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leica m9 archives (84 posts)

Leica debates revisited after Shooting with the M9p article at dpreview, May 6, 2012
We close Sunday's opinion theme with a new article at dpreview, Shooting with the Leica M9p, a 3-person 5-page report on shooting with digital rangefinders and specifically the Leica M9p. The article in itself is of interest, but then, the... Continue

Hot Cameras Sleepless Nights: Canon G1x, Olympus E-M5, K-01, M9p, P7100, etc, February 20, 2012
Time to round-up the action with some of the latest "hot cameras" that are giving some photographers "sleepless nights". Canon G1x + new reviews at What Digital Camera and Pocket Lint and Digital Camera Info and CNet Reviews + reference:... Continue

Samples: Canon G1x and Leica M9p (studio) and Fuji X-S1 (real-world), February 2, 2012
Samples time! Put on your pixel-peeping glasses and clean the monitors! There are new sets of samples from the following hot cameras du jour: + Canon G1x studio test samples (JPEG and RAW) at Imaging Resource + Leica M9p studio... Continue

Interview: Leica USA with Diglloyd, January 23, 2012
Having an interview withdrawl after CES-PMA? Fear not! has published an interview with Leica USA, discussing the M-system and the M9*. The interview is free to read, it is not part of the subscribers-only content. Continue

Reviews (X10, GXR, etc) and Duels (M9 vs NEX-7, GXR A12 M- vs NEX-5n), December 19, 2011
Let's look at what the Monday review cat brought in! For completed lens reviews, check the lens reviews mini-site and for completed camera reviews check the camera reviews mini-site... Duels + Leica M9 vs Sony NEX-7 Resolution comparison episode #2... Continue

Reviews (NEX-7 vs Leica M9, GX1, X10, etc) & Samples (Zeiss 24/1.8, SLR Gear 23/1.7), December 14, 2011
We have another relatively-quiet reviewalia day, so according to the very unscientific Review Volume Predictor Indicator, the chances of an announcement are elevated and the chances of rain are 40% ;-) Interchangeables + resolution duel: Sony NEX-7 versus Leica M9... Continue

In-progress Reviews (NEX-7, NX200) & Hands-Ons (X10, X100, XZ1, C300) & ISO comparisons (GX1, X10) & Samples (GXR) & Versus (S100 vs X10), December 7, 2011
This is part #2 of the "Catch-up-a-thon". Part #1 was a mega-roundup of completed reviews. This is part #2, rounding up hands-on, partial/in-progress reviews, samples, previews, and such... This post uses a slightly different format (we try to use a... Continue

Reviews (Samsung NX200, Canon S100, etc) [added: A77, WX9 ], November 17, 2011
Time to catch up with today's new round of reviewalia! Interchangeables + SamsuNg NX200 at ephotozine + Sony Alpha A77 at Techradar + Nikon J1 short review at PDN + Leica M9 for street photography at Erik Kim + Pentax... Continue

Video Interviews: Fuji X10, Canon 1D X + Westfall, Sony 24mp, Leica M9p, November 2, 2011
Tired of chasing those crawling ants on the display? How about some video action? + Fuji X10: Brandon Remler video interviewed at Through the Looking Glass - listen carefully at 1m 54 seconds, he says "Fuji has controlled all the... Continue

Stefan Daniel of Leica interviewed at Megapixel, October 25, 2011
Interview fans, rejoice! Leica's Stefan Daniel has been interviewed at Megapixel, the interview is in English, in text-format. All sorts of interesting tidbits, including a custom-built 1600mm f5.6 lens for an oil sheik. He also notes that a Leica mirrorless... Continue

Reviews (645D, A77, NEX-7, -5n, Nikon V1, J1, M9, X10 samples, etc), October 19, 2011
Now that we caught up with most of the news, it is time for a big reviews and previews and samples catch-up-a-thon. This edition is longer than usual! iLCs (APS-C and above) + Sony Alpha A77 at Photo Club Alpha... Continue

Reviews (Phase One IQ180 digital-back Dxomark, K-5, GF3, superzooms, etc), October 15, 2011
And now let's check some of the latest reviews. Lots of superzooms are part of today's action, along with the Dxomark-ing of a digital back, and lots mo(i)re... Interchangeable Things + Phase One IQ 180 digital back RAW sensor data... Continue

Reviews (NEX-7 first look, E-P3, superzooms, etc), October 12, 2011
Today's latest reviewalia action is highlighted by a Sony NEX-7 first look and ISO comparison, along with the usual mirrorless + superzoom review action... Interchangeable Lens Cameras + Sony NEX-7 first look and ISO comparison (vs E-P3, X100) at Steve... Continue

Reviews & Hands-ons (A77, Q, M9P, NEX-C3, GXR A12 M, VF3, FZ150, etc), September 14, 2011
Time for another look at the latest reviewalia. For lens reviews, as usual, check the lens reviews stream. Big Iron + Sony Alpha A77 first look at DCR + hands-on with Hasselblad H4D-200MS at ePhotoZine No Mirror No Cry +... Continue

Reviews (SD1, D5100, E-P3, M9, IQ180, superzooms, etc), August 24, 2011
Time to check some of the latest reviews, and after that, we will have a "morning after" catch-up-a-thon wiht the Sony Big Bang! Lens reviews as usual can be found at the lens reviews warehouse. + Sigma SD1 at X3... Continue


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