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Hasselblad Trade Show Floor round-up: H5D, Lunar, Sony relationship, and Lunar controversy (price, ugliness), September 19, 2012
And now it is time to round up Hasselblad, a company that managed to get more of the spotlight than they usually do thanks to their new luxury mirrorless Lunar camera and their new long term co-operation agreement with Sony...... Continue

New 645DF+ medium format body by Phase One Mamiya Leaf (and SK 28/4.5 lens), September 17, 2012
The Leica S is not the only new medium format camera announced at Photokina 2012. The train that is Phase One Mamiya Leaf has announced the new 645DF+ camera body that proclaims support for 50+ digital backs and 80+ lenses.... Continue

New Leica S medium format and three MF lenses, September 17, 2012
Leica is not done yet! They have announced a new Leica S medium format camera and four medium format lenses to go with it! The new Leica S has a 37.5 megapixel CCD sensor (30x45). Leica S Medium Format camera... Continue

Arca-Swiss announces Rm3d Factum, LulF, Rl3di, Monoballs, e-module, September 16, 2012
Not to be confused with Alpa and the recently announced Alpa 12 FPS, Arca-Swiss has announced three main new products and a three more auxiliary. You can find them summarized at Photoscala (computer-translated). After some crafty googling, we found an... Continue

New ALPA 12 FPS (focal plane shutter), September 14, 2012
Continuing with the Photokina 2012 announcement wave, we have a new modular piece from Alpa, the Alpa 12 FPS. FPS in this case does not stand for frames per second, but rather, focal plane shutter. It is interesting that medium... Continue

New Rolleiflex Hy6 Mod2 and twin-lens FX-N MF TLR (film) and Electronic Shutter, September 11, 2012
The Rolleiflex brand has announced three new products today in the build-up to the Photokina 2012 trade show: + the Rolleiflex Hy6 Mod2 + the twin-lens Rolleiflex FX-N medium format 6x6 TLR film camera + the DHL Electronic Shutter No.... Continue

New Hasselblad H5D medium format camera officially announced, September 11, 2012
Hasselblad has just announced via press release the brand new Hasselblad H5D medium format camera! The camera will be officially announced at Photokina 2012 on Tuesday September 18 at 2pm Photokina time. The H5D will be available in multiple megapixel... Continue

New Pentax 645 lens: 90mm f2.8 FA D ED SR AW HD Macro Stabilized, September 10, 2012
Stabilize this! Pentax has announced a new lens for their 645 medium format system, and surprise-surprise, this new lens is optically stabilized! It is the new 90mm f2.8 FA D lens, with these additional chains hanging from its neck: ED,... Continue

Two Duels: Nikon D800s vs Medium Format cameras, July 30, 2012
The Nikon D800s (the D800 and D800e as a group) have thrown down the glovelet (glove + gauntlet) and have challenged the world of medium format cameras. Two independent duels have been posted the last couple of days: + Nikon... Continue

Curiosity factor: Pentax 645D vs Nokia Pureview 808 (both around 40mp~), July 30, 2012
And now something you/we don't see every day. A comparison that would not have been possible a few weeks ago, but it is possible now. A clash of two 40~-megapixels cameras! And they couldn't be any more different! It is... Continue

Hasselblad sending invitations for September 18 Photokina press conference, July 24, 2012
Hasselblad is sending invitations for a Tuesday September 18, 2012 press conference at Photokina in Cologne/Koln::Germany. If you want to try to read between the lines, the first two paragraphs have the meat: "In 2002 at photokina Hasselblad launched the... Continue

New Digital Back announcement: 48.8mp Sinar eXact (up to 192mp), July 16, 2012
Don't you forget about us sings the world of Medium Format with a new product announcement today from Sinar, the 48.8 megapixel eXact (their spelling), which can use multi-shot mode to go up to 192-megapixels (nearly 4x of 48.8mp). It... Continue

Hasselblad drops medium format prices by up to 23%, May 20, 2012
Hasselblad has announced price reductions on a number of their H-series models, with discounts up to 23% in both Europe and the USA market. See the new prices at and press release action at Imaging Insider and British Journal... Continue

From the Joan Collins department: Hasselblad celebrates Leica adapter, May 14, 2012
If this was a cartoon, it would have a giant Meow! bubble at the end. Hasselblad is celebrating with a press release the launch of a Leica adapter for S-series Leica bodies to use Hasselblad H-series lenses. You don't have... Continue

Leica announces five new medium format lenses (and H-series adapter), May 10, 2012
Not waiting for Photokina, Leica is. And not forgetting their new medium format system they are! They have announced six new lenses for their medium format S-system, along with an adapter for the Hasselblad H-series. (Hasselblad H-series lenses on Leica... Continue


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