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fuji x100 archives (137 posts)

Black Fuji X100 Limited Edition officially announced, January 9, 2012
Fuji has just announced a Limited Edition black color Fuji X100! They will only make 10,000 of these with a continental Europe price of 1500 euro. Details at Fuji Canada, Le Monde de la Photo, Focus Numerique, Photography Blog, Quesabesde,... Continue

Reviews (NEX-7, V1, J1, X10, S100, etc) & Duels (X10 vs X100), December 18, 2011
Time to recap the latest reviews, previews, samples and such of the last few days. But first, a PBS-style e-fundraiser (no tote bags I'm afraid): if you find this blog helpful, be sure to make some of your purchases through... Continue

In-progress Reviews (NEX-7, NX200) & Hands-Ons (X10, X100, XZ1, C300) & ISO comparisons (GX1, X10) & Samples (GXR) & Versus (S100 vs X10), December 7, 2011
This is part #2 of the "Catch-up-a-thon". Part #1 was a mega-roundup of completed reviews. This is part #2, rounding up hands-on, partial/in-progress reviews, samples, previews, and such... This post uses a slightly different format (we try to use a... Continue

In-stock alert: Fuji X100 for $1200 [updated], October 31, 2011
We have another in-stock alert, the Fuji X100 is in-stock and shipping, as of the time of writing, at Amazon by Amazon for $1200. For the big picture, check the just-updated X100 stock status page! UPDATE (7:35pm EST): The camera... Continue

Stefan Daniel of Leica interviewed at Megapixel, October 25, 2011
Interview fans, rejoice! Leica's Stefan Daniel has been interviewed at Megapixel, the interview is in English, in text-format. All sorts of interesting tidbits, including a custom-built 1600mm f5.6 lens for an oil sheik. He also notes that a Leica mirrorless... Continue

Reviews (A77, X100, etc) & Samples (NEX-7 RAW and ISO, A65, etc), October 22, 2011
Time to check some of the latest reviews, hands-onsies and samples. Plus there are two recently-started on-going, blog-style marathon reviews of the Sony Alpha A77 and Fuji X100! On-going blog-style marathon reviews + Sound Image Plus is testing out the... Continue

Fuji X100 quest: in-stock for $1200 again [updated], October 7, 2011
If you are chasing the Fuji X100 for $1200, chase no more! It is, as of a 11:30pm EST check in-stock at Best Buy for $1200. For the big picture, check the X100 stock status page. (sold-out since original post:... Continue

(SOLD-OUT but still pre-orderable) Fuji X100 Quest: in-stock for $1200, October 5, 2011
As of a 2:26pm NYC time check, this is no longer in-stock for $1200 but you can place a pre-order for $1200 if you like. For future updates, check the X100 stock status page. If you want to get the... Continue

(SOLD OUT) Fuji X100 in-stock again for $1200, September 27, 2011
As of a 5:22pm EST check, this has sold-out! For the big picture, check the just updated yet again Fuji X100 stock status page. Call Frodo and cancel the quest! The Fuji X100 is in-stock at B&H Photo for its... Continue

Nikon D7000 drops to $1130 [sold-out: Fuji X100 for $1200], September 26, 2011
Speaking of alerts, as of Tue Sept-27-2011 at 1am EST, OneCall (authorized Nikon dealer) is offering the Nikon D7000 body only for $1130 as a temporary price deduction (add to cart to see price). For the big picture on the... Continue

Fuji X100 Quest: can be ordered for $1200 in "temporarily out of stock" status, September 16, 2011
Amazon itself, not 3rd-party sellers, is accepting Fuji X100 orders for its opening price of $1200. The camera is, as of the time of writing, "temporarily out of stock" (TOOS). There is no guaranteed delivery estimate, so it could be... Continue

Fuji updates X100 worship page with new content, September 13, 2011
Fuji's "worship" page for the X100 has been updated with lots of new stuff, including Chapter 6, "The Road to Ultimate Image Quality", more X100 photographer profiles and a worldwide gallery. The X100 remains hard to find in-stock at reputable... Continue

Reviews (new Sonys, M43rds, Pentax Q, GXR A12, X100, superzooms, meta news, etc), September 9, 2011
Time to check the latest reviews, previews and hands-ons! This turned out to be a super-sized edition, so fire up the coffee machine! Completed lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews mini-site< which also has an easy to... Continue

More Fuji X10 (X-Ten) pictures and specs leak (also: X100 sold-out), August 30, 2011
UPDATE (Sept-1-2011 at 12:30am EST): The camera has now been officially announced by Fuji! The original post with rumors/leaks before the announcement is after the jump for historical purposes... ORIGINAL POST The Fuji X10 (X-Ten) leakage party (*cough* viral marketing... Continue

(DEAD) Fuji X100 in-stock for $1200 now!, August 26, 2011
As of a 7:39pm EST check, this has sold-out! For future updates, check the X100 stock status page. We interrupt the busy news stream with a time-sensitive in-stock alert! The hard to find Fuji X100 is, as of the time... Continue


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