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New Digital Cameras 2008

This giant reference post lists all the new digital cameras announced in 2008 from the major manufacturers.

A great companion page is the Digital Camera List, which organizes all the current and recent models from all manufacturers in a single-page. The digital camera list has gotten unmanageably long, so we stopped updating it. Instead, for newer cameras, you can check the Cameras of 2009 and the Cameras of 2010.

Summary of the New Digital Cameras of 2008

  • 192 total new digital cameras from the majors
  • 23 new DSLRs (four 35mm full frame) (traditional MF not listed yet)
  • 2 non-DSLR interchangeable lens cameras
  • 15 non-DSLRs with RAW (RAWsumers)
  • 23 big zooms (zoom ratio of 10X or more)
  • 46 start at 28mm or wider (the year of the wide-angle compact!)

New interchangeable lens cameras (DSLRs, RF, M 4/3rds) in 2008

  1. Sony A200
  2. Pentax K20D
  3. Pentax K200D
  4. Samsung GX20
  5. Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D
  6. Nikon D60
  7. Sony Alpha A350
  8. Sony Alpha A300
  9. Olympus E420
  10. Olympus E520
  11. Canon Digital Rebel XS 1000D
  12. Nikon D700 (35mm full frame)
  13. Canon 50D
  14. Nikon D90
  15. Sony A900 (35mm full frame)
  16. Panasonic G1 (Micro Four Thirds)
  17. Leica M8.2 (rangefinder)
  18. Canon 5D Mark II (35mm full frame)
  19. Sigma SD15
  20. Leica S2
  21. Pentax K2000 K-m with white version as well.
  22. Olympus E30
  23. Nikon D3X (35mm full frame)

New Long Zooms in 2008

  1. Casio EX F1 (6mp, 1/1.8", 12x, sensor-shift)
  2. Kodak Z1286 IS (8mp, 1/2.5", 12x, IS)
  3. Olympus SP-570uz (10mp, 1/2.33", 20X, sensor shift)
  4. Sony H10 (8mp, ???, 10X, IS)
  5. Fuji S100 FS (11mp, 2/3" SuperCCD, 28-400mm, IS)
  6. Fuji S8100fd (10mp, 1/2.3", 18X, sensor shift)
  7. Fuji S1000fd (10mp, 1/2.3", 12X, no stabization!)
  8. Panasonic TZ5 (9mp effective, 10mp 1/2.33", 10X, MegaOIS)
  9. Panasonic TZ4 (8mp, ???, 10X, MegaOIS)
  10. Kodak Z1012 IS (10mp, ???, 12X, IS)
  11. GE X3 (10mp, ???, 12X, IS)
  12. Sony Cybershot H50 (9mp effective, 10mp sensor, 15X, IS)
  13. Nikon P80 (10mp, 1/2.33", 18X, IS (optical or sensor-shift?)
  14. Panasonic TZ50 wireless (9mp effective, 10mp 1/2.33", 10X, MegaOIS)
  15. Kodak Z1015 IS (10mp, 1/2.3", 15X, IS)
  16. Panasonic FZ28 (10mp, 1/2.3", 18X, MegaOIS)
  17. Fuji S2000hd (10mp, 1/2.3", 15X, CCD-shift)
  18. Olympus SP-565uz (10mp, 1/2.3", 20X, CCD-shift)
  19. Canon SX110-IS (9mp, 1/2.x", 10X, IS)
  20. Casio EX-FH20 (9mp 1/2.3", 20x, IS)
  21. Canon SX1 IS (10mp 1/2.3" CMOS, 20x, IS)
  22. Canon SX10 IS (10mp 1/2.3", 20x, IS)
  23. Samsung HZ1 (10mp 1/2.3", 10X)

New (non-DSLR) cameras with RAW support (RAWsumers)

  1. Casio EX F1
  2. Olympus SP-570uz
  3. Fuji S100 FS
  4. Sigma DP1
  5. Ricoh GX200
  6. Panasonic FZ28
  7. Panasonic LX3
  8. Panasonic FX150
  9. Kodak Z1015 IS
  10. Nikon P6000 (semi-crippled: NRW instead of NEF)
  11. Olympus SP-565uz (according to some specs)
  12. Leica D-Lux 4
  13. Casio EX-FH20
  14. Canon G10
  15. Sigma DP2

Ratio: 15 out of 150+ new non-interchangeable lens cameras. We are not fans of the shaming process, but digital camera manufacturers shame on you! :)

New compacts with 1/1.8" or larger sensors
*. Casio EX-F1
1. Kodak V1273 and Z1285
3. Kodak V1073 and Z1085 IS (we are not 100% sure their sensors are 1/1.8" or smaller)
5. Pentax Optio S12
*. Fuji S100 FS (2/3" SuperCCD)
6. Fuji F100fd (1/1.6" SuperCCD)
*. Ricoh 500SE (USA introduction, announced in Febr-2007 originally)
7. Sigma DP1 (1.7X FOVEON)
8. GE E1235
9. Sony W300 - the debut of the 14mp 1/1.7" sensor. Mercy!
10. Ricoh GX200 (1/1.7" CCD)
11. Samsung NV100hd (aka TL34hd) (1/1.72" CCD) Mercy II!
12. Samsung L310w (aka SL310w) (1/1.72" CCD)
13. Panasonic LX3 (1/1.63" CCD)
14. Panasonic FX150 (1/1.72" CCD)
15. Nikon P6000 (1/1.7" CCD)
16. Nikon Coolpix S710 (14.5mp 1/1.7" CCD)
17. Fuji F60fd (12mp 1/1.6" Super CCD)
18. Canon G10 (15mp 1/1.7")
19. Canon SD990 IS (15mp 1/1.7")
20. Sigma DP2 (1.7x FoVeoN)
21. Kodak Z1485 IS (14mp)
*. hoping for more

New cameras that start at 28mm or wider
1. Casio EX-Z200 and EX-Z100 (start at 28mm, 1/2.33" sensor)
3. Samsung NV24HD (starts at 24mm, 1/2.33" sensor)
4. Olympus FE-350 (starts at 28mm, 1/2.3x" sensor)
5. Olympus Stylus 1030sw (starts at 28mm wide, 1/2.33" sensor)
*. Olympus SP-570uz (starts at 26mm, 1/2.33" sensor)
6. Sony W170 (starts at 28mm, ??? sensor)
*. Fuji S100 FS (starts at 28mm, 2/3" SuperCCD HR sensor)
*. Fuji F100fd (starts at 28mm, 1/1.6" SuperCCD HR sensor)
7. Nikon Coolpix S600 (starts at 28mm, 1/2.33" sensor)
8. Panasoic FX35 (starts at 25mm, 1/2.33" sensor)
*. Panasonic TZ5 (starts at 28mm, 1/2.33" sensor)
*. Panasonic TZ4 (starts at 28mm, ???)
*. Sigma DP1 (28mm fixed focal length, 1.7X FOVEON)
9. GE E1050
10. Ricoh R8 (starts at 28mm, 1/2.33" sensor)
11. Panasonic FX500 (starts at 28mm, 1/2.33" sensor)
12. Minox DC8011 (starts at 28mm, ??? sensor)
*. Panasonic TZ50 wireless (starts at 28mm, 1/2.33" sensor)
13. Ricoh G600 shockproof (starts at 28mm, 1/2.3" sensor)
14. Pentax Optio W60 (starts at 28mm, 1/2.3" sensor)
*. Ricoh GX200 (starts at 24mm, 1/1.7" sensor)
*. Kodak Z1015 IS (starts at 28mm, 1/2.3" sensor)
15. Casio EX-Z150 (starts at 28mm, 1/2.5" sensor)
*. Samsung NV100hd (aka TL34hd) (starts at 28mm, 1/1.7" sensor)
*. Samsung L310w (aka SL310w) (starts at 28mm, 1/1.7" sensor)
*. Panasonic FZ28 (starts at 27mm, 1/2.3" sensor)
*. Panasonic LX3 (starts at 24mm, 1/1.63" sensor)
16. Panasonic FX37 (starts at 25mm, 1/1.23" sensor)
*. Panasonic FX150 (starts at 28mm, 1/1.72" sensor)
*. Nikon P6000 (1/1.7" CCD)
*. Nikon Coolpix S710 (14.5mp 1/1.7" CCD)
17. Fuji J150w and J110w (start at 28mm, 1/2.3" sensor)
*. Fuji S2000hd (starts at 28mm, 1/2.3")
19. Ricoh R10 (starts at 28mm, 1/2.3" sensor)
20. Casio EX-Z300 and EX-Z250 (starts at 28mm, 1/2.3")
*. Olympus SP-565uz (starts at 28mm, 1/2.3")
*. Leica D-Lux 4 (starts at 24mm, 1/1.6")
*. Casio EX-FH20 (starts at 26mm)
*. Canon SX1 IS, SX10 IS (start at 26mm)
*. Canon G10 (starts at 28mm, 1/1.72")
22. Canon SD880 IS (starts at 28mm, 1/2.3")
*. Samsung HZ-1 (starts at 24mm, 1/2.3")
*. hoping for more

New sleek compacts
1. Fuji Z100fd (USA debut, already available in Asia and other markets)
2. Samsung NV40, NV30, and NV4
5. Samsung i8
6. Casio EX-S10 (ceramic lens)
7. Olympus Stylus 1020 and 1010
9. Olympus Stylus 850sw
10. Olympus Stylus 840
11. Sony T300
12. Fuji Z20fd
13. Canon SD 1100 IS
14. Samsung i100 and i80
16. Nikon S520 and S550
18. Panasonic FS20 and FS5
20. Casio EX-Z9
21. Canon SD890 IS, SD790 IS, SD770 IS
24. Pentax Optio V20
25. Nikon S52 and S52c
27. Fuji Z200fd
28. Kodak M1093 IS
29. Samsung NV9 (aka TL9)
30. Sony T700 and T77
32. Nikon Coolpix S60, S610c, S610, S560
36. Olympus Stylus 1060
37. Olympus Stylus 1050SW and 1040
39. Sony T500
40. Leica C-Lux 3
41. Fuji Z250fd
*. waiting for more
*. the ones that start at 28mm or wider are listed in the previous category

New Mass Market LiIon-based compacts
1. Casio EX-Z80
2. Kodak M1033, M893 IS, M873, M863
6. Samsung L210, L110, L100
7. Olympus FE-340, FE-330, FE-320 (FE350 is listed in the wide-angle segment above)
10. Sony W150, W130, W120, and W110 (W170 listed in wide angel segment)
14. Sony S780 and S750
16. Pentax M50
17. Fuji J10 and J50
19. Nikon S210
20. Panasonic FS3
21. GE E1035, E840s, G2, G3
25. Ricoh R50 (we are not 100% sure it uses LiIon or AA-batteries)
26. Kodak M1063, quietly announced in April
27. Kodak M1073 IS, quietly announced in April
28. Samsung L201 (aka SL201)
29. Pentax Optio M60
30. Fuji J120 and J100
32. Olympus FE-370 and FE-360
34. Casio EX-Z85 and EX-Z19
36. Olympus FE-20
*. waiting for more

New Mass Market AA-based compacts
1. Sony S730 (Europe so far)
2. Samsung S760 and S860
4. Kodak C813
5. Panasonic LS80
6. Olympus FE-310
7. Pentax Optio E50
8. Canon A580, A590-IS, A470
11. Samsung S1060
12. Nikon P60
13. Nikon L18 and L16
15. Panasonic LZ8 and LZ10
17. GE A735, A835
19. Fuji A850
20. Kodak C913
21. Samsung S1070
22. Pentax Optio E60
23. Canon A2000-IS and A1000-IS
25. Canon E1
*. waiting for more

Born-again digital cameras
*. Leica M8: new features via a hardware upgrade. The first faux-modular digital camera!
*. Sigma DP1: announced again by Sigma with a Spring 2008 delivery

Not Quite Official, but Beyond a Rumor
*. Sony A900 coming later in 2008
*. Sigma SD15 may be coming at Photokina 2008 according to a Sigma exec.
* Sigma DP2 and DP3 coming later according to the Sigma founder via Amateur Photographer UK Informer magazine.

New Digital Camera Sensor Trends
The big sonic boom: New 25mp 35mm full frame Sony CMOS sensor!

The new 10mp 1/2.33" sensor, fueling more megapixel wars.

New Lenses

  • New Olympus 25mm f2.8 pancake lens, Four Thirds mount, $250, May 2008 (April in Japan)
  • New wave of Sigma lenses offering new lens choices for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Four Thirds, Sony and Sigma mount users. As you can expect, not every lens is available in every mount.
  • Two new Minolta mount lenses, the Zeiss T* 24-70 f2.8 and Sony 70-300 f4.5-5.6 G
  • Three new Pentax lenses under development and new Pentax lens roadmap
  • New Tamrons including SP 70-200 Di
  • Three new Nikon lenses (16-85 DX VR, 60mm Macro, 25mm PC-E)
  • Two new Canon lenses (EF 200 f2L IS USM, EF 800 f5.6: IS USM)
  • Two new Samsung clone lenses (18-250, 18-55 II)
  • Five new Pentax DA lens (three primes, two SDM and DA*, one macro, one limited, two affordable zooms)
  • More lens coverage coming in April 2008 (talk about long term planning!)

    PS1> Fuzzy Math: The numbers are the number of cameras per category. If four cameras are listed in one line, the number will jump from "1." to "5." in the next line.

    PS2> As of right now, we track cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Fuji, Olympus, Pentax, Casio, Panasonic, Samsung, Ricoh, Sigma, HP, and Leica and GE.

    PS3> We only track the manufacturers listed above. We do not track cameras from BenQ, Minox, Agfa, Yashica, Premier, Kenko, Norcent, Hello Kitty, DXG, Praktika, etc, etc, etc.

    PS4> If a model is listed in more than one category, instead of a number, it has a "*" next to its name after its first listing. Consider the Fuji S100 FS: It has a big zoom (long zoom category), starts at 28mm (wide angle category), and supports RAW (RAWsumer category). It only counts once in our grand total of 2008, but listed in all the applicable categories.

    PS5> To keep up with all the updates, be sure to bookmark this post, or add it to your bookmarks and favorites at Digg, Del.ic.ious, Stumble Upon, Mixx, Reddit, Furl, Magnolia, Photography Voter, Facebook, MySpace, et al.

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