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kodak archives (129 posts)

Kodak S1 (m43rds) detailed specs come out, January 16, 2014
More detailed specs of the first Kodak JK Imaging S1 micro four thirds mirrorless camera are now published on the interwebs, they are waiting for you, nicely organized at ePhotozine. One of the dangers of all these wishy-washy untested and... Continue

Kodak (JK Imaging) Micro Four Thirds System officially announced, January 9, 2014
The world of micro four thirds is officially welcoming another company making cameras and lenses for the system. It is the ghost of Kodak, currently controlled by JK Imaging. The first camera in the system is the 17mp Kodak S1... Continue

Kodak (JK Imaging) announces two new Sensor-Lens modules for smartphones, January 9, 2014
The Sony QX-series was the first attempt by a major camera manufacturer to provide sensor-lens modules that can be attached to smartphones and co-operate with the smartphones via apps. Fast forward to now at CES 2014, and we have a... Continue

Kodak (JK Imaging) dethrones Samsung with new 65x optical zoom digital camera, January 9, 2014
Samsung briefly held the "zoom ratio wars" crown earlier in the week with the announcement of their new WB2220F (60x optical zoom), but they didn't hold on to the crown for too long. JK Imaging announced a new 65x optical... Continue

JK Imaging (Kodak) talks to AP UK about their M43rds plans, January 7, 2014
Earlier today we mentioned the CNet hands-on with the new Kodak S1 m43rds mirrorless camera. Now Amateur Photographer UK has updated their Kodak/JK Imaging report with more details about JK Imaging's plans for their M43rds mirrorless camera line with an... Continue

Kodak (JK Imaging) shows 17mp Kodak S1 M43rds camera, January 7, 2014
The original Rochester Kodak was part of Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds but never released an actual 43M43 camera. Now the Kodak cameras name is owned by JK Imaging and this made-for-licensing company is showing a 17mp Kodak S1... Continue

Three Kodak-branded M43rds Primes spotted at Photo Plus Expo (25mm f0.95, 50mm f1.1, 8mm f3 fish) with pictures of and pictures taken with, October 25, 2013
A trio of Kodak-branded Micro Four Thirds prime lenses were spotted at the Photo Plus Expo 2013 in New York by Theblographer who has a detailed report with pictures of the lenses and pictures taken with the lenses. The three... Continue

"Nu Kodak" will continue selling Film (1.5 interviews), September 25, 2013
The "nu Kodak" (currently going by the name of "Kodak Alaris") is going to continue selling film! A Kodak Alaris representative told the British Journal of Photography, " people can expect us to sell what we have sold before, plus... Continue

New CMOS sensor from ex-Kodak TrueSense Imaging: 12mp 4/3" 4.7um KAC-12040 with global and rolling shutter, September 17, 2013
True Sense Imaging (formerly Kodak's sensor business) is rolling out (ha!) their first CMOS sensor, the 12-megapixel KAC-12040 CMOS Image Sensor with 4.7um pixels, 4/3" optical format, and global and rolling shutter. You can find detailed specifications in the two... Continue

Kodak officially out of bankruptcy, now commercial printing company (also: interview with CEO), September 3, 2013
Kodak has officially survived Chapter 11 proceedings (bankruptcy) and it is emerging as a commercial printing company. The current CEO is interviewed on the past, present and future by the Associated Press Big Story. Details on the bankruptcy emergence via... Continue

Kodak's plan to get out of bankruptcy approved by judge, August 21, 2013
Good news on the attempts to save Kodak's ghost! The bankruptcy judge in charge of the situation approved Kodak's plan to emerge out of bankruptcy proceedings! Details via The Bloomberg and The Verge and The CNet. Continue

Kodak branded M43rds mirrorless coming at some point in 2014, July 15, 2013
The ephotozine new Kodak camera post also notes that Kodak is now planning to release a Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera at some point in 2014. No further details were given. Both Kodak and Polaroid previously made some mirrorless noise... Continue

Kodak brand announces two more superzooms and three more entry-levels, July 15, 2013
We already mentioned the new Kodak 52x superzoom fixed lens digital camera, but the owners of the Kodak camera brand name are not done! They have also announced two superzooms, the AZ361 (36x) and the AZ251 (25x) and three FZ-series... Continue

New Kodak 52x optical zoom camera, the PixPro AZ521 (with hands-on report), July 9, 2013
The Kodak brand is under a new regime and this new regime has released a new superzoom camera with a zoom-wars-inspired 52x optical zoom lens (24-1248mm equivalent). A 16mp CMOS sensor but no RAW. Announcement at ePhotozine which also posted... Continue

Kodak selling scanning business to Brother for around $210m, April 15, 2013
The unbundling of Kodak continues with news now that Kodak is planning to sell its scanning business to Brother for around $210 million USD. The deal is pending Bankruptcy Court approval with a June 2013 approval estimate. Details via Engadget... Continue


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