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leica EVIL compact system archives (6 posts)

Leica teases "Mini M" with a June 11 announcement day - is this their Mirrorless System?, May 23, 2013
The official Leica website has a teaser that promises a "new Leica Family Member" on June 11th, and the picture below calls this the "Mini M", slotted in-between the Leica M-series and the Leica X-series (APS-C Big Sensor Primes). Is... Continue

AP UK and BJP hold Leica accountable for Mirrorless denials, October 10, 2012
As you may recall recalling, in an earlier joint interview in June 2011 with Amateur Photographer UK and British Journal of Photography, two well-known photography magazines, Leica executives said that a compact system camera system from Leica was going to... Continue

Reading Berlin Tea Leaves: no Leica mirrorless in 2012, M10 at Photokina with HD video, May 11, 2012
Olivier Laurent and The British Journal of Photography were at the Berlin Leica launch event and talked to a number of Leica people there. Based on their talks, they have two "reading the tea leaves" types of articles, one says... Continue

Stefan Daniel of Leica interviewed at Megapixel, October 25, 2011
Interview fans, rejoice! Leica's Stefan Daniel has been interviewed at Megapixel, the interview is in English, in text-format. All sorts of interesting tidbits, including a custom-built 1600mm f5.6 lens for an oil sheik. He also notes that a Leica mirrorless... Continue

Interview: Leica UK on upcoming 2012 mirrorless (by Tech Radar), July 28, 2011
Tech Radar has published an interview with a Leica UK representative discussing the upcoming 2012 new Leica mirrorless camera creature. The interview takes some interesting twist and turns, with mentions of pricing, M-compatibility and the possibility of the camera having... Continue

Leica developing new compact EVIL camera system for Photokina 2012, June 22, 2011
It is "Compact Systems on Parade"! At a formal event with the photography press in Paris, the Leica Chiefs said that Leica will launch a new compact camera system at Photokina 2012 (please note this year is 2011!). Read all... Continue


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