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Nikon UK confesses their Mirrorless is having hard times outside Japan and Asia, January 16, 2014
A Nikon UK marketing director, interviewed at Amateur Photographer UK, confessed that the Nikon mirrorless system is having a hard time outside Japan and Asia where both compact-er and mirrorless cameras are popular. "... If we look at the market... Continue

Ricoh GXR system discontinued in the UK (and maybe elsewhere), January 9, 2014
In an interview with Amateur Photographer UK (AP UK) at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, a Ricoh UK director told AP UK that the Ricoh GXR system is discontinued in the UK market and perhaps elsewhere as well. This is... Continue

Interview: Olympus stopped DSLR development but may return later, January 9, 2014
In an interview with Amateur Photographer UK, Olympus planning manager Toshi Terada said that Olympus stopped DSLR development, has no plans for DSLRs, but they may return to DSLRs in the future with this precondition: "...once we can get a... Continue

In-depth interview with Olympus at Imaging Resource, October 24, 2013
Interview time! Put on your reading glasses and a brew some "Reading Between the Lines" tea! An in-depth interview with Olympus is now out at Imaging Resource talking E-M1, OMDs, mirrorless, the past, the present, the future and so much... Continue

"Nu Kodak" will continue selling Film (1.5 interviews), September 25, 2013
The "nu Kodak" (currently going by the name of "Kodak Alaris") is going to continue selling film! A Kodak Alaris representative told the British Journal of Photography, " people can expect us to sell what we have sold before, plus... Continue

Kodak officially out of bankruptcy, now commercial printing company (also: interview with CEO), September 3, 2013
Kodak has officially survived Chapter 11 proceedings (bankruptcy) and it is emerging as a commercial printing company. The current CEO is interviewed on the past, present and future by the Associated Press Big Story. Details on the bankruptcy emergence via... Continue

Opinion Soup: Photographer Interviews Edition, August 26, 2013
There were many photographer interviews the last few days, and the latest Opinion Soup grew too long, so the Photographer Interviews have gotten their own spin-off show. We also include "satellite" interviews. No, not actual satellites, but people involved with... Continue

Lytro promises more products in 2014, including professional photographer features, August 12, 2013
In a text based interview posted at the SF Gate Tech Chronicles, the current Lytro CEO promises that 2014 will see a lot of new products from Lytro. One of Lytro's funders [funders, not founders] is quoted promising "at least... Continue

Reading Assignment: Canon's 8-page interview with Dual Pixel Autofocus developers, July 25, 2013
And now, a reading assignment! Canon published an eight page interview with six of the developers of the Dual Pixel Auto Focus (DPAF) system which is the highlight of the new Canon 70D DSLR. You can find the link to... Continue

Nikon wants to change the concept of cameras as it tries to adjust to the new smartphone reality, July 8, 2013
Bloomberg interviewed Nikon President Makoto Kimura on the 4th of July at Nikon's home court in Tokyo, and the Nikon El Presidente addressed the elephant in the room, the onslaught of smartphones with cameras and the decline of the point... Continue launches in-Engish website, video-interviews Nikon, June 23, 2013 launched a new in-english camera and photography website and as part of the launch festivities, they have a 17-minute video interview with Nikon talking Nikon D7100 and Coolpix A big-sensor-prime. You can also find the video in their... Continue

Interview: Leica head of Photo talks Medium Format with Forbes, May 9, 2013
If your name is Stephan, the chances are you will have a great career path at Leica ;-) Head of Professional Photo Stephan Schult, not to be confused with Stephan Daniel, gave a two page interview to Forbes talking about... Continue

(ENDED) Scott Kelby's Live Adobe Interview and Sneak Peek starts at 4pm NYC time, May 1, 2013
Between 4pm and 5pm New York City time today, Scott Kelby had a live interview and sneak peek with Adobe's Tom Hogarty today May-1-2013. It was a live broadcast at Kelby's The Grid website or directly on UStream. If you... Continue

Android was originally a software platform/OS for Cameras (as of 2004), April 16, 2013
Android is in many many smartphones these days, but in the early days of Android, Android was looking at digital cameras and the connection between digital cameras and computers, a software platform or operating system of sorts. This in 2004.... Continue

Interview with analyst: Sony focusing on Imaging Sensor Technology expansion in 2013, February 10, 2013
CNBC (the business TV channel) has a 4-minute video interview with analyst Mykola Golovko of Euromonitor International discussing the future of Sony. He distills it to this: Sony will focus and expansion their Imaging Sensor technology in 2013 as their... Continue


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