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Review Train (Canon 7D, Sony NEX-5, Fuji HS10, superzooms, comparisons, and many more), August 12, 2010
And now time for a super-sized edition of the "Review Train". The fries are on the house ;-) We start with a photographer-priority experiential straight-to-the-point review of the Canon 7D by photographer and author Kirk Tuck at his Visual Science... Continue

GE digital cameras invade the UK, June 10, 2010
GE has flooded the market with P&S camera models that look, for the most part, like other cameras out there, coming from OEM paradise. After invading Japan, they are now invading the UK with their 2010 lineup. It's mostly P&S... Continue

GE reveals eleven new cameras (including superzoom, waterproof, HSN), February 21, 2010
GE has revealed ten new digital cameras, including one model with 4gb and 8gb built-in memory. Continue

Role reversal: GE invades Japan, greeted by "ISO bunny", July 9, 2009
DC-Watch mentions the launch of GE digital cameras in Japan and takes a close look at the GE E1255w, a boxy compact that starts at 28mm wide. Continue


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