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Interviews with Sony at Imaging Resource and DSLR Magazine [updated], February 10, 2013
The Interview Party continues at Imaging Resource with their interview with Sony! The interview covers a number of topics, including the Sony RX1, the question of a universal RAW format, the megapixel race, Sony A99 vs A900 processor comparisons (!),... Continue

Interview with Tamron Japan at PentaxForums (short video), February 5, 2013
Tamron is getting some interview love at Pentax Forums where they interview a Tamron Japan representative talking about lens plans and even answering a question about the possibility of an Adaptall revival. So if you want an Adaptall digital revival,... Continue

Interview with Panasonic at dpreview, February 4, 2013
Dpreview had a review double feature today, the main dish being their Panasonic interview where the Panasonic duo is relatively candid about the geopolitical spaghetti that is their Micro Four Thirds camera line up. The GF1 gets a shout out... Continue

Interview with Casio: no mirrorless but larger sensor compacts in future, February 4, 2013
Interview time again! This time it is dpreview who took the task of interviewing Casio about their position in the digital camera market. Casio has made attempts at serious cameras (who can forget the $1000 high-speed EX-F1?), but they have... Continue

Pentax signals Full Frame in video interview at PentaxForums, February 4, 2013
PentaxForums interviewed Pentax at CP+ and the Pentax interviewee signaled that the Pentax hierarchy is embracing full frame digital cameras. This was a pre-scheduled interview, so we can be certain the Pentax guys were very careful about what they were... Continue

Interview with Fuji at Imaging Resource, February 2, 2013
The Imaging Resource CES and PMA 2013 interview party continues, this time they interview Fuji's Kayce Baker. Just like before, this is an in-depth interview, covering the Fuji X cameras, both iLCies and Fixedies (Fixed Lens Cameras) along with superzooms,... Continue

Interview: Olympus at dpreview at CP+ 2013, February 2, 2013
dpreview has published their second interview from CP Plus 2013, this time with Olympus featuring Toshi Terada. The Olympus dude says Four Thirds products coming this year, both for the lenses (read: camera(s) that can utilize them) and also for... Continue

Revealing Canon interview with dpreview on future of full frame, APS-C, serious compacts, February 1, 2013
Canon's Masaya Maeda had a very revealing interview with dpreview discussing the future of semi-pro DSLRs (APS-C vs Full Frame) and compacts with larger sensors - among other topics. Judging by the interview, a 70D APS-C dSLR is likely coming,... Continue

Lenses meta-killed the professional Kodak DSLRs according to interview, January 25, 2013
An interview with Kodak general manager Dennis Olbrich at Amateur Photographer UK reveals that the lack of lens manufacturing capabilities was the key decision point that led to the shutdown zero of the Kodak professional DSLR business in the middle... Continue

Imaging Resource interviews Pentax: Lenses, DSLRs, FF, Mirrorless, Ricoh, MX1, etc, January 16, 2013
Back to Pentax, Pentaxian1, the Jedi name for John Carlson of Pentax Marketing, was interviewed in detail at Imaging Resource during the CES + PMA 2013 trade show. Here is the long detailed interview at Imaging Resource. It covers all... Continue

Imaging Resource interviews Panasonic: M43rds, video, NFC, sensors, AF, Lenses, etc, January 14, 2013
We interrupt the digesting of the digests with an interview alert! As promised last week, Imaging Resource interviewed a number of digital camera manufacturers, and now they have began publishing the interviews online! The first one to be published is... Continue

Polaroid Saga continues: Sensor found in Camera Body (also: rewatch Engadget interview), January 9, 2013
Never a dull moment with the new Polaroid mirrorless system. It appears the whole internet may have to use its collective wisdom in order to figure out what these cameras really are ;-) At the bottom of the hands-on report... Continue

Live Interview with Polaroid CEO: Wednesday at 4pm New York City time, January 8, 2013
This is a reminder! On Wednesday at 4pm New York City time (1pm Vegas time), Engadget will be hosting a live interview with the current Polaroid CEO. There is also a live chat room at the aforelinked page, so that... Continue

Ask the Camera Companies Questions via Imaging Resource, January 7, 2013
Imaging Resource is planning to interview seven major digital camera manufacturers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and they are collecting questions from photographers. So if you have something you want to ask, be sure to let Imaging Resource know!. The... Continue

Mark your calendars: Engadget live interviews with RED and Polaroid, January 7, 2013
Mark your calendars! Engadget has scheduled two camera-related live interviews at CES + PMA 2013 in Vegas! Here they are: + Tuesday Jan 8 at 4pm NYC time with RED co-founder Ted S. + Wedn Jan 9 at 4pm NYC... Continue


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