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full frame DSLRs archives (61 posts)

Rumors: Front and back picture of alleged Nikon D800 leak!, November 19, 2011
Pictures of the front and back of the rumored Nikon D800 36mp full frame dSLR have appeared on the internets! Check them out at Nikon Rumors! Continue

Leica M9 review at PDN Gear Guide, November 3, 2009
PDN Gear Guide has published their review of the Leica M9. Continue

Scary Nikon D3s ISO-range crops (updated), November 2, 2009
A full ISO range comparison crop series of images taken with the D3s at the NYC Circus event sponsored by Nikon are posted by the Professional Photographer magazine. Continue

Sony A850 review at, November 1, 2009
SLRClub has posted their review of the Sony Alpha A850 35mm full-frame DSLR! Continue

Nikon D3s sings Ozzy Osbourne, October 31, 2009
PhotoInduced has posted samples with the D3s and 70-200 VR II lens at the circus event in the NYC. Continue

Sony Alpha A850 review and first impressions, October 25, 2009
A new review at Photocrati and a hands-on first impressions report at Photography Bay are available now for the Sony Alpha A850. Continue

The FF DSLR vs Medium-Format price-gap evaporates with the new Aptus II 5, October 15, 2009
Leaf Imaging officially announces the new Aptus II 5 digital back, going for $8000, with a complete camera kit going for $10000. Continue

Nikon D3s previews, samples and more, October 14, 2009
Before we get started, we have something new for you, the brand new Nikon D3s Reference page. This is a static page with as much useful information about the D3s as we can find. It will be updated as we... Continue

Sony A850 review by PhotoReview, October 14, 2009
Photo Review has posted their take on the Sony Alpha A850. What did they find? Continue

Nikon D3s is officially announced (also new 85mm f3.5G DX VR lens), October 13, 2009
The Nikon D3s is officially announced, along with a new 85mm f3.5 DX VR lens. Continue

Nikon D700 with 24-120mm VR drops to $2700, October 4, 2009
The Nikon D700 kit with the 24-120mm VR lens has dropped $300 to $2700! Continue

Leica M9 review by Steve Huff, September 29, 2009
Steve Huff has just posted a 13-page review of the Leica M9! Continue

Canon Big Daddy (1Ds Mk3) gets a new review, September 29, 2009
Photocrati has just posted a new review of the Canon 1Ds Mark III. The review is posted by Jack Neubart. Continue

Sony A850 review at Let's Go Digital, September 27, 2009
Let's Go Digital has posted their findings on the Sony Alpha A850, a 35mm full-frame DSLR! Continue

Rumor: Sony A1R mega-DSLR with 35-megapixel full-frame sensor says FotoActualidad, September 20, 2009
There is a big rumor with specs for a 35mm full-frame 35-megapixel Sony Alpha A1R DSLR! Continue


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