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GE archives (19 posts)

Photo Counter discovers: JK Imaging and General Imaging have the exact same address, January 22, 2013
Photo Counter Australia continues their interesting research into the mysterious company that purchased the license to sell Kodak branded digital cameras. This time their research finds an interesting link between JK Imaging and General Imaging, the company that is handling... Continue

New GE X600 superzoom (26x) with 14mp Aptina CMOS sensor, September 30, 2012
As you can see at the Cameras of 2012 (swimsuit edition), we had over 70 new superzoom digital cameras this year (so far). And some of them look-a-like. Joining the look-a-like party is the new GE (General Electric) washing machine... Continue

Also announced: new superzooms and P&S from Kodak and GE, January 10, 2012
Time to catch up with a handful of P&S digital cameras we missed last night from Kodak and GE! We start with Kodak! In addition to the previously mentioned Wifi M-570, Kodak has announced a few more digital cameras. They... Continue

Kodak hopes patent sales can prevent looming Chapter 11 bankruptcy, January 4, 2012
The Wall Street Journal posted earlier today an update on the Kodak saga. According to WSJ's sources, Kodak is heading towards Chapter 11 bankruptcy as their efforts to sell their patents are stalled by stalled negotiations over the vs Apple... Continue

Former Olympus CEO wants current Olympus board to go away, December 3, 2011
The Olympus saga continues, with the former CEO Woodward visiting Japan and calling for the current board of directions to step down as they have been "tainted" by the scandal. Detailed coverage at Amateur Photographer UK, which has on-going coverage... Continue

Also (new JVC hybrid, new GEs, new Toshiba Flip-stick, Kodak celebration, SD15, etc), September 2, 2011
And now let's round up some of the other happenings from the last few days. We have new cameras from GE, a new hybrid from JVC, a Flip "competitor" from Toshiba, and more... + new JVC-PX10 stills/video hybrid with stills... Continue

Reviews (GF3, E-P3, TZ19, superzooms), July 25, 2011
And now time for a Monday morning review round-up! Lens reviews, as usual, can be found at the lens reviews boutique, and M43rds-centric reviews at Interchangeable Lens Cameras + Panasonic GF3 at DC Resource + Olympus E-P3 at CNet... Continue

GE launches two compact-zooms (15x, 10x) with Aptina CMOS sensor and 10fps, June 25, 2011
The Australian PMA trade show saw the announcement of three new GE digital cameras, two of which are of general interest because, according to the press release, they are "incorporating Aptina™ A-Pix™ CMOS pixel technology" which allows for 10fps burst... Continue

Reviews Etc (D5100, NX11, GF2 vs E-PL2, FZ100 vs FZ45, etc), April 21, 2011
And now time to catch up with the latest reviews from the photo-blogo-sphere! We start with a M43rds duel at PixiQ by Peter K. Burian, it is the Olympus E-PL2 vs the Panasonic GF2. iLCs + Nikon D5100 ISO comparison... Continue

Reviews Etc (Panasonic GH2, Sigma SD15, Fuji F550exr, XZ1, P500, etc), April 7, 2011
Let's see what the review cat has brought in today! We start with an on-going review for the Fuji F550-EXR posted by photographer Kim Letkeman on his blog. It has 19 parts so far and going! To start reading from... Continue

GE planning to launch interchangeable lens system in 2011?, March 30, 2011
The action continues with GE! According to CNet Asia, GE is looking to launch an interchangeable lens system in 2011! This came from a spokesperson of the GE distributor in Singapore. Specifics have not been revealed. (this is not an... Continue

Action from the CP+ trade show floor (Cosina, JVC GC-PX1, M43rds, etc), February 10, 2011
The CP+ Trade show continues in Japan, and it is now time to round-up some of the latest postings from the internets. If you are just now catching up, check the announcement summary and yesterday's trade show floor round-up. Here... Continue

CES 2011 catch-up-a-thon: GE, Vivitar, Lady Polaroid, memory cards, etc, January 10, 2011
Time to catch up with some of the other new camera/photography-related product announcements at CES 2011 that we haven't already mentioned. New Cameras + at least 7 new GE cameras headlined by X500 superzoom - see at Photography Blog, PLint,... Continue

Review Train (Nikon D3100 studio samples, Sony A33, Canon S95, Lumix G2, etc), October 7, 2010
Photokina meant more new cameras, and now new-cameras are finding themselves in reviewer's hands. So time for a new edition of the "Review Train". If you are curious about the Nikon D3100, it looks like Imaging Resource is working towards... Continue

GE joins Nikon in the cameras-with-projectors club with the new PJ1, September 24, 2010
GE has become the second well-known brand to offer a built-in projector with a digital camera when they announced their new PJ1. So far Nikon has been the only one, they started the party last year with the Coolpix S1000pj... Continue


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