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New Digital Cameras in 2009

If you found our Digital Cameras of 2008 mega-list useful, welcome to the mega-list of 2009. We are using a different format this year in order to deal with the volume of releases more efficiently. You can track all announcements in reverse chronological order with the new camera announcements mini-blog. And now, be sure to check the developing cameras of 2010 page.

New cameras in 2009
Major Manufacturers (see list at bottom of page)198
Interchangeable Lens Cameras (DSLRs, etc)24
Digital Rangefinders2
Interchangeable Lens+Sensor Blocks2
MegaZooms (18X or more)11
SuperZooms (10X or more)26

November 2009 (6 total, 1 iLC, 1 iLSB)
18: Casio EX-G1 - element-proof and angry!
16: Casio EX-FC150 and EX-FH25 - with back-lit CMOS sensors
12: Casio EX-FS10S - golfers edition of the EX-FS10
9: Ricoh GXR system - with one body and two lens-sensor blocks
4: Olympus E-P2 - new M43rds camera

October 2009 (4 total, 2 DSLRs)
19: Canon 1D Mark IV - Nikon's rival sport-DSLR at APS-H
13: Nikon D3s - 12mp speed-demon DSLR with video
9: Fuji F72 EXR - a clone of the F70 EXR
2: Sigma DP1s - a refresh on the DP1

September 2009 (9 total, 2 DSLR, 2 iLC)
*: Graphs and charts of the new cameras of 2009 up to September 30, 2009
17: Pentax K-x - AA-powered K-mount DSLR
17: Pentax M85 and E85 - entry-level P&S
9: Leica M9 - first 35mmFF digital rangefinder
9: Leica X1 - APS-C sensor, prime lens, Leica name!
4: Samsung ST45 aka TL90 - skinny P&S compact
1: Panasonic GF1 - compact Micro Four Thirds camera
1: Canon 7D - dual-core 18mp APS-C DSLR
1: Samsung HZ25w (WB5000) - 24X megazoom with RAW

August 2009 (28 total, 4 DSLRs)
30: Olympus E600 - Four Thirds DSLR
29: Sony Alpha A850 - 35mm full frame at $2000
29: Sony Alpha A550 - 14mp CMOS DSLR
29: Sony Alpha A500 - 12mp CMOS DSLR
24: Panasonic FS4 - basic P&S (discovery date)
20: Ricoh CX2 - officially a superzoom
19: Canon G11 - tilting-display and megapixel-restraint
19: Canon S90 IS - an LX3 competitor
19: Canon SX20 is - mid-range AA-based superzoom
19: Canon SX120 is - affordable fun-zoom
19: Canon SD980is - widest Elph ever at 24mm
19: Canon SD940 is - boxy Elph starts at 28mm
18: Casio EX-Z450, Z280, Z90 and Z33 - P&S compacts
13: Samsung ST550/TL225 and ST550/TL220 - first cameras with two screens
13: Samsung CL65 (ST1000) - folded optics meets GPS
5: Sony WX1 - compact with Exmor-R sensor
5: Sony TX1 - bijou with Exmor-R sensor
5: Pentax WS80 - think W80 lite
5: Pentax P80 - LiIon compact
5: Pentax E80 - AA-based entry-level
4: Nikon S1000pj - with embedded projector
4: Nikon S70 - OLED touch-screen
4: Nikon S640 and S570 - LiIon compacts

July 2009 (30 total, 2 DSLRs)
29: Nikon D300s - HD video meets the D300
29: Nikon D3000 - new starter DSLR
29: Kodak Z950 - a fun-zoom
29: Kodak M381 and M341 - LiIon compacts
29: Kodak C190 and C182 - AA compacts
27: Panasonic FZ38/FZ35 - RAW superzoom
27: Panasonic ZX1/ZR1 - fun-zoom lite
27: Panasonic FP8 - folded-optics P&S
27: Panasonic FX60/FX65 - LiIon compact
26: Ricoh GRD III - prime RAWsumer
22: Fuji S200EXR - big superzoom
22: Fuji F70EXR - compact funzoom
22: Fuji W1 3D camera - first 3D consumer camera
22: Fuji Z37 or Z35 - folded optics
22: Fuji J38 or J30 - entry-level LiIon
22: Fuji A220 and A170 - AA-based compacts
22: Olympus Stylus 7010 and 7000 - LiIon based with xD
22: Olympus FE-5020 and FE-4000 - affordable wide-angle
22: Olympus FE-4010 - LiIon compact
22: Olympus FE46 and FE26 - AA compacts
17: Olympus Stylus 6010 - element-proof but with xD
14: Samsung PL70 (aka SL720) - starts at 28mm wide
14: Samsung PL55 (aka SL502) - just another P&S
14: Samsung ES17 - entry-level P&S

June 2009 (4 total, 1 iLC)
24: Pentax W80 - new element-proof P&S
15: Olympus E-P1 - compact Micro Four Thirds iLC
10: Casio EX-H10 - Casio's new stylish "fun-zoom" attempt
10: Fuji Z300fd - folded-optics bijou P&S

May 2009 (8 total, 4 DSLRs)
28: Sony W180 and W190 - typical P&S models
20: Pentax K7 - a compact but loaded new DSLR
20: Kodak M420 - 10mp P&S starts at 28mm wide
18: Sony Alpha A380 - same as A330 but with 14mp sensor
18: Sony Alpha A330 - new 10mp DSLR with tilt-LCD/Live View
18: Sony Alpha A230 - new 10mp entry-level DSLR
15: Pentax Optio E75 - yet another entry-level model

April 2009 (6 total, 1 DSLR)
17: Panasonic FS12, FS42, FS62 - shiny-silver clones
14: Nikon D5000 - 12mp DSLR with Video and flipout LCD
02: Samsung WB510 and WB560 - German clones of WB500 and WB550 (see below)

March 2009 (9 total, 2 DSLRs, 1 iLC)
31st: Olympus E450 - entry-level 4/3rds DSLR
25th: Canon Digital Rebel T1i/500d - 15mp Digital Rebel with Video
23rd: Nikon Coolpix S225 - likely a clone of the S220
3rd: Panasonic GH1 - high-def video cousin of Lumix G1 (Micro 4/3rds)
3rd: Kodak Z915 - a serious attempt at a fun-zoom
3rd: Casio EX-Z29 - LiIon P&S
3rd: Sigma DP2 officially (re)-launched (Foveon, 41mm lens)
2nd: Sony HX1 - speedy CMOS-based superzoom
2nd: Pentax X70 - 24x superzoom - smells Coolpix P90
2nd: Samsung NX-series development notice
2nd: Ten new GE digital cameras - we do not track them
2nd: Seven new Agfa digital cameras - we do not track them

February 2009 (45 total, 1 DSLR, 1 D-RF)
26th: Epson RD1x - digital rangefinder revisited (Japan only)
24th: Olympus E-620 - new Four Thirds DSLR
23rd: Samsung TL320 (WB100) - OLED, analog gauges, may have RAW
23rd: Samsung HZ15w (WB550) - fun-zoom starts at 24mm
23rd: Samsung CL5 (PL10) - folded optics with mp3
23rd: Olympus X915 and X890 - exclusive for Jessops UK
18th: Ricoh CX1 - with CMOS sensor, promises dynamic range
17th: Canon SX1 IS - now with RAW added!
17th: Canon SX200 IS - serious fun-zoom
17th: Canon D10 - first waterproof camera!
17th: Canon A2100is and A1100is - dumbed-down A-series
17th: Canon SD970 IS - leader of the Elphs
17th: Canon SD960 IS - wide angle and not boxy
17th: Canon SD780is - LiIon P&S
17th: Canon SD1200is - LiIon P&S
17th: Sony Cybershot H20 - fun-superzoom
17th: Sony T900 and T90 - stylish P&S
17th: Sony W290 and W270 - start at 28mm wide
17th: Sony W230 - LiIon P&S
17th: Sony S980 and S930 - P&S
17th: Samsung SL820 (aka IT100) - 5x wide P&S
17th: Samsung SL202 (aka PL50) - LiIon-based P&S
17th: Samsung SL30 (aka ES15) - $100 AA-based P&S
16th: Fuji S1500fd - a superzoom with stabilization
16th: Fuji Z33wp - waterproof P&S
16th: Fuji Z30fd - LiIon-based P&S
16th: Fuji J250 and J20 - LiIon-based P&S
6th: Samsung ES10 - AA-based P&S
4th: Fuji F200 EXR - promising new sensor tech?
4th: Fuji A150 and A100 - entry-level AA-based
2nd: Nikon P90 - 24x superzoom but no RAW
2nd: Nikon L100 - AA-based superzoom
2nd: Nikon S630 - 7x optical P&S
2nd: Nikon S620 - 28mm wide compact
2nd: Nikon S230 - touch-screen P&S
2nd: Nikon S220 - LiIon-based P&S
2nd: Nikon L20 and L19 - AA-based P&S
2nd: Pentax Optio E70L - P&S in Europe

January 2009 (48 total, zero DSLRs)
26th: Panasonic FT1 (aka TS1) - all-weather compact camera
26th: Panasonic TZ7 (aka ZS3) and TZ6 (aka ZS1) fun-zooms with 12X lens
26th: Panasonic FX550 with 3" touch-screen (aka FX580)
26th: Panasonic FX40 (aka FX48)
26th: Panasonic FS25
26th: Kodak C180
21st: Olympus FE-35
16th: Panasonic FS15 - 12mp LiIon P&S
16th: Panasonic FS7 and FS6 - affordable LiIon-based
16th: Panasonic LS85 - affordable AA-based
15th: Canon A480 - entry-level AA-based P&S
8th: Sony Cybershot G3 - wireless P&S camera at $500
8th: Samsung PL65 (SL620), ST10 and ES50 in Europe - megapixel variations of January 7 cameras.
7th: Casio EX-FC100 and EX-FS10 - speed-demons (6mp at 30fps)
7th: Casio EX-Z400, EX-Z270, EX-S12 sequential updates
7th: Casio EX-S5 aka EX-Z1 - same as above
7th: Sony W220, W210 and S950 - entry-level Cybershot
7th: Samsung HZ10w (aka WB500) - fun-zoom starting at 24mm wide
7th: Samsung TL100 (aka ST50) - stylish and skinny
7th: Samsung SL420 (PL60) and SL102 (ES55) - P&S models
7th: Olympus FE-45 and FE-25, entry-level P&S models
6th: Olympus SP590uz with a 26X megazoom lens
6th: Olympus Tough 6000 and 8000 - tough-cookies
6th: Olympus Stylus 9000, 7000, and 5000 - Stylus 9000 is a 10x fun-zoom (28-280mm)
6th: Olympus Stylus 550WP, a waterproof camera
6th: Olympus FE-5010, FE-3010, and FE-3000, three entry-level P&S models
5th: Pentax Optio P70 and E70 - P70 starts at 28mm wide
5th: Kodak Easyshare Z980 megazoom - with 24X lens
5th: Kodak Easyshare M380, M340, M320 - P&S models
4th: Sakar Vivitar digicams along with new Series 1 lenses including an 85mm f1.4 and mirrors

Manufacturers tracked
For the purposes of this post, we track all the digital cameras made by the following manufacturers:
+ Canon, Nikon
+ Sony, Kodak
+ Fuji, Olympus
+ Pentax, Casio
+ Panasonic, Samsung
+ Leica, Zeiss
+ Sigma, Ricoh
+ Epson

DSLR Overviews: [Nikon] [Canon] [Sony] [Pentax] [Olympus] [Leica] [Panasonic]


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