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Oldest DSLRs and iLCs waiting for a replacement (visual presentation), March 27, 2013
It has been raining new interchangeable lens cameras the last few months, but not all previously released cameras have been replaced. In this post, we have a chart that shows the oldest iLCs that have not yet been replaced. Some... Continue

Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera specs leak on the internets! [updated with hands-on video], July 22, 2012
UPDATE July-23-2012 at 12:12am NYC time The new Canon Mirrorless Camera System is now officially announced. Check the official details in our Announcement Round-up. This blog-post will no longer be updated. Leaks/rumors after the jump for reference purposes only... UPDATE... Continue

Visual Recap: 20 most recent Interchangeable Lens Camera announcements, July 19, 2012
Now that we have digested the new Panasonic announcements, it is time to look at the big picture in the Interchangeable Lens Camera market. This time we let the visual imagery do the talking, here is a live chart of... Continue

The 20 most recent DSLRs and iLCs (live chart), June 12, 2011
And now time for some geekery! Did you ever wonder which were the 20 most recent DSLR/iLC camera announcements? Wonder no more! We have a new live chart for you that lists them. The blue bars are the number of... Continue

Visualize this: the 35mm full frame digital cameras since 2002, March 27, 2011
2002 was one of the most influential years in the world of digital cameras, we had the first wave of reasonably priced DSLRs (around $2000) during the PMA season and the start of the short-lived CaNiKon vs Kodak full frame... Continue

A visual look at the age of DSLRs and iLC/mirrorless cameras, March 21, 2011
And now it is time to take a visual look at the current state of affairs in the DSLR/interchangeable-lens camera world! A picture is worth 1000 words, and it would probably take that many words to describe what the charts... Continue

The Age of DSLRs and iLCs: a new visual self-updating reference page (BETA), October 18, 2010
We have new visual reference page that shows the comparative age of the most recent DSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras. This is a live self-updating chart, the camera age is automatically updated every day. The starting point is the official... Continue


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