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New Sony Alpha a5000 mirrorless camera with NEX (not SLR) looks for $600, January 6, 2014
The Sony CEO had the keynote speech tonight at CES 2014, so the Sony announcements are coming later than the other manufacturers. Sony's announcement is headlined by a new APS-C E-Mount mirrorless camera, the Sony Alpha a5000. Despite the "a5000"... Continue

Polaroid announces new Android Instant Zink Social Touchscreen Camera and various Wifi superzoom cameras (15x to 50x), January 6, 2014
And now time for another wave of CES 2014 camera announcements. We start with Polaroid. This time they did not copy any existing mirrorless designs, but announced a variety of fixed-lens superzoom Wifi digital cameras along with an Android-powered digital... Continue

Black Fuji X100S officially announced for $1300 as well, January 6, 2014
The silver color schemed Fuji X100S has been around for a few months, but now fans of black color scheme digital cameras can rejoice. Fuji officially announced a new all-black version of the X100S and it is available for pre-order... Continue

The new Fuji S1: first Weather Resistant (water, dust) 50X superzoom, January 6, 2014
We have another attempt by a camera manufacturer to stress the benefits of a stand-alone digital camera. Fuji announced today (perhaps the world's first) weather-resistant superzoom digital camera. And by superzoom it is a 50x optical zoom 24-1200mm f2.8-5.6 with... Continue

Fuji announces two new AA-powered EVF 50X superzooms (plus one 36x AA), January 6, 2014
If you are a fan of AA powered superzooms and you have been getting frustrated that camera manufacturers are shifting away from AA power, fear not. Fuji announced today three new AA-powered superzooms! Two of the three have a 50x... Continue

New Fuji XP70 elementproof with optional action wide converter lens (and two new pointless P&S), January 6, 2014
Waterproof/elementproof cameras have an advantage over smartphones in that most smartphones are not waterproof/elementproof, so it is not a bad idea for camera manufacturers to explore this segment and try to exploit this advantage. Fuji announced a new camera in... Continue

New Canon Elph 340 HS with Wifi and NFC for $200, January 6, 2014
Canon has also announced a brand new Elph digital camera, this too getting "blessed" by digital era necessities such as Wifi and NFC. It is the brand new Elph 340 HS, coming out in three colors, black, white and purple... Continue

New Canon SX600 HS Wifi NFC superzoom and camcorders and ultra-mobile printer and mini camcorder, January 6, 2014
The N100 is not the only camera announced by Canon at CES 2014. They added one more model to their superzoom line-up, it is the new Powershot SX600 HS. It will have a starting price of $250, in black or... Continue

New Canon Powershot N100 with NFC, Wifi, 12mp, 5x IS, touchscreen LCD, etc, January 6, 2014
Here we go! The parade of new product announcements has began! Canon has announced the new Powershot N100 digital camera in black or silver that offers an additional "story telling" camera on the back of the camera, right above the... Continue

New Samsung NX30 APS-C mirrorless camera with tilting EVF and rotating Display, January 2, 2014
In addition to the Samsung Galaxy 2 camera, Samsung also announced, while orbiting Planet CES 2014, the new NX30 mirrorless system camera, which becomes the new leader of the NX APS-C pack. If you are a fan of moving displays,... Continue

New Android camera: Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, January 2, 2014
Samsung is picking up where it left off in 2013 by starting 2014 wit a new round of everything-and-the-kitchen-sink announcements. New for 2014 is the new Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, an Android digital camera running Android 4.3. It has a... Continue

New Canon EOS-M2 mirrorless camera for Japan and China, December 4, 2013
Canon has announced their second mirrorless camera in their new EOS-M camera system, the new EOS-M2, but the new camera has only been announced in Japan and China. The new EOS-M2 promises better autofocusing and Wifi among other things. The... Continue

New in Japan: Casio EX-10 1/1.x" compact with DNG RAW, November 16, 2013
Casio was one of the first companies to jump on the digital camera bandwagon a few centuries ago, but while others moved on to larger sensor and interchangeable lens camera systems, Casio has been treading sideways for the most part.... Continue

New Nikon Df = a retro-styled 35mm full frame DSLR for $2700+, November 4, 2013
Once upon a time, we couldn't get camera manufacturers to even utter "35mm full frame" and "digital" in the same sentence. Nowadays, we can't stop them from releasing waves and waves of 35mm FF cameras. Today Nikon announces a brand... Continue

New Olympus Stylus 1 is a 1/1.7" rawsumer with 28-300mm eq f2.8 constant lens, October 28, 2013
Olympus has been slowly but steadily trying to upscale the image of "Stylus" in the digital era, and today, they have taken it to the next level, at least in terms of photographic-camera looks, with the new Stylus 1 digital... Continue


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