx and P&S (retroactively added)
12: Canon 1D C: new Cinema/video-priority 1D model
5: Panasonic GF5 - new 12mp LiveMOS M43rds
3: Canon 60Da - DSLR for astrophotography based on the 60D
2: Sony NEX-FS700 - $8K future-4K Super35 NEX-mount

13: Sony A57 - 16mp APS-C SLT dSLR
2: Canon 5D Mark III - {pre-orders} - new 35mmFF DSLR!

28: Sony HX200v - 30x superzoom
28: Sony HX30v, HX20v, HX10v, H90: 16x to 20x superzooms
28: Sony WX150, WX100, W690: 10x compacts
28: Sony TX66 and TX20: backlit CMOS waterproofs
8: Sigma DP1 Merrill, DP2 Merrill - APS-C primes in honor of Dick Merrill
7: Olympus E-M5 - {pre-orders} - OM styled Micro Four Thirds iLC [corrected links]
7: Olympus SZ31 and SH25 - 24x and 12.5x superzooms
7: Olympus TG820 and TG620 - elementproofs
7: Pentax WG-2 and WG-2 GPS - elementproofs
6: Canon SX260HS, SX240HS - 20x superzooms (260HS has GPS)
6: Canon Elph 530HS and 320HS - with Wifi, 530HS is 12x zoom
6: Canon D20 - their 2nd wateproof Powershot
6: Canon A4000, A3400, A2400, A2300, A1300, A810 - entry-level P&S models
6: Nikon D800 and D800E - {pre-orders} - 36mp full frame DSLRs (with/without AA filter)
2: Casio EX-ZR20 - 16mp with 8x (25-200mm eq)
2: Pentax K-01 mirrorless - {pre-orders} - 16mp APS-C w/K-mount compatibility
2: Ricoh GXR A16 24-85mm: new GXR sensor+lens module
1: Nikon Coolpix L310 - revealed in the UK 21x AA superzoom
1: Sony Cybershot W670 and W650 - P&S compacts
1: Nikon Coolpix P510 - 42x superzoom with GPS and vari-angle
1: Nikon Coolpix P310 - compact starting at f1.8 w/PASM (no RAW)
1: Nikon Coolpix L810 - 26x superzoom
1: Nikon Coolpix S9300 - 18x travelzoom w/GPS
1: Nikon Coolpix S6300 - 10x slimzoom
1: Nikon S30, L26, L25, S4300, S3300, S2600 - S30 is waterproof

JANUARY (85 total, 2 interchangeables, 33 superzooms)
31: Panasonic TZ30/ZS20 and TZ25/ZS15 - new 20x and 16x MOS compactzooms
31: Panasonic FT20/TS20 and FT4/TS4 - new elementproofs
31: Panasonic FX80 and LS6: P&S cameras
30: Sony TX300v: announced in Japan
30: Sony TX200v - first 18-megapixel 1/2.3" CMOS camera (an elementproof)
30: Sony WX70 and WX50 - P&S with 5x Zeiss-blessed lens
25: Pentax Optio VS20 - 20x compactzoom with two shutter buttons
9: Fuji X-Pro 1 - {pre-orders} - the launch of the Fuji X iLC system
9: Canon G1x - {pre-orders} - large sensor with 4x zoom
9: Canon Elph 520HS and 110HS - 12x and 5x zoomies
9: Samsung WB850F, WB150F, SB200F - superzooms with Wi-fi
9: Samsung ST88, ST77, ST66 - entry-level P&S
9: Olympus SP-720, SP-620, SZ-14, SZ-12 - superzooms with 20+ zoom ratio
9: Olympus TG320, VR360, VR350, VR340, VR170, VR160, VR150, VH210 - VR360 (12.5x) and VR350/VR340 (10x) are superzooms
9: Casio ZS150 - 12.5x compact-zooms
9: Casio ZS20, ZS12, ZS6 - more P&S cameras
9: Panasonic SZ7 and SZ1 - new SZ-line of 10x slim zooms
9: Panasonic FH8/FS45, FH6/FS40, FH4/FS28, S5, S2 - entry-level P&S
9: Sony W630, W620, W610, S5000 - basic Cybershots
9: Kodak M570 - their first Wifi camera
9: Kodak Z5120, M565, M215, C135 - Z5120 is a 26x superzoom
6: Nikon D4 - {pre-orders} - 16mp 35mmFF speed-demon DSLR
5: Fuji HS30-EXR and HS25-EXR - split on LiIon/AA and features (30x)
5: Fuji F770EXR, F750EXR, F660EXR travelzooms - only F770 has RAW and GPS
5: Fuji SL300, SL280, SL260, SL240 - new superzoom line (24x to 30x) with hot-shoe and LiIon
5: Fuji S4500, S4400, S4300, S4200 - superzoom (24x to 30x) updates
5: Fuji Z1000-EXR and Z110 - folded-optics with 5x
5: Fuji XP150, XP100, XP50 - elementproofs with 5x and CMOS
5: Fuji T400 and T350 - entry-level 10x zooms with CCD
5: Fuji JZ250, JZ200, JZ100 - entry-level 8x with CCD
5: Fuji JX700, JX580, JX550, JX520, JX500, AX600, AX550 - entry-level 5x with CCD
2: Samsung DV300F - dual LCDs with built-in Wifi and microSD

New cameras in 2012 so far
Major Manufacturers (see list at bottom of page)223
Interchangeable Lens Cameras (total)44
DSLRs w/mirror17
Mirrorless Interchangeables23
Interchangeable Sensor+Lens Blocks1
MegaZooms (18X or more)45
SuperZooms (10X or more)74
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For the purposes of this post, we track all the digital cameras made by the following manufacturers:
+ Canon, Nikon
+ Sony, Kodak
+ Fuji, Olympus
+ Pentax, Casio
+ Panasonic, Samsung
+ Leica, Zeiss
+ Sigma, Ricoh
+ Epson
+ interesting cameras from others

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