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New Fuji X-T1 weather-resistant mirrorless camera and three new weather-resistant lenses, January 27, 2014
Fuji has a new interchangeable mirrorless camera for the X system and this one is weather-resistant! You can read the press release at Fuji News and also check the detailed Fuji product page and also a dedicated X-T1 micro-site. Fuji... Continue

Quesabesde Gone Wild: Fuji X-E2 vs Olympus E-M5 vs Panasonic GX7 vs Sony NEX-7 Head to Head, January 16, 2014
If you love camera group comparisons, especially of the mirrorless kind, Quesabesde published a 4-way head-to-head comparison squaring off the Fuji X-E2 vs Olympus E-M5 vs Panasonic GX7 vs Sony NEX-7. This is a detailed comparison, with all kinds of... Continue

Kodak S1 (m43rds) detailed specs come out, January 16, 2014
More detailed specs of the first Kodak JK Imaging S1 micro four thirds mirrorless camera are now published on the interwebs, they are waiting for you, nicely organized at ePhotozine. One of the dangers of all these wishy-washy untested and... Continue

Nikon UK confesses their Mirrorless is having hard times outside Japan and Asia, January 16, 2014
A Nikon UK marketing director, interviewed at Amateur Photographer UK, confessed that the Nikon mirrorless system is having a hard time outside Japan and Asia where both compact-er and mirrorless cameras are popular. "... If we look at the market... Continue

Polaroid iM1836: a new mirrorless camera prototype at CES 2014 (that does not look like a Nikon J1), January 13, 2014
After getting legally slapped in the face by Nikon after they got caught cut-and-pasting the Nikon J1 design, the Polaroid "designers" went back to the clipboard drawing board and showed a new mirrorless camera design at CES 2014. Who did... Continue

Lunacy Limited Edition: Hasselblad Lunar Limited Edition (only 200 copies availalble), January 13, 2014
Once upon a time Hasselblad was a very respected photography company. Now they are the subject of ridicule with their "designer" editions of cameras only photophools drowning in money would buy. But if their previous photophools cameras were not "elite"... Continue

(ENDED) Ends by Tue 3am ET: Sony NEX-3N w/16-50mm for $290, January 13, 2014
This deal du jour expired... The main Gold Box deal of the day at Amazon is the new condition black Sony NEX-3N with 16-50mm offered for $290 with free shipping. This offer is good until Tuesday 1/14/14 at 3am ET... Continue

Dxomark evaluates the Canon EOS M2 mirrorless camera, January 10, 2014
We are working on a CES 2014 trade show floor mega-round-up (should be posted before 11:59pm NYC time tonight), but while doing that, we noticed the first measurable action on the new Canon EOS M2 mirrorless camera, a camera that... Continue

Curiosity Factor: Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5mm f1.2 gets completed review, samples (some RAW) and hands-on previews, January 9, 2014
The new Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5mm f1.2 micro four thirds prime lens was announced as a product (finally going beyond the development announcement) at CES 2014 and it cannot be accused of being vaporware. The lens has already picked up... Continue

Kodak (JK Imaging) Micro Four Thirds System officially announced, January 9, 2014
The world of micro four thirds is officially welcoming another company making cameras and lenses for the system. It is the ghost of Kodak, currently controlled by JK Imaging. The first camera in the system is the 17mp Kodak S1... Continue

Ricoh GXR system discontinued in the UK (and maybe elsewhere), January 9, 2014
In an interview with Amateur Photographer UK (AP UK) at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, a Ricoh UK director told AP UK that the Ricoh GXR system is discontinued in the UK market and perhaps elsewhere as well. This is... Continue

Interview: Olympus stopped DSLR development but may return later, January 9, 2014
In an interview with Amateur Photographer UK, Olympus planning manager Toshi Terada said that Olympus stopped DSLR development, has no plans for DSLRs, but they may return to DSLRs in the future with this precondition: "...once we can get a... Continue

JK Imaging (Kodak) talks to AP UK about their M43rds plans, January 7, 2014
Earlier today we mentioned the CNet hands-on with the new Kodak S1 m43rds mirrorless camera. Now Amateur Photographer UK has updated their Kodak/JK Imaging report with more details about JK Imaging's plans for their M43rds mirrorless camera line with an... Continue

Panasonic says next GH camera will record 4K video and cost under $2K, January 7, 2014
Engadget used advanced interrogation techniques to get Panasonic to reveal that their next GH-series digital camera will be able to record 4K video at 200 Mbps and save to UHS III SDXC cards or feed via mini-HDMI. The price will... Continue

Kodak (JK Imaging) shows 17mp Kodak S1 M43rds camera, January 7, 2014
The original Rochester Kodak was part of Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds but never released an actual 43M43 camera. Now the Kodak cameras name is owned by JK Imaging and this made-for-licensing company is showing a 17mp Kodak S1... Continue


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